10 Best Children’s Clothing Stores According to Bloggers and Real Parents indy100 wishlist

Children and their clothes are constantly growing and changing, so you need to know the best places to click so that you can meet the needs of your children.

To find out which stores have the best deals on quality, durable items, we asked childcare experts, parent bloggers, and real parents to tell us about their favorite places to buy the best kids’ clothes. .

Whether you are looking for durability and comfort, or have a large family and need the best deal you can find, one or more of the options listed here will surely meet your buying needs and have your everything. -small looks stylish and comfortable in no time. time.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn a commission from some retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing, expert advice, and our own research. These revenues help fund journalism inThe independent.

First of all, we heard about Vicky smith, the mother of two behind the Parents and Pregnant Women website The mummy bubble.

“My top choice for children’s clothing is Gap Kids,” Vicky tells us. “It’s not the cheapest, but they regularly have sales that drastically cut items down. I love that the clothes are on trend, but they’re still a lot of fun so they’re great for kids. My favorite purchase for my kids over the years has been the Gap hoodies, which come out great in the wash and have passed between my two little ones because they last so well.

Parenting and education expert Dr Karen Aronian made two sustainability-based suggestions that also save money.

“I believe in recycling clothes, they are healthier for children and they are more beneficial for our planet,” wrote Dr Aronian, suggesting that sites like ThredUp are great for finding second-hand clothes that won’t do. break the bank.

Dr Aronian also suggested eBay for used clothing. The online auction site is filled with new and lightly used clothing for people of all ages, and you can enter your specific preferences for styles, age groups, price range, color and any other category. , and endless options will appear. Some that you can end up bidding on, but the majority of eBay sellers offer a lot of coins at “buy now” prices in case you aren’t thrilled at the prospect of a bidding war.

Next, we heard from Nicole Johnson, the President and Senior Sleep Consultant at Baby’s sleep site, a site founded in 2008 where tens of thousands of families have learned techniques and tips to help their little ones rest better. Nicole, mother of two boys, told us:

“My favorite children’s clothing store is Kohl’s. Happy sales for the fast growing kids! Most of the clothes are still in good shape by the time they need the next size and the website is easy to navigate. You can also earn Kohl’s Cash for your next purchase and it automatically saves coupons for you. “

“We love shopping at Old Navy for our little ones’ clothes,”Jannine MacKinnon says its first choice for one-stop shopping for kids. Jannine is a Maternity Content Creator with 20k following on Instagram, Pinterest and a dynamic community on his own website. She keeps:

“They have a great selection, fit my slim sized kids, and have fantastic sales. With online ordering and everything from clothes and accessories to outerwear, this is the one stop shop you need for your child’s clothing. “

A second hat tip to Old Navy came from Linsey Knerl, author, content creator and mom of six boys – including five under the age of 17! Linsey loves Old Navy because, in his words:

“They always have a large assortment of basic products that are regularly released, and they offer sizes for kids with a variety of body styles. From jeans to sweatshirts to t-shirts, we can easily get items for around $ 10 each with their combination of sales and using their Old Navy Super Cash program. My kids can also wear t-shirts that show off their personality, including shirts with groups, video games, and themes like space or dinosaurs. Compared to licensed tees from other stores, we pay about half. It really is an affordable way for a one income family with LOTS of boys to go shopping. ”

Krissy Hadick, founder of the parental blog The Hadicks (check out their Instagram here), came to us with the lesser-known retailer Lulu + Roo as the top choice for children’s clothing.

“My favorite clothing store for my son is Lulu + Roo,” Krissy writes. “They have the cutest outfits with fun details and designs. Their clothes are elegant, comfortable and of high quality. An added bonus is that my son is too tall for parts, I have found the clothes to have good resale value. “

After a little browsing, we are totally in love with this current Where the wild things are collection. Look at this Max crown!

Lauren Levy is a San Francisco-based mom, advocate for safe sleep and founder of the handy website adensmom.com, where you can find tips on everything from sleep safety (naturally) to inventive baby names that don’t seem dated or too trendy. Lauren helped us with two different choices, starting with Zara:

“Zara is by far my favorite clothing store for babies, toddlers and children. They sell high quality pieces in muted earth tones with interesting textures. I love that there are no ugly designs and that most of their clothes are solid colors or subtle patterns. “

LaurenThe second recommendation is perfect for basic, genderless clothing that can be passed down and worn by a number of babies, especially given the high quality.

“Childhoods Clothing is an upscale brand that makes the cutest slim joggers and matching sweatshirts in earthy tones like basil, terra cotta and linen. Their French terrycloth fabrics have been pre-washed so they wash beautifully. Plus, most of their designs are neutral, so they can be worn by any future children you might have! “

As a parent coach, teacher and blogger at simply-well-balanced.com, Lauren Tingley (follow her on Instagram) knows its way around children’s clothing. Lauren’s suggestion to us is Primary.com, a site that prides itself on “no labels, no slogans” and promises durability and softness in their offerings. Lauren reports:

“My favorite children’s clothes are from Primary.com. I love that all of their items are easy to coordinate so even the youngest kids can dress up. They’re also sensory and made with no labels or irritating seams. Classic colors and patterns are stylish and fun for kids to show off a bit of style and personality. ”

This recommendation is supported by Veena Goel Crownholm, renowned lifestyle animator, parenting expert and beloved mom blogger, who said of Primary:

“Since my 10-year-old has suffered from severe eczema since the age of 6 months, we had to find Oeko-Tex certified clothing (free of dyes and harsh chemicals).” Check out more of Veena’s favorites on his Instagram and website.

“For families who want unique, positive, and world-changing clothes for their children, I highly recommend Princess Awesome and Boy Wonder,” says Lillie marshall, teacher, mother of two young children and educational and parenting blogger at www.AroundTheWorldL.com. Lillie continues:

“This small business is run by women (by former teachers!) And offers children’s clothing that transcends limiting gender norms. For example, girls’ dresses and leggings are decorated with trains, dinosaurs, and math! Bonus points for the fact that all of their clothes are durable and functional, with key aspects such as pockets in all clothes and better length in girls’ shorts than the tiny ones that most stores offer. ”

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