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Not with “Euphoria”. This award-winning, high-profile teen streaming drama has spawned an entire fashion subset on TikTok, largely featuring what appear to be efforts to wear the smallest, most conscious amount of clothing in the world. possible body. Not so with “The Breakfast Club,” the 1985 John Hughes film in which Molly Ringwald canonized the prom queen stereotype.

There’s a reason the prom scene in “Carrie,” with its image of the titular character in her evening dress and blood-soaked crown, has entered the pantheon of pop culture. Prom is one of those social events that somehow manages to be very busy, regardless of generation or background. The Met Gala, after all, is effectively fashion/Hollywood/society’s prom, and think of all the effort and angst that entails! And these guests have stylists to help them.

The question is how to stay true to yourself while showing another side. Dressing up is an opportunity to push the boundaries of identity, especially late in high school, but also a risk in an arena where judgments and cliques abound – a strange bridge between past and future.

In this context, I can understand why your daughter prefers not to shop in your wardrobe: prom is, after all, about her.