Apple stops gambling ads on App Store following online outrage

Following a large wave of online complaints, Apple has halted advertisements for gambling apps on the App Store. The duration of this break is still unclear.

Earlier this week, Apple increased the number of ads displayed in its App Store. Many of these new promoted slot machines were instantly purchased by gaming apps. As a result, a large number of iPhone users and developers took to online platforms to express their outrage. After all, some of these shoddy apps appeared on app lists with conflicting purposes. For example, someone looking for an app to overcome their addiction probably won’t appreciate a gaming app being advertised on the same page. Following the outcry, Apple has now suspended the promotion of gaming apps on its App Store.

In a statement to MacRumors’ Joe Nightingale, Apple confirmed that it had indeed “paused gambling-related ads and a few other categories on the App Store’s product pages.” Users browsing different sections of the App Store should no longer see these particular ads. Of course, the newly added ad slots remain there. At this point, however, they’re busy with different apps that aren’t as problematic or controversial.

Apple’s statement is quite ambiguous, as it does not highlight the next steps the company will take. It also does not mention the duration of this break. Will the company permanently ban these ads or eventually reinstate them in more relevant app listings? This remains unknown at this time. Along with the new App Store ad placements, the company is expected to introduce more ads in its Maps, Podcasts, and Books apps soon.

Would you be willing to pay Apple a monthly fee to remove growing ads in its built-in apps? If yes, how much would you pay? Let us know in the comments section below.

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