Airwallex launches an online payment application on Shopify

Airwallex has launched an online payment app on Shopify, allowing merchants to integrate a gateway plugin on their online store to accept payments from their global customers.

The Airwallex Online Payments app is available through the company’s payment acceptance offering and covers a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay credit cards.

The app also includes over 30 local payment methods in Asia-Pacific and Europe, such as GrabPay in Southeast Asia, WeChat Pay in Asia-Pacific, and Bancontact and Sofort in Europe.

“We are thrilled that our online payment acceptance solution is now available on Shopify, helping merchants create a seamless checkout journey on their online store,” said Ravi Adusumilli, senior vice president of partnerships at Airwallex.

“Our app is one of many offerings we’ve designed to help merchants accept cross-border payments.

“In this case, by using an Airwallex account, merchants can gain secure access to a multitude of payment methods, both globally and locally, conveniently, quickly and affordably.”

As well as being able to accept payments globally, Airwallex merchants will also be able to receive settlements in over seven major currencies, including USD, eliminating the need for unnecessary currency conversions and fees. associates.

Additionally, merchants can accept payments directly into their Airwallex multi-currency wallets and pay with cards or borderless transfers.

The launch of its new online payment app comes after Airwallex launched its global spend platform, providing modern solutions for organizations to manage their spend quickly, transparently and easily.

Airwallex says expense management has become a significant administrative burden for global enterprises due to the growing shift to hybrid working models.

The Australian-based fintech platform says its spending process solves this problem by automating parts of the process that have traditionally been time-consuming and manual.

“Effective expense management is critical to the success of any business, so it’s no surprise that our Expenses solution has been in high demand by the companies we work with,” said Shannon Scott, global product manager and vice-president. President of Airwallex.

“With the launch of our new Expenses platform, we are delivering a cohesive solution to one of the biggest administrative challenges businesses face when scaling.

“The Airwallex Expenses platform integrates seamlessly with our existing multi-currency card product.

“Combined, this product suite provides control and visibility to businesses, helping to manage expenses, reconciliation and reporting conveniently in one place.”

Spend will be available in all markets where Airwallex Borderless cards are currently available, including Australia, UK, Hong Kong, US, Singapore and Europe later this year.

Earlier this year, Airwallex successfully tested its banking feed integration with a group of global companies, including Australian brand development firm Devcos International.

Devcos International Financial Controller Matthew Jie says the integration has helped them overcome challenges in reconciling their manual payments.

“We have been using Airwallex banking feed in our NetSuite account for a few months,” says Jie.

“It has saved us a lot of time on daily manual downloads and allows the team to perform bank reconciliation at any time in NetSuite without worrying about whether transactions match our bank statements.

“This is absolutely a great feature to improve efficiency.”

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