Apple to give online and retail store workers a rare bonus + Apple won’t be bringing Epic Games back to the App Store anytime soon

It is reported today that Apple will offer online store and retail employees up to $ 1,000 in one-time bonuses next month, a rare move that follows a tumultuous effort to put its sales operations back on track. retail on track after pandemic shutdowns.

Apple would give $ 1,000 to retail staff hired before March 31, while anyone who joined after that date will receive $ 500, according to people familiar with the situation. New workers for the holiday shopping season will receive $ 200. The bonus structure also extends to AppleCare and online sellers.

The September 14 launch event, which also included the new Apple Watch Series 7 and a redesigned iPad mini, kicked off the company’s holiday season blitz. This Christmas will provide a key test of Apple’s retail operations as the company navigates the decline of the pandemic. To learn more, read Bloomberg’s full report.

Epic Refused to return to the Apple Store until …

On another front, Bloomberg reports that “Apple sent a letter to Epic on Tuesday saying that it” will not consider any reinstatement requests until the district court ruling becomes final and without appeal. company representing Apple, was posted on Twitter by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, and the process could take five years, he said.

Mark Perry, an attorney representing Apple, said the company would not reinstate the developer account immediately due to Epic’s “deceptive conduct” in the past and statements made by Sweeney after the decision. To learn more, read the second Bloomberg report.

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