11 shirt jackets for fall: shop checkered jackets on Amazon

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Fall temperatures are hard to dress up, especially in early October when Mother Nature still can’t decide if she’s ready to hang up her summer dresses for the season. During those unpredictable days, a denim jacket will keep you warm during your crisp coffee run, but it might make you sweat on your sunny afternoon stroll. This is where shirts come in. Shirt jackets, nicknamed “shirts”, are thicker than shirts, but less heavy than jackets, ideal for fall transition days.

We’re big fans of a good hybrid fashion item, and the jacket is quickly becoming one of our favorites. It looks like a classic button-down shirt with a collar, buttons on the front, and maybe a chest pocket or two. However, shirt jackets are made with fabrics that are heavier than your average linen or satin button placket; think of flannel, corduroy and cotton canvas. So you can wear it buttoned up on its own Where as a layering piece, paired with a t-shirt or tank top.

When browsing Instagram quickly, you would be hard pressed not to spot a cabin in the wild. The relaxed top is on the cutting edge of fall fashion and is suitable for all the fall activities on your checklist: apple picking, cider tastings, and pumpkin tours. Plus, when paired with comfy leggings, they look neater than sweatshirts for everyday runs.

To help you get your future basic jacket (or add to your current collection), we’ve found some of the best on Amazon, all in warm fall colors like browns, oranges, and reds.

We can’t deny it: These trendy outerwear is quickly replacing our trusty denim jackets as our must-haves when the outside temperature is unpredictable. Below, shop 11 shirts you’ll wear over and over again this season, from cozy corduroys to playful plaid choices, all under $ 40.

Buy it! Long Sleeve Button Down Corduroy Miholl in Black, $ 14.09 to $ 32.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Buttoned Long Sleeve Corduroy Miholl in Colorblock Blue, $ 14.09 to $ 32.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Springrain Flannel Plaid Button Down Shirt in Pink, $ 29.99 to $ 36.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Boutikome Flannel and Wool Blend Plaid Jacket in Red, $ 31.68 to $ 39.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Himosyber Oversized Corduroy Jacket in Wine Red, $ 20.99 to $ 30.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Qiaomai Retro Blend Plaid Shirt in Blue, $ 29.99 to $ 33.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Tanming Brushed Flannel Plaid Jacket in Light Brown, $ 29.98 to $ 36.98; amazon.com

Buy it! Uaneo Plaid Wool Blend Relaxed Jacket in Brown, $ 29.99 to $ 36.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Boutikome Flannel and Wool Blend Corduroy Jacket in Army Green, $ 31.68 to $ 39.99; amazon.com

Buy it! Dokotoo Corduroy Boyfriend Jacket in Tan, $ 29.99 to $ 32.98; amazon.com

Buy it! Dokotoo Corduroy Boyfriend Puffer Jacket in Gray, $ 25.48 (Orig. $ 32.99); amazon.com

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