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September 21, 2021


Company Name:

BASE, Inc.


Representative Director and CEO Yuta Tsuruoka

(Code: 4477, Mothers of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)


Director and CFO Ken Harada

PHONE 03-6441-2075

BASE exceeds 1.6 million online stores

We are pleased to announce that “BASE”, the online store building service operated by BASE, Inc. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative and CEO: Yuta Tsuruoka) has surpassed 1.6 million stores. September 18, 2021.

  • “BASE” exceeds 1.6 million stores and other information on initiatives for “BASE” stores
    Since its launch in November 2012, “BASE” has been used by a large number of individuals and small

teams as a service that makes it easy for anyone to set up an online store, and has now surpassed the 1.6 million store mark in terms of the total number of online stores opened.

Going forward, “BASE” will continue to be a service that anyone can easily use and operate an online store, whether you are a store owner using the service since its inception, a store owner who has launched an online store. online store during the corona pandemic, t, or a merchant who is currently considering opening an online store. We will continue to develop features to further reduce the workload of managing online stores so that store owners can focus on developing and producing their products on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, due to the effects of the nationwide spread of the novel coronavirus infection, a number of emergency declarations and priority actions have been taken to prevent the spread of the disease in various parts of Japan. These include requests to refrain from leaving the house unnecessarily and some businesses to refrain from operating. The demand for opening “BASE” online stores, which exploded immediately after the declaration of a state of emergency in April 2020, is gradually taking root as a new way of doing business alongside physical stores, rather than as a temporary means of supplementing the sales of physical stores that were unable to function due to the pandemic. In that sense, it has become a new way of doing business.

For those merchants who choose “BASE” as a new way to do business, we will continue to strengthen information dissemination, including the introduction of extension functions through our own “BASE U” media and social networking services, so that stores can select and install the functions that best suit their own online store operations, from over 80 functions provided through the “BASE Apps” extension function, and thus effectively support their activities.

  • New BASE functions under development

Here are some of the features that are currently in development and will be released soon. In addition to facilitating the management of an online store, BASE is developing functions from an operational point of view, such as a customer management function that facilitates communication with customers.

Functions coming soon:

  1. Update of the customer management function
  2. Application of staff authorizations

1. Update of customer management function

Announcements on limited events and products can be sent to specific customer groups such as repeat or new customers, making it possible to communicate with customers based on their purchase history.

2. Application of staff authorizations

When running and managing an online store with multiple people, each staff member can be given different permission levels to view the admin screen, and even when outsourcing production and operation, the store can be operated safely while properly managing information.

Since the above functions are still under development, the content and names may change.

In addition to the above functions, we are also developing new functions to assist store owners, and will provide further details as they become available.

??Media held

This includes new features in the “BASE Apps” extension, how to use popular features, interviews with store owners who use various services and features, and other information on how to operate an online store. making the most of “BASE”.

“BASE U” URL (only in Japanese):

??Official SNS

We provide a wide variety of information relating to “BASE” services, including presentations of new functions, new “BASE U” articles and store presentations.

Twitter @BASEec


Instagram @BASEec


BASE will continue to work on support measures and function development to maximize the value created by store owners as a partner that expands possibilities for individuals and small teams across all services provided by BASE.

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