Simulate your personal loan at the best rate

Finance your project with a personal loan

Finance your project with a personal loan

Want to travel, do work, a new car or used, need to make a purchase? Today, thanks to a personal loan without justification, finance your project. Solucredit helps you find the best rates in Belgium and Luxembourg.

How to get a personal loan?

How to get a personal loan?

Also known as “consumer credit” or “installment loan”, the personal loan allows you to have access to a sum of money that you can use in all situations, either for a particular purchase (auto, furniture, works, etc.), either to finance various projects (studies, marriage, holidays, etc.), or to cope with an unforeseen expense such as an illness.

Are you looking for credit? Betting on a personal loan gives you other benefits, including the ability to choose the amount you want to borrow and the number of monthly payments. To do this, you will not be obliged to mention your projects or justify them with invoices. Moreover, you will not have to pay additional fees, the application fees being offered for the personal loan.

That’s not all, opt for a loan is also give yourself the opportunity to repay your credit in advance, in part or in full, in accordance with regulations.

How much to borrow on credit and at what rate?

How much to borrow on credit and at what rate?

For the personal loan, the minimum amount available is 2,500 euros. While some organizations can provide up to 100,000 euros, others limit the amounts borrowed to 75,000 euros. Reason why, it is useful to compare the offers of personal loan. The same applies to the APR, or annual percentage rate of charge, which varies between 5% and 15% of the total value of the loan.

How to choose your personal loan?

How to choose your personal loan?

Several points need to be studied to avoid making bad credit records, namely:

  • The duration of the credit

    How long will you put in to pay the full amount. The duration of the loan is determined according to the amount borrowed and the duration of the repayments (from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 84 months).

  • The amount of your monthly payments

    How much will you pay back every month? Tip: Make sure your monthly payments do not exceed 30% of your income.

  • APR or Global Effective Annual Rate

    It defines all the expenses that will cause your credit. Use it to compare the offers that are available to you. In this type of credit, a fixed rate will always apply.

  • The outstanding balance insurance

    It is responsible for covering the repayment of your loan in case of unexpected (illness, accident, loss of employment,…). Your credit agency can offer you one but nothing prevents you to take one from a specialized insurance company.

  • The total cost

    The total amount will depend on the amount you intend to borrow, the length of its repayment, the APRC and the insurance you have chosen.

Why use a consumer credit comparator?

By using an online credit simulator, you will be able to simulate different types of loans, including personal loans, by choosing an amount and a repayment period adapted to your situation.

Then you can compare offers to quickly get your hands on the loan that will cost you the least. It should be noted that online credit simulation is a free, no-obligation approach, as is the comparison of loan offers.

Following a simulation, you can make a request, always online, to get an offer to receive the money quickly. Beforehand, you will have to mention the amount you want to borrow, the interest rate and the repayment terms. Then, it will be necessary to wait a little longer, that the credit organization validates it.

Interior design, purchase of an equipped kitchen, transformations, purchase of a second vehicle (see also new or used car loan ), trips abroad, marriage… Who among us, has not already had at least one of these projects?

With our online credit comparison tool, you will be able to cope financially!

With our online credit comparison tool, you will be able to cope financially!

Your request will be handled by real professionals who work with all the financial organizations in the country and with whom they will defend your case.
We are at your disposal, every day. We process your request in an immediate, efficient and discreet manner.
Being able to count on a financial boost can be very useful. It is also possible to borrow with credit cards.

What are the possible solutions to borrow without proof of use?

What are the possible solutions to borrow without proof of use?

Using consumer credit can have multiple benefits, including financial benefits. However, like any type of credit, it causes interest in addition to repayments.

In order to better manage your budget and avoid financial turmoil, it is always recommended to calculate the cost of a loan in advance.

The parameters to take into account for offers

The parameters to take into account for offers

It is essential to know certain criteria in order to simulate the cost that your request may incur. The first element that will affect the cost of your loan is the price of the property you are considering. 

To this is added the amount of your personal contribution. From these two parameters, you will be able to determine the amount to borrow. Above all, avoid making a bad estimate as this can have a big impact on the refund.

Once you have made your estimate, find out about the APR, or the annual percentage rate of charge, which includes all of your credit costs.

The APR usually includes the guarantee fees, the insurance or the handling fees. Once the estimate is made and the APR determined, you just have to determine the number of monthly payments, depending on the repayment period of the desired personal loan.

How to subscribe to a fast personal loan?

How to subscribe to a fast personal loan?

Having a quick personal loan is a great alternative for getting a quick start, starting your project or dealing with a financial emergency.

Focus on the fast personal loan and how it works

Focus on the fast personal loan and how it works

Projects in sight? Need a credit fast? Applying for a loan at the bank can be really difficult. The processes are sometimes complicated and annoying. Know that it is possible to request a quick personal loan, which will allow you to solve your money problems or make your projects a reality. Zoom on this new borrowing option.

How to make a quick personal loan?

The request for a personal loan is always done online, in order to facilitate the application process as well as all the administrative procedures. The fast personal loan does not offer the same amounts as conventional loans. Its “urgent” nature encourages banks to check the credibility of the borrower and ensure that they give credit to the right person. That is, the one that will be able to repay the requested credit in a timely manner. The fast personal loan is mainly allocated to people unable to provide a proof of stable and sufficient income. This is an unallocated credit. Nevertheless, the borrower must give proof of income to insure the bank, its seriousness and its willingness to repay it.

Personal loan online: the financial terms?

A personal online credit can claim about 75,000 euros, depending on the applicant’s financial profile and the size of the project. The loan is granted, if the borrower has a credible financial profile and makes sure to be able to repay the credit between 6 to 96 months. Unlike conventional loans, the interest rate will be much more interesting because the demand is not directed solely to a single purchase of property in particular. This can go up from 4.5 to 9.5%.

Fast personal loan online: how to apply?

In general, the loan online is obtained after 24h to 48h. To apply for it, you have to fill out a fairly short online form. The latter is available on the websites of the lending institutions. When the form is completed, the organization will review the file.
If all the information is correct, the organization responds to the request as soon as possible. To obtain a favorable response from the bank, it is imperative to provide the financial institution with all the required supporting documents. This allows him to prove that the profile of the borrower is reliable. Without all these documents, the lending agency can not formulate a definitive and rapid response (between three to four days).

The steps to take for your personal loan

There are three steps to follow. First, make the comparison to find available loan offers based on your profile. Then go through a personal loan simulator to have on hand all the information you will need to make your choice. And finally, you will have to negotiate, in order to have a contract with the best organization able to help you get the loan you need.

Guarantees with your credit agreement

For the bank to be favorable to the request, all the guarantees necessary for the reliability of the file must be provided. It is important that you do not get stuck at the National Bank, that you have a stable job and that your credits do not exceed 33%.
To get an answer as quickly as possible, you must also be reactive when setting up your file. You must, among other things, provide proof of identity, proof of address, proof of income, employment contract. You must have them in digital version and always available. Ask for a personal loan for your home?

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