Fashion Store – Mijas Guide Wed, 20 Oct 2021 14:16:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fashion Store – Mijas Guide 32 32 Pajar Canada opens new flagship store in New York Wed, 20 Oct 2021 13:07:00 +0000

NEW YORK, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pajar, a five-generation Canadian family fashion brand known for its iconic footwear and outerwear, is pleased to announce today the opening of its first physical retail store in the United States.

Located in the heart of that of New York An iconic fashion and shopping scene, Pajar will open at 114 Wooster Street, SoHo, which is 2,500 square feet in size, offering around 300 styles of footwear, clothing and accessories at all times. The new flagship store location will further expand the brand’s global presence and provide consumers with an interactive, immersive, in-person brand experience, encouraging everyone to step outside and enjoy the great outdoors and cityscapes.

Born in Montreal in 1963, for 58 years, Pajar was known for its iconic footwear and outerwear collection inspired by its rich Canadian heritage. Combining innovative technology and the latest high-end designs, Pajar’s performance collections are made from the finest waterproof leathers and textiles, blending modern industrial design with old world craftsmanship. Now unveiling its first outlet in the United States, Pajar continues to expand its consumer base and elevate the outdoor clothing and footwear industry.

“In an era where many retailers are moving away from traditional storefronts and focusing on e-commerce models, Pajar Canada is seizing the opportunity to deliver an elevated retail experience for outdoor and urban adventurers as well as enthusiasts. of fashion ”, declared Jacques Golbert, CEO of Pajar. “We are excited to open our first flagship store in SoHo to showcase our entire Lifestyle collections to the global community.”

Pajar’s seminal New York City The retail store will feature exclusive amenities such as a private VIP lounge, innovative visual displays and more to provide consumers with an intimate experience with the brand’s Canadian roots. The exciting new location will also feature a wide variety of the latest footwear, outerwear, accessories and products from Pajar, including the fall 2021 collection.

To kick off Pajar’s grand opening, the brand invites the local New York City community to attend the official ribbon cutting and grand opening event on the evening of Wednesday October 20e to discover all it has to offer.


WHAT: Pajar SoHo store opening and ribbon cutting event

WHEN: Wednesday October 20e To 7:00 p.m.

OR: 114 Wooster Street, New York, New York State 10012

WHO: Executives and members of the Pajar family

For more information on Pajar and the new store opening, visit and shop at and follow @PajarCanada on Instagram and Facebook and @PajarOuterwear on Twitter.

About Pajar
Pajar Canada is a fifth generation family footwear company founded in 1963. Based in Montreal, Quebec. Pajar specializes in the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of fashion footwear and performance outerwear with deep knowledge and expertise gained through a rich history of artisan footwear manufacturing. Pajar has grown into a global leader in the design and manufacture of performance footwear, outerwear and fashion accessories, delivering the ultimate in performance and comfort with a collection expertly crafted by our artisans in the finest leathers and waterproof textiles; blending modern industrial design with old world craftsmanship. Shop for the latest collections by visiting


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Eastern European designers parade the haute couture catwalks Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:25:00 +0000
  • Social media, the key to global recognition
  • Young designers bring their know-how home
  • Small fashion houses target China

PRAGUE / GDANSK, October 19 (Reuters) – With celebrities including Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish wearing her designs, Hungarian fashion house Nanushka has stardust that many designers can only dream of.

Yet the company is just one of many early-stage designers from Central Europe making their way to the top of global fashion, showing off their collections on catwalks in London, Paris and New York as they target lucrative markets such as China and the United States. .

Once a struggling local brand, Budapest-based Nanushka has seen its annual turnover increase 33-fold to 33 million euros ($ 38.32 million) since the arrival of a capital company. investment in 2016.

By focusing on sustainable designs, including its vegan leather garments, Nanushka has become the fastest growing fashion company in Europe, according to the FT 1000 annual list of high growth European companies.

Other ready-to-wear designers who have emerged from Central Europe onto the world stage include Slovakia-based Nehera, worn by Hollywood stars Keira Knightley, Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard, and Poland’s Magda Butrym, worn by Megan Fox and Hailey Bieber, among others. .

For these companies, creating a niche in high fashion has been made easier by Facebook Inc (FB.O) Instagram and other online platforms that help young independent designers outside of international fashion centers to be seen by a global audience hungry for something different.

“Without social media, you probably know that 15 to 20 years ago it would have been almost impossible to build a global fashion house from Budapest,” Peter Baldaszti, managing director of Nanushka, married to Reuters. to founder and designer Sandra Sandor.

The brand – which opened a store in New York in 2019 and another in London in 2020 despite the pandemic – counts the United States as its biggest market but says China is the future. Parent company Vanguards Fashion Group, of which Baldaszti is also CEO, also bought Italian fashion brand Sunnei for $ 7 million in 2020 as part of a strategy to build a fashion portfolio across Europe.

Central Europe has a long tradition of craftsmanship in the textile industry dating back to the days of the First Republic between the two world wars, when the region was an epicenter of culture and design.

After the fall of communism in 1989, Western luxury brands and fashion houses settled down to produce bags, scarves and clothing in the region, capitalizing on proximity to Western European markets, lower costs and a skilled workforce.

Today, local luxury brands in these markets are moving in the other direction to tap into a global luxury goods sector that is expected to reach around $ 383 billion in 2025, up from $ 309 billion this year, aided by demand. in China and among Millennials, according to Hamburg. Statista database company.

“We started out by showing in Paris… but Instagram is something that has really opened the door for brands from countries that are not on the fashion map at all,” the founder of the bag maker told Reuters. Polish hand Chylak, Zofia Chylak.

A Chylak handbag, made of Italian leather, costs around 200-250 euros, and the brand’s popularity with some Polish influencers living abroad has helped it become a global name.


Bratislava-based Nehera – named after Czech businessman Jan Nehera who in the 1930s was the first in the world to pioneer ready-to-wear – presented his spring 2022 collection in Paris and plans to return to New York after pulling out during the pandemic.

“We aim to re-enter the US and European markets,” Ladislav Zdut, founder of the brand, which opened a showroom in Milan last month and is in talks with local investors to help fuel expansion plans, told Reuters .

“But we have significantly increased orders in South Korea and China and we have increased during the pandemic. “

A young generation of designers from small countries – many of whom have worked or studied abroad – have also amassed the contacts and knowledge necessary to serve an international luxury market, said Achim Berg, the group’s global leader in clothing and fashion. McKinsey fashion.

“Big luxury brands dominate market trends, but there is a desire for new brands for preservation and authenticity,” he told Reuters.

Scandinavian brands such as Acne Studios, Ganni and Toteme show how businesses in a small region outside of fashion capitals can establish themselves, according to Berg.

In central Europe, rising incomes have also created a stable local customer base able to afford luxury items that help young designers establish themselves before moving abroad, according to designers and companies.

Poland’s Magda Butrym took the local approach first when she started up in 2014 before going global, chief executive Jakub Czarnota told Reuters.

Lady Gaga was seen wearing a short Polka Dot Magda Butrym dress in a recent Instagram post and the brand, also favored by social media influencers, is now present in 40 markets. Asia and the Middle East offer strong growth opportunities in the future, but the company will continue to dig its regional roots to create something different, Czarnota said.

“Consumers around the world are eager to see what’s new and this gives brands an opportunity.

“Eastern European designers can take inspiration from their regional culture and heritage and translate them into distinct products and collections,” he said.

($ 1 = 0.8611 euros)

Reporting by Michael Kahn and Silvia Recchimuzzi, editing by Susan Fenton

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Sydney Kmart shoppers filmed the store rampage as an end to lockdown madness grips the city Mon, 18 Oct 2021 02:19:21 +0000

Shoppers have been filmed leaving Kmart stores in a mess after ransacking piles of folded clothes and throwing them on the floor as the end of the lockdown madness put it in place.

An upset customer filmed the trail of damage left at one of Sydney’s hugely popular retail stores.

It is understood that the footage was captured around the time the city emerged from a four-month lockdown last Monday.

Massive queues formed outside some of Sydney’s stores with shoppers lining up around midnight to be the first inside.

The video shows mounds of clothing covering the floor after they were torn from their hangers on the racks.

Kmart customers were filmed leaving clothes on the floor after trashing piles of folded shirts and pants as the end of the lockdown shopping spree grips Sydney

Shelves are seen ransacked with pants, sweaters and shirts thrown on the floor or thrown in piles above the screen

Shelves are seen ransacked with pants, sweaters and shirts thrown on the floor or thrown in piles above the screen

Shelves are seen ransacked with pants, sweaters and shirts thrown on the floor or thrown in piles above the screen.

Images of the wreck were uploaded to TikTok with the disapproving caption: “This is not how we shop”.

Social media users were quick to voice their disgust and condemn buyers for their disrespect to staff.

“Terrible,” wrote one person. “The disrespect for other people’s property and the working poor who have to clean it up.”

Another person added: “If I got in there for my show shift, I would honestly go home.”

Customers got their first taste of shopping a few months after the restrictions eased when the state crossed the 70% double jab milestone.

Kmart stores in Blacktown and Mount Druitt saw dozens of shoppers lining up in lines that meandered 50 yards from the entrance just before midnight last Monday.

A Kmart spokesperson acknowledged the lineups and chaos that followed at Kmart stores across the state.

“In many of our stores today there have been queues to enter and check out, as our team and customers adjust to new government processes and requirements, including checking the status of vaccination, ”she said.

Lacee (pictured with daughter Kahlani) goes Christmas shopping and gets the essentials

Lacee (pictured with daughter Kahlani) goes Christmas shopping and gets the essentials

Maya Urquhart found bargains while shopping for Freedom Day at Kmart

Maya Urquhart found bargains while shopping for Freedom Day at Kmart

Meanwhile, Sydney Broadway shoppers were enjoying the freedom to shop in person that they had been waiting for so long.

“It’s fantastic, it’s nice to feel that you are living your normal life again, without being limited in your own home or in your own LGA,” Lacee said.

“It’s pretty amazing having the freedom to be able to do what you want, when you want.”

Lacee is a mother of three and says her daughters have grown so much during the months of confinement that “none of their clothes fit them anymore.”

Another customer, Maya Urquhart expected him to be busier. “It feels very weird to be back here with everyone around. But everyone seems to be much calmer, very polite, keeping their distance.

She said the line to enter the store was smooth and well managed. “It’s a very good process, easy to get to. There are two people at the door, keeping everyone safe, which is good.”

Customers got their first taste of shopping in months after restrictions were eased when the state crossed the 70% double jab milestone

Customers got their first taste of shopping in months after restrictions were eased when the state crossed the 70% double jab milestone

Mrs. Urquhart was also doing her Christmas shopping and found some great deals. “They’ve cut the prices of the things they’re trying to get out before new inventory comes in. I got a t-shirt for a dollar, cheap than a cup of coffee.”

Rosie also said she was thrilled to be able to shop in person. “I had a little break from buying some shit that you always thought you needed but really didn’t need.

Kmart CEO John Gualtieri quoted a 19th-century American poet and philosopher to express his joy at reopening in New South Wales.

“I believe it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said that life is about travel and not destination… but on this occasion I think we would all disagree,” said Mr. Gualtieri.

Queensland University of Technology retail and consumer behavior expert Gary Mortimer said the rush to visit Kmart was due to residents being locked up for so long.

“For the rest of the week, people will want to go out, take their picture in a restaurant, in a bar or in a retail store, indulging in this activity that they haven’t done for a long time. time.” he said

End of the confinement madness at Kmart

Kmart CEO John Gualtieri has confirmed unvaccinated shoppers will not be able to enter Kmart stores in NSW (pictured, Kmart on Broadway on Freedom Day)

Kmart CEO John Gualtieri has confirmed unvaccinated shoppers will not be able to enter Kmart stores in NSW (pictured, Kmart on Broadway on Freedom Day)

Consolidated shoppers were eager to visit retail stores when the lockdown was lifted in Greater Sydney last Monday.

Huge queues formed outside several Kmart stores in western Sydney with footage capturing lines winding around stores up to 50 meters in length.

Lacee is a mom of three and says her daughters have grown so much during the months of confinement that “none of their clothes fit them anymore.”

Another customer, Maya Urquhart, expected him to be busier. “It feels very weird to be back here with everyone around. But everyone seems to be much calmer, very polite, keeping their distance.

Queensland University of Technology retail and consumer behavior expert Gary Mortimer said the rush to visit Kmart was due to residents being locked up for so long.

“For the rest of the week, people will want to go out, take their picture in a restaurant, in a bar or in a retail store, indulging in this activity that they haven’t done for a long time. time.” he said

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27 best Advent calendars for 2021: beauty shop, fashion, home Sat, 16 Oct 2021 12:03:40 +0000

It’s that time of year to make your list and double-check it. The holiday shopping season is upon us, and here are 27 of the best 2021 Advent calendars to make gifting easier than ever. The magic of an advent calendar is that it is essentially a prepackaged gift, each containing between 12 and 25 gifts ready to open for each day until December 25. For those who are obsessed with beauty, buy Barbara Sturm’s advent calendar featuring her greatest hits, from serums to face creams and cleansers, it’s the complete skincare suite at your fingertips. hand. Then there’s the exquisite Dior Advent Calendar, designed by artist Alice Shirley. The lucky recipient of the gift will receive the house’s legendary perfume, J’adore eau du parfum, as well as Miss Dior hand cream, Rouge Dior lipstick and many other surprises. For wine and whiskey lovers, there is also an advent calendar to suit their palette of VineBox and Flaviar. And for the kids at home there is a Lego theme Avengers together as well as a Harry potter advent calendar full of sweets to discover. Coming up, buy the 27 best advent calendars for 2021.

Net-a-Porter 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

For the ultimate obsession with beauty and skin care, look no further than the Net-a-Porter Advent Calendar. The lucky recipient will enjoy full and mini size beauty treasures from Tata Harper, Augustinus Bader, Susanne Kaufmann and more. Don’t sleep on this advent calendar. It has already been depleted once and will be restocked very soon. Add it to your wishlist now so you don’t miss a thing.

Net-A-Porter 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

Dr. Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar 2021

For fans of Barbara Sturm’s cult skincare line, she includes 24 of her best products, from her brightening serum to the iconic luminescent drops infused with wild rose extract.

Image may contain: text and first aid

Dr. Barbara Sturm Advent Calendar 2021

Dior Advent Calendar

For Dior’s 24 Days of Surprises, artist Alice Shirley has designed an enchanting botanical wonderland to house iconic Dior beauty products, from J’adore and Miss Dior perfume waters to Dior Prestige serum and Diorshow mascara. , it is quite simply the complete Dior Addict package.

Dior Beauty Advent Calendar

Acqua di Parma x Emilio Pucci Advent Calendar

Bring scents from Italy to your home in Acqua di Parma’s 2021 Advent calendar, with an equally dazzling box designed by Emilio Pucci. With 25 of Acqua di Parma’s signature scents, easily transform your bathroom into a spa with their Arancia di Capri shower gel, Colonia shampoo, conditioner and bath salts.

Advent Calendar Acqua Di Parma

Seaside World 12 Piece Advent Calendar Set

A sumptuous gift box for those who deserve the cream of the crop. Treat someone special to a luxurious skincare routine during the countdown to Christmas.

La Mer The World Of La Mer Advent Calendar Set

Missoma Advent Calendar

For jewelry lovers, the Missoma Advent Calendar is a treasure trove of 12 gifts, from hoop necklaces to bracelets and chain necklaces, all crafted in 18k gold-plated vermeil. There’s a reason this gift box sells out every year.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Beauty Dreams & Secrets Advent Calendar

If you’ve been following us this year, Charlotte Tilbury’s Luminous Beauty Wand was a TikTok and Beauty Secrets favorite. Find this coveted beauty product in addition to 11 other Charlotte Tilbury hits, all locked in a golden chest.

Image may contain: Furniture, cabinet and medicine cabinet

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Beauty Dreams & Secrets Advent Calendar Set

Liberty Beauty 2021 Advent Calendar

The best in skin care, makeup, and hair care come together in Liberty’s Ultimate Advent Calendar, with 25 freebies until Christmas. The lucky recipient of the gift will unwrap gifts from cult brands such as Augustinus Bader, Le Labo, Olaplex, etc.

Liberty 2021 Beauty Advent Calendar

Kiehl’s Limited Edition Advent Calendar

Indulge in Kiehl’s skin care staples including Crème de la Corps Lotion, Ultra Facial Creams, Amino Acid Shampoos, Conditioners and more. The exclusive Advent Calendar for 2021 was designed by French artist Marylou Faure who created an animated box to count down to Christmas.

Limited Edition Kiehls Advent Calendar

L’Occitane Holiday Advent Calendar

For a dose of Provence during the end of year celebrations, L’Occitane will introduce you to the South of France. Indulge in a myriad of their bestselling bath and body items, from shea butter hand creams to almond conditioner.

L’Occitane Holiday Advent Calendar

Space NK The 2021 Beauty Advent Calendar

Unwrap not 12, not 25, but 30 gifts in Space NK’s advent calendar this year. Beauty lovers will find cult products like Drunk Elephant, Summer Friday, and favorite candle brand Boy Smells all waiting inside.

Image may contain: Toy and Bottle

Space NK 2021 Beauty Advent Calendar

Chantecaille Skin Care Advent Calendar Set of 12

Discover Chantecaille’s best-selling skin care and makeup essentials in a luxurious gift box, all made in Italy. Check out their signature gold recovery mask, Rose de Mai face oil, and more.

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper and Flyer

Chantecaille Skin Care Advent Calendar

Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar 2021

Indulge yourself in Susanne Kaufmann’s luxurious, sustainable skincare line through her cult classics. Its Limited Edition Advent Calendar includes Eye Rescue Stick, Glow Mask, Nourishing Herbal Whey Bath Oil, and more.

Image may contain: Text

Susanne Kaufmann’s 2021 Advent Calendar

Balmain The City of Light Medium Advent Calendar 2021

Balmain seeks to bring the City of Light into your home. Designed with the Parisian skyline in mind, this Advent calendar contains Balmain treasures, from texturizing salt spray to an elegant compact gold mirror.

Image may contain: text and label

Balmain La Ville Lumière 2021 Medium Advent Calendar

LookFantastic Advent Calendar

The LookFantastic Gift Set is a beauty haven of skin care and makeup products ready to suit any style; You’ll find Nars fan favorites at Kate Somerville.

LookFantastic advent calendar

Advent Calendar Jo Malone

Jo Malone’s exquisite Advent Calendar is ready to awaken the senses with a 24-piece gift set that includes many of their popular fragrances and scents.

Image may contain: Furniture

Jo Malone Advent Calendar

Apotheke calendar 25 pieces

For someone looking to embrace hygge this winter, the Apotheke Gift Set will make it a bit easier. Find their candles, wick cutters, matches, bath salts and more, all ready to enjoy at home.

Image may contain: text, business card, paper and page

Advent Calendar 25 pieces Apotheke

Voluspa Japonica Advent Calendar Candle Set

For the ultimate candle lover, unwrap one candle each day for 12 days and relax in their signature scents, from French Lavender to Fig and Sandalwood.

Image may contain: Electrical Appliance and Electronics

Voluspa Japonica Advent Calendar Candle Set

DavidsTea 24 Days of Matcha

Calling all matcha tea lovers, this set is for them. Unwrap classic matcha blends in seasonal, indulgent flavors like pumpkin pie and salted caramel to enjoy all winter long.

Image may contain: Furniture, Advertising, Poster, Brochure, Paper and Flyer

DavidsTea 24 Days Matcha Advent Calendar

Whittard of Chelsea Christmas Tea and Infusion Advent Calendar

The Whittard of Chelsea Advent Calendar is a tea lover’s dream. Discover an aroma of delicious teas and infusions inside.

Image may contain: Art

Whittard of Chelsea Christmas Tea and Infusion Advent Calendar

VineBox 12 Nights of Wine

For the ultimate wine lover, the VineBox Advent Calendar features 12 wines handpicked by sommeliers. Perfect for every palette, there is an assortment of reds, whites and rosés.

Vines Box 12 Nights Of Wine Box

Flaviar Advent Calendar

Calling all whiskey lovers, easily recreate a daily whiskey tasting in your home. The set includes 24 flasks of whiskey, including a whiskey glass and concrete coaster accessories.

Flaviar’s Whiskeys of the Galaxy Advent Calendar

The Urban Botanist Limited Edition Plant Advent Calendar

For those with a green thumb or a soft spot for succulents, The Urban Botanist reveals 24 miniature plants and botanical gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

The Urban Botanist Limited Edition Plant Advent Calendar

FAO Schwarz Advent Calendar

For the Jurassic Park obsessed or just a budding paleontologist, this dinosaur advent calendar will be the gift that never ceases to give. Have your kids explore everything from excavating fossils to hatching eggs and more.

Fao Schwarz Dinosaur Advent Calendar

Lego marvel The Avengers Advent calendar

For the ultimate Avengers fans, this Lego advent calendar includes 24 gifts that each feature a different Marvel character or scene Avengers movie theater.

Image may contain: Toy

LEGO Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar

Meri Meri Dog Advent Calendar Suitcase

A fun gift for any dog ​​lover around the house. They will unbox a new dog toy every day, all stored in a charming checkered suitcase.

Meri Meri Dog Advent Calendar Suitcase

Harry potter Advent calendar

Bring a taste of the wizarding world of Harry potter home with delicious treats, everything from beans of every Bertie Botts flavor to caramel candy and gummy frogs, each waiting to be unwrapped until Christmas Day.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

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]]> 0 Shop Latinx Raises $ 1 Million – WWD Fri, 15 Oct 2021 16:07:30 +0000

Shop Latinx has closed its pre-seed funding round, raising $ 1 million.

Launched by Brittany Chavez in 2016, the Los Angeles-based e-commerce platform offers products created by Latinx’s founders and designers in the beauty, fashion and home fields. Investors include Precursor Ventures, Backstage Capital, Debut Capital, 2PM, Humble Ventures, Hispanics in Philanthropy, Silicon Hills Capital and Techstars.

“I feel so blessed and thrilled to have been successful in raising venture capital funds,” Chavez, of Guatemalan and Nicaraguan descent, told WWD in an exclusive statement. “It’s been a journey to get to this point, especially as a solo Latina founder, but I’m proud of the work my team and I have invested in growing Shop Latinx. Team Shop Latinx is committed to providing our community with a shopping experience like never before that truly lives at the intersection of culture and commerce.

Chavez started Shop Latinx as an Instagram account before taking to The site now has 100,000 engaged users, featuring more than 600 products from 30 brands (such as swim and body brand Nopalera and footwear brand MCLC). The business has seen recent growth, according to the company, with sales increasing 226 percent between the second and third quarters of this year.

“With this increase, I plan to hire the support we need to increase the speed of the brands we bring to market, as well as to ensure that brands and consumers continue to feel seen, celebrated and supported through our marketing efforts, ”continued Chavez, who manages a team of four full-time employees. “These efforts include more IRL activations, exclusive products, brand partnerships and editorial content. I am delighted to work alongside an array of experts from diverse backgrounds who will help Shop Latinx to reach the next level. This is really just the start, as Shop Latinx is a business that will go public.

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Sheffield Poundland will become the PEP & CO clothing and home store – that’s when it will open Thu, 14 Oct 2021 09:13:00 +0000

Poundland said the move was part of a pilot program that is expected to take place just in time for Christmas.

As part of this program, two Fultons frozen food stores will be converted into local Poundland convenience stores, five will become traditional Poundland stores and three will be redeveloped into stand-alone PEP & CO clothing and home stores.

The three Fultons stores that are already close to an existing Poundland – at Garforth in Leeds, Westhoughton near Bolton and Crookes in Sheffield – will become stand-alone PEP & CO stores, bringing the incredible value of family fashion and merchandise to the city. household appliances of the brand.

Register now to our Business newsletter

Register now to our Business newsletter

The three Fultons stores that are already close to an existing Poundland – at Garforth in Leeds, Westhoughton near Bolton and Crookes in Sheffield – will become stand-alone PEP & CO stores.

It follows the successful conversion of the Poundland stores of Corporation Street, Birmingham and Hertford Street, Coventry, to PEP & CO.

The program also includes the transformation of two Fultons stores which will become Poundland Locals in Holbeck (Leeds) and Langold (Nottinghamshire).

It follows the May launch of the first two Poundland Local stores in Kendray, South Yorkshire, and Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

Smaller than a typical Poundland, their compact design allows them to serve areas currently not served by Poundland and hold a full line of chilled and frozen foods.

Five Fultons locations – Batley (West Yorkshire), Brighouse (West Yorkshire), Colne (Lancashire), Killamarsh (Derbyshire) and Hucknall (Nottinghamshire) – will be converted to Poundland stores, offering customers additional options in addition to frozen and chilled foods which will remain available.

Austin Cooke, Director of Retail and Transformation at Poundland, said: “Today’s announcement is yet another example of how we are transforming the customer experience in our stores.

“And becoming the best Poundland we can be for our buyers is what drives us to move forward at an incredible rate.

“We’re proud that this transformation program – expanding chilled and frozen foods, clothing and housewares – is helping support downtowns and shopping streets when they need it most. “

PEP & CO is Poundland’s clothing and home brand that can be found in stores across the UK and Ireland.

The chain plans to employ around 20 more people in the 10 stores once they convert to their new format.

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Mall Of America offers BIPOC store owners rent-free space for 3 months – WCCO Wed, 13 Oct 2021 03:23:00 +0000

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A program gives local small businesses a chance to do something big.

Mall of America offers BIPOC store owners rent-free space for three months.

READ MORE: T-Boned school bus by vehicle southwest of metro, causing serious injury

On the south side of the mall’s second floor, you’ll find Community Commons, with over a dozen small, minority-owned businesses taking their craft to the next level.

From fashion to beauty to delicious delicacies, it’s hard to decide where to start, but we’ve landed at Bernadette Hunter’s Highly Favored Delicacies.

“This is my brand, the pudding with a twist,” Hunter said.

What started out as a Church potluck is now a thriving business.

“Nobody makes strawberry pudding, so I had to create strawberry pudding,” Hunter said. “And we went from there to make strawberries-kiwis, strawberries-bananas, blueberries.”

She’s done farmer’s markets and set up shop outside of the Minnesota State Fair, but that will be her home for the next six months.

(credit: CBS)

“Our motto is, ‘Once you try it, you will buy it constantly,'” she said.

READ MORE: First responders still reeling from the “chaos” of the mass shooting in Saint-Paul: “This is not a normal event”

Community Commons is the first step in his dream of one day having his own showcase.

“And I want it to be in every city, you know, nationwide,” Hunter said.

Just down the hall, a former Community Commons company did just that. Urban 29, a luxury streetwear spot owned by Joyce Sanders, is now a permanent fixture at the Mall of America.

“I had no idea what would happen in six months, I was really taking the opportunity,” Sanders said.

When she got the call to join the Commons last fall, it helped her restart her business after her old storefront on Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in southern Minneapolis was badly damaged during the unrest. followed the death of George Floyd.

“The Community Commons has been a big help,” Sanders said. “It helped me relaunch my business. To concentrate, and just to rebuild.

At Community Commons, business owners feed off of each other to help make their business dreams come true.

“Seeing young entrepreneurs come in, it excites me,” said Sanders.

So far, eight Community Commons businesses have rented their own space in the mall.

NO MORE NEWS: Pine City Home Rocks Toilet Blast: “It Was Like Old Faithful”

Click here for more information on how to be considered for the next round in the spring.

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Shop Target’s Fall Footwear Sale With Boots Up To 20% Off Mon, 11 Oct 2021 21:00:00 +0000

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Target for victory, once again. As a fashion editor, I wanted to share the good word that Target shoes are truly one of my all-time favorite shoes, and there has never been a better time to score some fabulous new styles for fall. . Not only does Target consistently nail trends and offer affordable prices that I never (never) think twice about, but they also often impress with a level of comfort that more expensive shoes simply can’t match.

I’ve grabbed my beloved Target faux suede strappy sandals so many times that they quickly became my favorite heels for any formal occasion, even if my dress is designer. Consider this my best-kept style secret to mastering the art of up-down dress-up.

Have I piqued your interest in the magic of Target shoes? For a limited time only, you can get 20% off all shoes for the whole family, making their cheap and cheerful selection of flats, mules, boots and more. Following attractive this season. I highly recommend that you stock up on a few styles as these low prices won’t last long.

Target’s pre-holiday sale runs through October 12, which means your hours are counted to picking up these super stylish boots that look a lot more expensive than they actually are. From cute clogs to classic ankle boots, these shoes are all you need to elevate your fall outfits, without breaking the bank.

There are even a few funky combat boots in different color options, in case you’re on the fence about this’ 90s-inspired trend and don’t want to spend a hefty sum of money to get the look. For under $ 40, you can rock this edgy style during the winter months.

And while fall boots are the real heroes of this sale, don’t sleep on the pretty selection of retro-inspired sneakers, office-friendly flats, and cool moccasins that are also at a discount right now. . Personally, I’m a huge fan of slip-on mules for an easy everyday look, and Target has so many comfy styles that pair perfectly with jeans, dresses, and skirts this season.

No surprise here, but the inventory is changing fast with styles so cute and prices so low. Buy quickly before this sale ends on Tuesday, October 12.

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Wyse London, fashion’s secret weapon for stylish adult women Sun, 10 Oct 2021 09:00:55 +0000

If you and your wardrobe need a little boost, it’s time to put British label Wyse London on your fashion radar.

Launched in 2014, its founder Marielle Wyse had the individual mission of finding stylish knits that were “not lacking in joy”. It all started with just a handful of knits, but now the brand has expanded to include a wide range of luxury wardrobe essentials that include slip-on dresses, sought-after scalloped overalls and of course plenty of cardigans and fancy sweaters, all worthy of a place. in your capsule wardrobe.