Clothing Shop – Mijas Guide Fri, 11 Jun 2021 18:02:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Clothing Shop – Mijas Guide 32 32 NC State grad creates vintage online store with affordable, size-inclusive clothing Fri, 11 Jun 2021 16:49:47 +0000

RALEIGH (WTVD) – Mariah Collazo, a 2020 North Carolina state graduate, found herself in the workforce amid a pandemic.

“By the time I graduated I already knew the economy was supposed to be in a recession. I was already scared to graduate like everyone else and of course the pandemic added to that.” , said Mariah.

But her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she went ahead with her online vintage clothing store: Vintage Vanilla.

“I saw that there was a big gap between sustainable clothing that is affordable and still on trend and also that we include size, which is also an issue in the vintage community,” she said. declared.

Mariah says she worked to fill this gap, also paying homage to tradition as the owner of a vintage black clothing store.

“Savings and vintage have always been part of black culture because of poverty and Jim Crow laws. And reworking items and sewing because we had to walk into a store and buy something new,” Mariah said.

And it is clear, the traditions endure. Its website is full of out-of-print articles and happy customers.

“I want them to see themselves in my brand. And to understand that they are confident and that their style comes from them. Not what someone tells them they should be wearing,” Mariah said.

Mariah says she hopes to expand to accommodate even more sizes. She also hopes to learn how to refurbish objects.

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Teen entrepreneur opens second clothing store, signs business deal with 76ers Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:08:59 +0000

From Philadelphia, 15 Trey Brown is the owner of “Spergo», A boutique fashion collection for men, women and children.

Earlier this year, Brown signed an agreement with The Philadelphia 76ers Buy Black program. The program has been specially designed to help grow amazing, local, black-owned businesses.

With the continued expansion of his brand, Trey was able to open a second location for his store in The Pentagone City shopping center located in Washington DC, retire his mother and gain the attention and support of a music director P. Diddy and Ellen Degeneres. His clothing business has also attracted loyal celebrities, with rappers like DaBaby and Meek Mill displaying his clothing creations.

Brown launched Spergo in January 2018 with $ 178 he received for his birthday. The brand combines luxury and urban sportswear with tracksuits, hoodies, boxers and accessories.

“I started SPERGO three years ago and never imagined that I would be officially labeled a 76ers partner by my home basketball team,” said Brown.

Trey Brown has shown no signs of slowing down. By being a successful business owner at such a young age, Trey hopes to inspire others to achieve their hopes and dreams at any age.

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Opequon View Ranch Boutique Brings Affordable Western Fashion, Workwear To The Area | Newspaper Thu, 10 Jun 2021 03:00:00 +0000

KEARNEYSVILLE – At her family’s farm, Michele Pennington waved over her own clothes – a sweater with stylish heels and a cowboy hat – pointing out that not long ago, she didn’t had never had a knack for wearing chic western clothes. But times have changed as Michele and her husband Josh prepare to open the brick-and-mortar storefront for Opequon View Ranch Boutique, striving to meet the need for trendy and affordable western and agricultural clothing in the region.

The boutique is slated for its grand opening on Saturday, a showcase of a dream that quickly turned for Michele.

“I make homemade pies, like soy wax melts, and then I was like, ‘I want to get into the earrings,’” Michele said. “So I made earrings in the shape of West Virginia with charcoal from the foundry. It’s gone crazy. People were like, ‘You should open a store. We would love to come shopping. ‘”

Looking around a corner of what is now the boutique, Michele and Josh both admitted that the plan started out as a small space for her designs before exploding into the sleek boutique that she is today.

“We were talking. There’s no western nowhere (here),” Michele continued. “You have to go to Lexington, (Ky.). You have to be gone at least two or three hours to get it. decent boots There are some, but they don’t follow the trends.

“We own horses. We ride on horseback. We do trail running. We have just approached the sheep. We want good work clothes that we can trust, trendy riding clothes and just cute clothes all around.

With clothes that can serve as must-have options for the farm, great choices for showing off or riding, and stylish choices for off-peak hours, Opequon View Ranch strives to be the place to fill the void.

“With the 4-H, the FFA, the big barrel racing crowd, the horse riding crowd that is around here, no one is really meeting their needs off-line,” Josh said.

Josh and Michele’s dad did all the work to transform the building from what it once was into the posh boutique it is today, with the change in in-store storage being vast.

“At the beginning of March I had hay, tractors and implements here,” Josh said with a laugh.

Much of the materials used to create the store come from area farms as well as the foundry, as Josh and his stepfather designed and created the storefront. A number of items inside were also reused from the couple’s wedding or family gifts.

“Even the sofa and those two chairs, they’ve been in my family for generations,” Michele said. “I always thought, ‘This thing is so ugly. What am I going to do with this thing? I just thought, ‘This is the perfect piece for the store. Now I love it.

Michele pointed out that virtually everything in the store, be it her, Josh or their son, wears it, with the family making sure that quality products are available. To already feel the overwhelming support of the community, Michele is excited about the future of the Opequon View Ranch store.

“It’s just mind-blowing,” she said. “People come out of the woods just to say, ‘Hey, I like what you’re doing. It sounds very good. Keep up the good work. I’m so glad it comes here. I never thought it was going to get this big. I thought I was just going to sell pies, make earrings here and there. Then people were like, ‘Do it. We are here for you.’ I love it. I cannot thank this community enough.

“I am humiliated. I didn’t think it was going to get that big. I thought I was going to stay strictly online, sell online, make my pies and my earrings, and people were like, “We want more.” We want to support everything you do. I cannot thank everyone enough.

This support launched Michele into a world she never expected to be a part of, but one in which she enjoys every moment.

“I went to nursing school, and it’s not nursing,” she laughed. “I worked for the government, I didn’t do anything medical and I did that on the side. I love it. I love fashion. I like to buy clothes. Who doesn’t want to buy clothes for people to buy.

Saturday’s opening event will feature donated burgers and hot dogs from the Hedgesville FFA, and the Blue Horseshoe Saddlery will have its mobile unit on-site for shopping as well. Josh said the couple want to make it a family event, something they look forward to continuing in the future.

“We are looking forward to doing that in the future, trying to do things that are family oriented,” he said. “I like to entertain people, and we have this whole farm at our disposal at the moment. “

With clear excitement on her face, Michele added, “We’re excited. I can’t wait to see who shows up, what happens on Saturday and how far we go. Great food, great music, great shopping.

The Opequon View Ranch store is located at 709 Opequon Lane and will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the grand opening on Saturday.

For more information or to shop online, visit the store’s Facebook page under the company name or visit

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Nevada City paints street mural beloved by store owners that was not allowed – CBS Sacramento Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:30:00 +0000

NEVADA CITY (CB13) – A section of Commercial Street in downtown Nevada City is home to restaurants, clothing stores, and other stores.

It’s also a place that store owners have wanted to spruce up for some time.

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“As a community we have tried to make this place more beautiful,” said Melanie Castillo, owner of SoulCrafts.

Castillo said some people have volunteered to try and do this recently with a mural on the river done by a local artist.

“There were rocks and painted fish,” said Simone Schwing, owner of Sheba Moon. “I had heard that it could happen and we thought it was a nice concept.”

It’s something Castillo and others have said is loved by many.

“These people came with their hearts and made the artwork up front. And everyone liked it. It was like widely approved, ”Castillo said.

“It was like a sweet way to liven up a street that needs a little love,” said Moriah Blue, owner of Two Little Birds Boutique.

But the painted flowing river turned black when it was covered by the city last Friday.

“I wanted to cry, honestly. It was fair, it was shocking, ”Blue said.

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The artist who made the mural didn’t want to be interviewed about its cover, but CBS13 wanted to know why.

Acting City Manager Joan Phillipe told CBS13 that mural painting was not allowed.

“There would be a request filed with the city. It would be reviewed by staff, recommendations made, then submitted to city council for approval as a city right-of-way project, ”said Phillipe.

Despite disappointment over the mural’s coverage, the city met with store owners on Tuesday to discuss the future of Commercial Street.

The store owners and the city manager informed CBS13 that the mural situation had been brought up. The city said it would work best to communicate with these companies in these or other situations.

“The city has been criticized in the past for not communicating well with businesses and we want to change that,” Phillipe said.

The painted blue water may be gone, but Castillo believes that is not in the vein after Tuesday’s meeting.

“I think something’s going on today that hasn’t happened before. And thanks to the river, in fact, it created all this catalyst to come together. “

NO MORE NEWS: Battle in Citrus Heights against a harmful neighbor; Suspected drug activity returns after police raid

Phillipe also said there were safety concerns with the mural in terms of the type of paint used. She said if the artist wanted to apply for a new mural, he would definitely revise it, revise it and present it to city council.

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Fashion influencer opens new boutique in downtown Albemarle – The Stanly News & Press Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:37:30 +0000

A recent employer of a new downtown Albemarle business owner is a famous mouse fast approaching its 100th birthday.

Olivia Phillips, a former Disney employee turned social media influencer with nearly 10,000 Instagram followers, recently celebrated the grand opening of the Livi Bug boutique on South Second Street in Albemarle.

With much of the inventory from the old Lah-Ti-Dah store, the new business was opened last month in downtown Albemarle by Phillips and his mother, Mandi Rogers.

Phillips recently returned home after working for years at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

She started posting her fashion choices on social media in September 2019, where her influence began to grow.

“I didn’t see a lot of plus size outfits, influencers or personalities on social media, or in any media for that matter,” Phillips said.

Phillips said she will receive compliments on her outfits she wears and that she wants to share them with her followers.

“From there it kind of took off,” Phillips said.

The key to being an online influencer, she added, is to post daily, which she does with the outfit she wears that day.

Her husband, Adam, took a picture of her before she left to work for Disney in guest services, which helped her grow her online presence. His role at Disney has shifted from managing emails and phone calls to collaborating with the company’s social media presence.

Phillips is now a brand ambassador with brands such as Aerie, Vera Bradley, Lane Bryant and others showcasing their products.

On his Instagram profile, Phillips states that “all bodies are beautiful bodies” as part of the body positivity movement. It’s a social movement that seeks to empower individuals, regardless of their size or weight, according to Wikipedia.

“It’s really great to be able to share fashion for people who I feel like fashion isn’t for,” said Phillips.

“I really know you can’t just walk into any store and expect to find your sizes.”

The Livi Bug store will carry plus size clothing for women as well as many items from the previous store, such as Pure Vida jewelry.

Recent additions to the store include gifts and locally made items as well as a men’s section. Items in the store range from spa items to handbags and accessories, candles and more.

“We just want to have a place that you can walk in and literally, for any person in your family or friends, any event or occasion, you can find something,” Phillips said.

Livi Bug’s items are not what chain store shoppers would find, she said.

“That’s what I love … you can come and find something for anyone in your life.”

Originally from New London, Phillips graduated from Gray Stone Day School, followed by an English degree from Campbell University. His internship at Campbell helped create his employment opportunity with Disney.

Phillips and his mother both decide on issues with the store as they both worked together to prepare the story for the audience.

The new owner became emotional at the thought of starting the business with her mother after spending years in Florida.

“It’s just moving to think that it all came together, for me to step back and for us to have this opportunity,” Phillips said.

The new store is a “female-owned” business, she added, with a strong bond between her and her mother, “and we are very proud of it. I couldn’t have done it without her… that’s the greatest blessing.

When it comes to her online presence, Phillips said she wants to surpass 10,000 Instagram followers while continuing to represent plus-size women.

She also said she was working on building a website and had the ability to ship items to customers.

“The community that I have built through social media has given me a lot.

About Charles Curcio

Charles Curcio was Sports Editor-in-Chief of Stanly News & Press from 1999-2001 and has currently held the same position since 2008. He was awarded the NCHSAA Tim Stevens Media Representative of the Year award and named CNHI Sports Editor of the Year in 2014. He has also been honored twice by the North Carolina Press Association.

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More Charles

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West Hartford boutique closes after celebrating 10th anniversary – We-Ha Tue, 08 Jun 2021 01:01:22 +0000

Ooh La La, which opened at Blue Back Square in West Hartford in 2011, will close on June 12.

Ooh La La Boutique owner Darlene Salonia stands in front of “The Wings Over West Hartford” when the store moves to 55 Isham Rd. In 2020. Courtesy photo

By Ronni Newton

In May 2021, Darlene Salonia was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of Ooh La La, the Blue Back Square boutique offering “affordable and adorable” clothing, but even when customers arrived for a special sale and joined a Prosecco toast, it was a bit bittersweet because she knew the store was going to close soon.

“It breaks my heart,” Salonia said two weeks later, when she announced that the store would close permanently on or before June 12.

“I didn’t want to sell the store. It was my “love project,” she said. After spending nearly 30 years working in advertising and marketing for the state’s then nascent cable industry, she fulfilled her dream by opening Ooh La La on Memorial Road.

“I love having an idea, twisting it and transforming it to make it special,” said Salonia, and that’s what she did when she opened the store. She wanted to help girls with their body image by empowering them.

“I’ve always wanted to own a business, but wanted to find something that I really liked. I took a leap of faith and I did it, ”she said of opening Ooh La La. She stuck to her business plan of keeping the merchandise. keeping cool – by ordering just six items and not rearranging – and stocking a variety of clothing and accessories. that would appeal to guests ranging in age from teenagers to seniors.

Ooh La La Boutique’s merchandise was “adorable and affordable,” owner Darlene Salonia said. Photo credit: Ronni Newton

She has helped dress women and girls for milestones – graduation ceremonies, birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, showers. “I am honored to share these life events,” said Salonia, knowing that many will always remember what they wore on those big days.

Ooh La La has also employed around 60 people over the past 10 years, many of them college students. “I have had some of the most amazing women,” she said.

She enjoyed organizing events and supporting fundraising for local nonprofits, like ‘Sista Soccer’ which was an effort by the Division I women’s football program at Hartford University to collect used football equipment for girls in need.

Ooh La La has attended the Susan G. Komen Foundation Pink Party every year in Blue Back Square, and Salonia said it was probably his favorite event due to the strong support group he created, empowering everyone. those who were involved in it.

Getting involved with Miss Connecticut probably led to her “biggest surprise,” Salonia said, and completely changed her perception of contests. “I was so surprised to see how wonderful these young women were,” she said, recalling Bridget Oei, Miss Connecticut 2018, who had five patents, was a famous Irish dancer and was a student in medicine.

Amid the pandemic, the store moved from Memorial Road to 55 Isham Rd., Across from the Cheesecake Factory, but despite the storefront being closed for several months and the location less visible, the business continued. to prosper. “It wasn’t a financial decision,” Salonia said of the fence.

One of the things Salonia said she liked about Isham’s location was the large community table, which she planned to use during fundraisers for the community organizations she hoped to host afterwards. COVID.

The large community table in Ooh La La, serving as an exhibit table, was intended to be used for community events, which could not take place during the pandemic. Photo credit: Ronni Newton

Instead, it was a confluence of factor factors – largely because it wanted to stay open just another year but the owner, in the middle of Blue Back Square changing hands, wanting a long-term commitment. – which led to an inability to enter into a new lease. She was determined not to sell the business and was considering moving outside of Blue Back or even to another city, but also decided not to. The management of Blue Back Square, she said, has been wonderful, and they consider them as family and love the city too.

“I have always loved the strong sense of belonging to the West Hartford community,” she said.

The retail industry has changed a lot over the past 10 years, as has Blue Back Square. While there was e-commerce in 2011, it wasn’t like now, and back then there were a lot more retailers in the mall encouraging people to browse. Ooh La La ended up being the only women’s clothing store.

During the pandemic, she stepped up her social media and found different ways to interact with customers, including using FaceTime. She remembered one customer in particular who called on a Friday and said her daughter was coming to town and was getting married on Sunday. Salonia hooked up with the girl via FaceTime and helped her find a dress she wore a few days later for the little family ceremony.

“There is a next chapter for me,” said Salonia, who is a master gardener and said she might want to do something related to the outdoors. She’s not sure what it will be, but her grown children live in Boston and she would like to live closer to them.

Businesses like Ooh La La are important to the local economy and the community as a whole, Salonia said.

Even as the business prepared to close, Salonia had a place for merchandise from The Perfect Stitch – dog bandanas that were used to raise funds for the Connecticut Humane Society. She said she wished she could do even more to support the community.

Ooh La La will close by June 12 – or sooner if everything is sold out before then. The entire store is now enjoying a 60% discount, and Salonia hopes to have the chance to say goodbye to as many of its customers and former employees as possible.

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J.Crew Factory outlet to open in Willow Lawn this summer Mon, 07 Jun 2021 08:02:31 +0000

A J.Crew Factory outlet is slated to open at Willow Lawn Mall later this summer. (Photo by Jack Jacobs)

After coming out of bankruptcy, a national clothing retailer is considering trying Willow Lawn for size.

J.Crew Group is expected to open a J.Crew factory at the West End Mall in mid-August, according to a company spokesperson.

J.Crew Factory is the lower cost outlet arm of the men’s and women’s apparel business.

The store will occupy 5,380 square feet of space at Willow Lawn, although the company could not provide the exact number of the suite on Friday afternoon.

The store is expected to have 15 employees.

The new store marks the second time that J.Crew Group has turned to Richmond in the past year.

In May 2020, he came to the Richmond Federal Courthouse to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as did many retailers large and small who struggled due to the economic disruption caused by the pandemic. The company reorganized and came out of bankruptcy in September.

As of April 1, J.Crew Group operated 147 J.Crew Factory stores, 152 J.Crew stores and 143 Madewell stores in the United States.

The Willow Lawn location will be the first J.Crew Factory store in the Richmond area, according to the store’s website, which lists five stores in Virginia. There is a J.Crew store in downtown Short Pump.

This would add to other recent and pending arrivals on Willow Lawn’s tenant list. King Crab Juicy Seafood restaurant is also gearing up to open in the mall, while IHOP and Michael’s both open there earlier this year.

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Belfast vintage clothing store proves secondhand fashion can be both stylish and durable Sun, 06 Jun 2021 08:52:33 +0000

A vintage boutique in East Belfast that proves that second-hand fashion can be both trendy and sustainable.

As people continue to become more environmentally conscious and the vintage clothing scene across Northern Ireland grows more and more, American Madness on Lena Street has kept Belfast stylish in second-hand clothing for more. 40 years old.

Jon-Joe Rogers knows a thing or two about the fashion cycles and vintage trends growing up in his father’s original American Madness store.

Speaking to Belfast Live, he said: “American Madness was founded in 1981 in Belfast by my father.

A range of vintage items available in their Belfast store

“The original iteration of AM closed in 1999, but after studying in America I decided to relaunch the business when I returned to Belfast – I grew up in the original American Madness and vintage clothing. have always been something my family has been involved in.

“It was a natural progression for me to enter the industry and I understood that the retail business had changed dramatically since my dad had the store and that’s why I decided to focus on the website, but it has always been a dream to reopen an American Madness store in Belfast, which we did two years ago.

Jon-Joe’s knowledge of the industry and handpicked items and his understanding of the impact of second-hand shopping has allowed American Madness to reignite the success it has enjoyed.

“For a new generation of shoppers, sustainability is key and vintage shopping is the most sustainable way to buy clothes.

“The style of vintage clothing is also extremely important to recent popularity.”

Sustainable fashion has always been in Jon-Joe’s family

Discussing the environmental impact of choosing to go for pre-loved items over fast fashion clothing, he explained that while it can be hard not to be impressed with the low cost of large retailers in online, vintage stores and charity stores can also offer great deals. if you look around you.

He said: “In terms of sustainability there is no comparison, there has been so much that has been revealed in recent years about the damage that fast fashion does not only to the environment but also to the environment. at the enormous social and human cost.

“It can be very difficult to get away from fast fashion because the prices are so low and that makes it such an attractive product for consumers.”

Do you like having your calendar filled with social events?

If you’ve had enough of your usual haunts, join our brand new website Coldness now.

It’s packed with the best places to visit, from the best restaurants and cafes to recommendations of breathtaking vacation homes and parks dotted around the country.

You can also find insider tips on what to do, see, and eat at popular places to stay.

“At American Madness, we try to sell a mix of different aesthetics, but at the heart is high quality vintage clothing,” Jon-Joe continued.

“Our stock ranges from 1940’s hunting jackets to 1990’s 2Pac t-shirts. I want to offer my customers an alternative to traditional retailers with something available for everyone.

Her advice to anyone trying to be more sustainable in fashion and looking to take the first step in reducing their consumption of fast fashion is to “start small.”

American Madness aims to show shoppers that shopping can be stylish and sustainable

“Changing your shopping habits can be difficult, it certainly takes time – check out some vintage stores or ethical small businesses, there are so many ethical alternatives out there these days.

“Chances are, you’ll find clothes you love that are better for the planet and that will outlast the fast fashion. “

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Swansea’s boutique defying the economic downturn by selling designer clothes for a tenner Sat, 05 Jun 2021 21:54:25 +0000

Shoppers flocked to a pickup of designer goods for nearly a tenner at a new vintage store in Swansea, helping it challenge the coronavirus crisis.

Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and LLB shirts are bought for next to nothing at Flamingos Vintage Swansea.

The Princess Way store first opened before Christmas with its large flamingo outside signaling people what is on offer.

Retail manager Charlotte Davies said their customers helped them survive the blockages even though they were new to the city.

She said: “It was amazing when we first opened because we were brand new in Swansea. It was a smooth launch, it was the first time we had done the traffic light system, pay per kilo. It was Christmas time when we opened and everyone thought we were a pop-up store.

“We opened the store about three weeks before the Christmas lockdown. We got calls from the family saying we had to go out of business. It worked so well and we were absolutely disgusted. We thought this was actually happening, we had to log in and reopen in April. People were trying to open the doors during the lockdown. “

People of all ages flock to get their hands on designer gear

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Charlotte added: “Our vintage Ralph Lauren shirts are selling for as little as £ 11. Every item in store is imported from America. We have a huge selection of brands from Tommy Hilfiger and LLB to Ralph Lauren and American sports jerseys.

“If a customer asks us for a European or UK brand, we just refer them to other local vintage department stores, Hobo’s Swansea and RAVS. The vintage scene is developing rapidly in Swansea and it is important that we support each other.

The cool interior of the store turned heads

She said people of all ages flocked to get their hands on vintage American items.

“We’ve had kids, parents – a lot of people are interested in second-hand clothes, it’s all American vintage,” she said.

“It’s really good because we make them affordable at £ 20 per kilo, £ 30 per kilo and £ 40 per kilo for blouses. The lowest mark is £ 15 per kilo, this is to give everyone a chance to find affordable clothing. It’s really inclusive, a dress came in at £ 2.50.

“It thrills everyone and you can collect it by the kilo. The vintage theme is developing in Swansea.

She said there were only a handful of big names on Main Street in the heart of Swansea, she had worried about attendance but was happy with their success so far.

The dresses are selling for as low as £ 2.50 in stores

“There isn’t much in Swansea, there are only three or four department stores in the city center,” she said.

“I was really skeptical about attendance, but the lockdown helped us. Swansea town center is not far from the marina and the beach, people come to pick up their coffees to go. People are curious when they pass because there is a big flamingo on the front.

“The flamingo graffiti on the back of the store was done by local graffiti artist, Hasan Kamil. He’s done amazing things across town like the murals on the Dark Horse Mumbles, Noah’s Yard in Uplands, Haystack Cafe in Brynhyfyrd, and BeerRiff down the marina.

Charlotte added: “We went wild on the walls and we’re adding more and more. It is a hidden gem.

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HSN Recalls 5.4 Million Handheld Garment Steamers Due to Burn Hazard | WGN 720 radio Fri, 04 Jun 2021 21:54:08 +0000

My Little Steamer Deluxe and My Little Steamer Go Mini (CPSC images)

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has released what follows:

Product Name:
Joy / JM My Little Steamer® and My Little Steamer® Go Mini

The recalled garment steamers may expel, spray, or leak hot water during use, posing a serious risk of burns to consumers.


Recall date:
May 26, 2021

Approximately 5.4 million (In addition, 14,300 were distributed in Canada)

Consumer contact:
HSN toll free at 855-654-0942 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET Monday to Friday, or online at or and click on Recall Information for more information.

The description:
This recall involves Joy / JM brand My Little Steamer and My Little Steamer Go Mini garment steamers. Garment steamers are portable electrical devices (120 V, 60 Hz, 900 W), which use hot steam, emitted from a nozzle head to remove wrinkles from clothes and other fabrics. Steamers were sold in two sizes: the standard full-size (or deluxe) My Little Steamer or the compact-sized My Little Steamer Go Mini. Steamboats were sold individually or in combination sets in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, purple, and teal. The recalled models have a flat or triangular steam head and the product name is printed on the side of the device.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled garments and contact HSN for information on how to obtain a full refund for units purchased from January 2018 to December 2020, a partial refund for units purchased from January 2015 to December 2017, or a voucher. for units purchased. before January 2015.

Incidents / injuries:
HSN has received 227 reports of hot water sprays or leaks from steamboats, including 106 reports of burns. These reports include eight reports of second degree burns and six reports of third degree burns.

Sold to :
Online at and the HSN TV Network. They were also sold in stores nationwide or online at various retailers including Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Lowes from January 2002 through December 2020 for between $ 10 and $ 30 individually and between $ 20. $ and $ 50 in combination sets.

Importer (s):
Ingenious Designs LLC, of ​​Ronkonkoma, NY (a wholly owned subsidiary of HSN since 1999)

Made in :
Callback number:

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