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Game, the Massmart-owned retailer, has launched a new Online Store which it says is the next step in its turnaround strategy. The store was backed by an investment from Massmart and a dedicated support team at Walmart’s global technology hub in Bangalore, India, the group said.

Game said the new website is equipped with new features, functionality and product categories, aimed at providing a smoother experience for the customer. He added that the new site has already seen some success, with the retailer reporting more than 100% growth in online sales month-to-date compared to April 2021.

Some of the new website features include:

  • Advanced provisioning logic;
  • Tracking control;
  • Online Returns;
  • A whole new pick-up option for customers and categories that were previously not available online, such as liquor and apparel.

“This is an important step in transforming our business through our turnaround strategy and demonstrates the investment Walmart and Massmart are making in Game,” said Andrew Stein, Vice President of Game.

“70% of our customers visit our website via mobile, so it was important that we developed our website to be mobile-friendly while addressing some important consumer issues.”

Game said its online store’s smart system logic will now enable product geolocation for faster, more efficient deliveries and near real-time stock availability updates. The retailer will also offer a select store pickup feature – powered by the new website – where customers can order online and collect in-store.

Currently, this is available in 20 stores, with additional stores rolling out throughout the year.

“This is a feature that we’re particularly excited about, as our consumers have been interested in it for some time.”

“The website will continue to evolve, with new features added every month, as we continue our efforts to stay relevant, transform our business and grow with our consumers. Our goal is to provide an easier shopping experience for everyone. our customers,” Stein said.

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How you can end up paying more than other customers buying online Sun, 08 May 2022 17:00:00 +0000

Lana Hart is a Writer, animator and tutor based in Christchurch.

OPINION: Two people walk into a store and try on a pair of shoes.

One customer buys the shoes for $100, while the other, still undecided, goes to the nearby store to try on a similar pair of shoes.

Back at the first store, the undecided shopper learns that the original shoes are now $200.

Such a situation may arise when we book flights, buy products online or schedule Uber rides.

* How to avoid overpaying when grocery shopping online
* The Price Isn’t Always Right: Supermarket Mistakes Leave Shoppers Furious
* Why do airline prices constantly change?

Automated pricing algorithms can vary product prices based on factors that demonstrate a customer’s willingness to pay more for a product, such as the number of times they have visited a site, the type of device they use and other demographic and behavioral data. deemed relevant.

“Dynamic pricing” is used by large online retailers and booking sites that collect real-time data on purchase histories and previous searches to adjust prices.

It's so quick and easy, but there might be a lot more going on behind the scenes of your online shopping activity than you think.


It’s so quick and easy, but there might be a lot more going on behind the scenes of your online shopping activity than you think.

This can result in two customers paying different prices for the exact same product, whether it’s a seat on a flight, a product on an online shopping site, or a hotel room. .

Websites use cookies to collect data including who visits the site based on your computer’s unique IP address.

This data is stored on the web browser and fed into pricing algorithms and third-party networks such as Facebook/Meta and Google.

This is why on some booking sites, by searching for products in incognito or private mode – which only contains data from that session – or by deleting your web browser history, cookies and site data, the same product may be available at a cheaper price. .

In short, big online businesses and marketplace type websites change the prices of the same product or service based on their measurement of how much you are willing to pay for it.

They even gave the concept an acronym: WTP – Willingness to Pay.

Right now, there may not be anything technically illegal about these mean-spirited strategies, but they do leave a certain stench in your nose that’s hard to get rid of: the number of times you visit a site or the type of computer you are searching from change the price of a product?

In the murky and rapidly changing world of online pricing technology, it’s hard to find the transparency consumers want buried in privacy statements about a company’s use of personal data.

Does our national carrier treat all paying customers the same?  The evidence suggests not.


Does our national carrier treat all paying customers the same? The evidence suggests not.

At Air New Zealand, for example, they use cookies for all visitors to their website to “recognize you online and gather information about your online activity and browsing habits (including which pages you visit). visited and the links you followed).”

They may also “combine this information with other personal information we have collected about you…in order to…help us make our websites more relevant to you”, for example by tailoring offers and content.

In this example, does personalizing offers based on the links I’ve followed mean that I see a different price than my neighbor?

The company’s CFO may have answered that question in 2019 when he told investors that “we will have a different price for every different customer” by the end of this year.

Boxing Day sales show how much shoppers love a bargain, but the real experience seems to stray further from online tactics.

Ricky Wilson / Stuff

Boxing Day sales show how much shoppers love a bargain, but the real experience seems to stray further from online tactics.

This follows the practice of most airlines around the world in which forms of dynamic pricing have become the international standard.

To be clear, this is more than just supply and demand economics; we accept prices to change depending on market factors such as how far in advance we book or if it is peak hour pricing.

Instead, these sites use data collected from your unique device to predict the highest price you’re willing to pay that day.

This prediction changes person-to-person, computer-to-computer, resulting in the bizarre situation of two similar customers with different browsing histories paying different prices for precisely the same product or service.

Consumers are increasingly confronted with commercial practices that come with a more obscure collection and use of personal data.

In the United States, Amazon’s pricing strategies are being challenged by law, and a new European Union law gives European citizens the right to refuse cookies on all websites.

The recent ruling by the Federal Court of Australia against Google’s use of personal location data has sent a message to large companies: “they must not mislead their customers”.

Lana Hart finds the practice of charging different customers different prices based on their “willingness to pay” petty.


Lana Hart finds the practice of charging different customers different prices based on their “willingness to pay” petty.

At the very least, online businesses – especially those whose majority shareholders are the New Zealand government – ​​should provide visible and clearly worded price transparency messages to website users, if dynamic pricing includes the use of of our personal data for pricing.

Hiding such strategies erodes customer loyalty, undermines value systems and corporate goodwill, and greases their brands with the oil of greed and mistrust, which ultimately makes no financial sense.

Today marks the start of New Zealand Privacy Week, which promotes privacy awareness.

As automated technologies continue to creep into so many areas of our lives, now is a good time to review privacy and competition laws and policies to keep pace with the unethical practices that can emerge quietly and invisibly behind the sites we visit and the businesses we think of. we like.

]]> Tears at Boohoo as online-only retail group sees profits plummet as stores reopen Fri, 06 May 2022 10:48:28 +0000

As repeatedly stated, one of the big questions regarding retail in the vaccine economy is how robust and sustainable the shift to online commerce will be. As Salesforce’s Rob Garf noted earlier in the week, one might reasonably have expected a flattening, but what happened to online fashion retailer Boohoo wasn’t so much a flattening, but rather a flattening. simple.

The company recorded a shocking £117million fall in quarterly profit from £124.7million to £7.8million. COVID was largely blamed, along with distribution and delivery issues and increased return rates. CEO John Lyttle said:

Macro factors created short-term headwinds for the company. Our international proposal has been affected in foreign markets due to delivery delays. We are confident that we have the right product at the right price, as evidenced by our strong performance in the UK, which is driving market share gains. The only thing that’s not strong enough right now in our international markets is our delivery proposition. We are investing in a new DC [distribution center] in the United States, which will transform the proposition of delivery with the next day in our main American markets.

He added:

We currently have a significant scale with 4 distribution centers in the UK. We have ongoing automation projects in Sheffield and Burnley. At our Sheffield site, we are investing £125 million to build a state-of-the-art facility that will improve efficiency in the future. To put that into context, that’s 3 times what we’ve invested in our Burnley site. We expect a return on investment within 5 years, which will lead to significant cost savings in the future.

We also have plans for other sites, such as Daventry, where we will invest to achieve material cost savings in the years to come. When our UK automation projects are complete, we will have a sales capacity of over £4 billion. When the US distribution center opens, this will bring us to a sales capacity of £5 billion across all of our sites. Significant capacity to support our ambitious future growth plans.

Front and rear

Lyttle inevitably had an optimistic view of the longer-term outlook for online-only retailers:

Today, we have 13 fashion destinations compared to 7 two years ago. Along with these destinations, there are 83 customer-facing websites and apps that will continue to grow. The choice for our customers is unmatched. Our offer has tripled over the last 2 years, and our clientele has never been so new, with nearly 1,000 lines launched daily. And our reach continues to grow with 16 million social media followers and 20 million customers around the world buying our brands.

Work is underway on technology investments to overhaul the operational infrastructure, he said:

On the front-end, we extended our HR platform with upgrades across our Nasty Gal and Boohoo brands with our partner Salesforce, and we also launched Debenhams on a new modular headless platform architecture, which differs from our existing multi-brand platform technology. . Implementing a product inventory management system, PIM, has been a significant step forward, moving the business forward by standardizing and centralizing all of our product information. With 5 million biases across our brands, we are considered a pioneer in how to leverage the benefits of a modern PIM across the industry.

He added:

We have also invested in back-office technology, implementing additional digitization to support the scaling of our platform. Development of our microservices continues over the next 12 months to enable platform changes across finance, as well as the activation of our growth warehouse in 2023. The implementation of our new PO service and integration with our third party logistics carriers, has unlocked the visibility of our goods in transit throughout our supply chain.

The launch of our supplier hub has been a huge success, bringing all of our suppliers into the 21st century, removing manual onboarding processes and implementing a digital platform where our suppliers can interact with us, and has also enabled us to streamline our controlled and verifiable supply chain.

my catch

Boohoo’s fortunes mirror that of another online-only fashion retailer, ASOS, which last month saw its pre-tax profits plummet by 87%. In stark contrast, fast fashion retailer Primark, without any transactional e-commerce business, continues to thrive and grow. So, is the online-only model no longer the winner it used to be?

Inevitably the reopening of physical stores did not help. Boohoo and ASOS saw their fortunes soar when physical stores were closed. As store doors opened, the confident prediction was that a clientele that had effectively been under house arrest for the better part of two years would be gagged to spend on more discretionary items. There was no point in someone buying a fancy dress or an elegant suit when there was nowhere to go to wear them.

It doesn’t seem to have worked in practice. This does not mean that the online-only model has been broken. It just highlights how difficult it is to make it work in practice. Consumers have enjoyed the convenience of digital shopping for clothing, but the reopening of real-world stores, with the ability to touch, feel and try on purchases, is a pent-up desire that is once again untapped.

Despite falling profits, Boohoo’s revenue rose from £1.745 billion to £1.982 billion, but the group has a lot of work to do to restore confidence in its operating model. The pieces of the tech agenda that Lyttle outlined this week are the good ones, but they come at a steep price. It remains to be seen whether the market will allow the group the time necessary to settle their stall.

The coffee shop goes online | The Manila Times Wed, 04 May 2022 14:22:07 +0000

MD Brews is currently enjoying success with all of its locally produced coffee products being shipped online.

Started by former medical student Abbygale Lumanglas, who read the transcripts and studied the presentations with a cup of coffee always by her side, and her partner, Gabriel Jorge Habunal, also called on cloud logistics partner Locad to deliver their bags of caffeine, coffee syrup and other home products. barista necessities at the doorstep of their customers.

Habunal also realized that the market for their products was diverse. “In the beginning, medical students were the main target audience for our company. Then we noticed that there were students from different disciplines and different backgrounds who started buying some of our products,” he added.

After gaining initial market acceptance, MD Brews decided to expand its reach and focus solely on working to be a niche coffee brand catering to the caffeine dose of young professionals, and brought in Locad to meet its growing customer base.

“Before using Locad, we couldn’t cope with the high volume of orders,” Habunal said, describing their traditional inventory tracking as “difficult and complicated.”

But since using Locad’s fulfillment service, the process has become smoother. Habunal describes Locad’s technology as “user-friendly” because the system allows them to track their supplies and access inventory details in real time.

Eventually, MD Brews achieved a 100% increase in revenue with all of its products still sourced locally, helping local farmers.

Spring 2022 edition of the financial publication, “the register”, available now Mon, 02 May 2022 12:35:37 +0000

“As we emerge from our annual in-person meeting in Cincinnati, we are poised to complete an aggressive expansion program by the end of the year. Expect positive results from the IARFC !… IARFC President and Administrator, Dr. H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®

The International Association of Registered Financial Advisors (IARFC®) has released the spring issue of the Register, a national industry publication, available online at and in print by subscription on the IARFC store. This registry explores the theme of “Practice Management 101” with ideas that professionals can use in their financial advisory practice.

Focus on members

This month the focus is on Dr. Teresa So, RFC®, President of the Hong Kong/Macau Chapter of the IARFC. This is the third time Dr. So has appeared in the registry. This time, she presents the plans for the Master Registered Financial Specialist (MRFS) that is being developed for the Hong Kong/Macau chapter. The MRFS will broaden the consultant’s knowledge base with a focus on trusts and fintech.

A new white paper is featured on Financial Gerontology by Dr. James Flanagan, MRFC®. This white paper, available free from the IARFC store, expands on the financial consultant’s considerations when working with older clients. This information gives the finance professional a holistic view of the financial planning process as it relates to the senior lifestyle, not just financial issues.

Additional articles contributed include:

  • Hindsight is 20/20 – Hindsight Views
  • Financial gerontology
  • How Giving Back to the Community Leads to Business
  • Keeping up with technology when your customers are 18-20!
  • Top 10 Mistakes Finance Professionals Make and How to Fix Them

Other Registry Highlights

The new spring issue of the Journal of Personal Finance is available. It can be downloaded for free by members or a hard copy purchased through the IARFC store.

IARFC leadership weighs in with comments from Chairman of the Board – Dr. H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®, CEO – Leonard R. Simpson, RFC® and US Chapter President – Bradley K. Maples Sr ., MRFC®. They present the future of the IARFC and what awaits the Association in the months to come.

Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC®, takes over as the new Regional Director General (MRD). She is looking for people to fill Regional Director positions across the United States. This network of professionals will work to expand the membership and visibility of IARFC designations and titles.

Congratulations to Utah Valley University, Dr. Luke Dean, RFC® and the 3 teams of UVU students who made it to the finals of the National Financial Planning Competition. Dr. Dean shares his impressions of the National Competition and how he approaches the event with his students year after year.

“As usual, the Registry provides an inspiring perspective for the future of the Association through articles from the CEO, US Chapter President and MRD,” Bailey said. “As we emerge from our annual in-person meeting in Cincinnati, we are poised to complete an aggressive expansion program by the end of the year. Expect positive results from the IARFC !

To access the registry, visit the IARFC website. Those interested in sharing with others about their practice and getting published can contact editor Susan Cappa at An editorial calendar for 2022 outlines topics for the rest of the year. Consider contributing now for the August issue.

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Introducing VAVA’s ALPD4.0 triple laser projector, bringing the ultimate home theater experience Sat, 30 Apr 2022 17:58:00 +0000

Powered by triple laser technology and ALPD® 4.0
VAVA Chroma uses the world’s most advanced ALPD® 4.0 fluorescent phosphor technology and a 3-channel laser light source. With the use of red, blue and green plus laser light sources, it delivers stunning visuals with up to 106% Rec. 2020 color gamut, precise color accuracy and incredible contrast.

“This triple laser system definitely works as advertised, produces bright and vivid images whether in 4K or 1080p.” Commented by JC Torres at Slash Gear, “This system is also powered by the highest ALPD 4.0 technology, giving it an edge even over most theaters still using ALPD 3.0.”

Display range 80-150″
Unlike traditional projectors, the Chroma uses ultra short throw technology and boasts a throw ratio of 0.233:1. The projector can be placed just 7.2″ from the wall for a stunning 100″ projection and can be easily adjusted up to 150″ for a cinematic experience.

Smart Android TV System
The VAVA Chroma integrates with Android 9.0 system and Aptoide app store, which means apps like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, etc. will be accessible through the integrated operating system. It is also compatible with various streaming devices in the market, including Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku TV, etc.

The new VAVA Chroma Triple Laser Projector is now available for purchase from VAVA Official Store and best buy to $3,499.99.

About VAVA: VAVA’s goal is to simplify modern life through exceptional expertise and the highest quality technology. VAVA designs and manufactures a range of advanced and innovative products to improve the lives of its customers. Additional information about VAVA and its award-winning products is available at VAVA Official Store.

Media Contact:
Carina Chen
[email protected]


Where to Buy Golden State Warriors Round 2 Playoff Tickets Online; Shop for the best prices Thu, 28 Apr 2022 13:14:00 +0000

The Warriors advanced to face the Memphis-Minnesota series winner, with the Grizzlies leading 3-2 heading into Game 6 Friday night in Minneapolis. Memphis knocked out Golden State in the qualifying round last year, so Warriors fans are demanding a refund if the Grizzlies advance.

Fans interested in seeing the series live — no matter who the Warriors host at Chase Arena — can purchase tickets on StubHub, VividSeats or TicketNetwork.

Fans can stream the series on Sling, DirecTV or Hulu Live.

More PA Warriors:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Finally back in the starting lineup, Stephen Curry took over late and brought his team back like he did so many times in Golden State’s deep playoffs.

Curry scored 30 points in his return to the top five, and the Warriors beat Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets 102-98 on Wednesday night to win their first-round series in five games.

It’s been three years since Curry carried Golden State to a big playoff stage — like those five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals — but he certainly still has it.

“Tonight was just a weird feeling because we hadn’t been there in a while,” said Curry, the NBA’s scoring champion last season. “We wanted it so badly, it kind of made it a lot harder for us. But we always remember how to do it, which is a good feeling.

Curry scored 11 points in the fourth quarter after the Warriors started the final 12 minutes with an eight. The two-time MVP converted a three-point play with 1:33 left and scored again with 29 seconds left to help send the Warriors to the Western Conference second round.

“I was a witness, letting him cook, create pieces for him. Try to open his eyes and after that you know what he’s doing,” Warriors guard Gary Payton II said.

Jokic scored 12 of his 30 points in the 3:46 Final and finished with 19 rebounds and eight assists.

The Warriors — thriving with the support of their raucous home crowd in their first playoff game at Chase Center — advanced to face the Memphis-Minnesota series winner trailed 3-2 by the Grizzlies ahead of Game 6 on Friday in Minneapolis. The Grizzlies knocked out Golden State in the qualifying round last year.

Jokic tied it at 90 from an 18-footer with 2:26 remaining before Payton made a lay-up moments later. Payton also hit a go-ahead 3-pointer from the corner in front of the Denver bench with 6:57 left to put Golden State up 86-84. He finished with 15 points.

“He was amazing, both sides of the court, big shots, big plays,” teammate Draymond Green said.

Payton reunited with his father, former NBA star Gary Payton, after the final buzzer just for a quick hello.

Jokic converted two free throws with 3:46 left after Green’s foul that the Golden State defensive star wanted to call on the 7-footer. Jokic finished 12 for 18 from the floor. DeMarcus Cousins ​​contributed 19 points off the bench against his former Golden State team, and Aaron Gordon added 15 points and nine rebounds.

Jokic had an answer, time and time again.

“This guy is a warrior. I just don’t understand people who find a way to criticize Nikola Jokic. Is he perfect? ​​No, I’m not saying he is,” the Nuggets coach said , Michael Malone. “But the guy is the definition of a warrior – competitive, consistent. He impacts the game in so many ways. One hell of a season. Hopefully he wins MVP again. I think that he rightly deserves.

Denver hit seven of its first 10 shots after halftime to turn a tie at 48 into a 66-56 lead. Curry’s 3 with 4:06 to play shot the Warriors 68-67.

Curry shot 10 of 22 with five 3-pointers. He’s been off the bench in the first four games, the streak starting a month after he sprained a ligament in his left foot on March 16 against Boston.

“Luckily I got out of it pretty much unscathed,” Curry said, happy to have a few days off to rest my foot.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr went small with Curry, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson, as Kevon Looney came off the bench. Thompson had 15 points and nine rebounds.

Kerr challenged the Warriors to “become us again.” They had given up 30 points on 15 turnovers and committed 27 fouls that led to 36 free throws for Denver in a 126-121 loss on the road on Sunday.

Golden State didn’t want to return to Denver for a Game 6, and Curry guided the way to do it at home.

“He’s our leader, our longest-serving player, our MVP,” Thompson said of his Splash Brother, “and without him life is hard. Steph Curry is one of a kind and will continue to be spectacular and to make it look effortless.


Green was called for his first foul 20 seconds into the game, much like Game 4 when he fouled 40 seconds into the quarter.

Green had 11 points and six assists. His three blocked shots moved him past Kevin Garnett for 22nd on the NBA career playoff list.

“I feel like he’s built for the playoffs,” Kerr said. “That’s what it’s all about, when you can actually exert the energy that he has and the competitive strength and get the day off the next day and not have three games in five nights in every city. “

After the match, Green found Jokic for a word.

“I said to him, ‘Thank you for making me better,'” Green said. “It’s an honor to play against someone so talented, so skilful.”


Nuggets: Austin Rivers came out late in the first with a strain in his right hamstring and played just 4½ minutes. … Denver shot 3 of 14 from deep in the first half and 6 of 29 overall. … Jokic had 10 rebounds in his first 11 minutes.

Warriors: Curry (3,108) passed Julius Erving (3,088) for 24th on the NBA playoff scoring list. … The Warriors are 12-3 in Game 5 since winning the 2015 championship for the franchise’s first title in 40 years. … Golden State was held below 50 percent shooting for the first time in five games.

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Online pioneer MorningSave launches flagship retail store Mon, 25 Apr 2022 14:48:28 +0000

Looking to expand its presence in a physical retail capacity and meet customers in person, MorningSave is hosting a grand opening for its new physical store. MorningSave is known nationwide by tens of millions of viewers of hit TV shows including The Kelly Clarkson Show, Rachael Ray, Entertainment Tonight, The Talk, Inside Edition, Extra and more, and now customers of the North Texas can add the benefits of in-person shopping experience to the amazing deals offered by MorningSave. With deep discounts on an ever-changing assortment, MorningSave invites consumers to find incredible deals (typical savings are 60%+) in person from the best national brands they know and love. Additionally, the store is uniquely designed to entertain customers and create a whole new way to shop with an experience that brings a forward-thinking approach to old-school big-box retail. Find deals on a wide selection of merchandise categories including home, kitchen, beauty, tech, accessories, and more.

MorningSave’s parent company, Mercatalyst, Inc., was launched by the founders of daily deals pioneer Woot as an innovative solution for manufacturers to turn their difficult inventory situations into exciting retail events. Mercalyst reaches millions of customers through partnerships with digital media and famous TV personalities and shows using its family of websites, including,,, and Mercalyst is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas.

MorningSave is delighted to welcome customers to its opening event from April 29th to May 1st. To sweeten the abundance of exclusive savings, MorningSave is offering a 20% coupon for customers to use on any purchase during their 3-day welcome party. Additionally, the first 50 customers of each day of opening weekend will receive a free mystery box upon purchase.

Longtime Arrowtown retail store closes Sat, 23 Apr 2022 21:07:04 +0000 It’s the end of an era for a Buckingham St.

The Old Smithy, a family business that has operated on Arrowtown’s main street for 42 years, closed on Tuesday.

After running the business for 17 years, owner Joanne Braden said it was “just about time to close the doors”.

“Arrowtown has been really good for me and business has been good for me and it’s a whole new chapter for me. ”

The business, originally purchased by Joanne’s parents, began by selling New Zealand antiques.

”They bought it in 1980 and it was The Old Smithy Antiques and Elegant Junk, and as tourists started arriving in New Zealand they slowly moved into selling paua and jade. [jewellery].”

After a few trips, Braden returned to Arrowtown and bought the business from her parents.

She says the highlight of her time running the store has been the repeat customers.

”Lots of lovely clients I’ve had in the past who come back every year, who I haven’t seen in the last couple of years, but I’ve been in contact with a lot of them and have told them let know what was going on.”

Although Braden dismisses the idea that The Old Smithy is an Arrowtown icon, the flood of good wishes, gratitude and sadness as the store closes begs to be different.

“I got messages from people who used to deal with my mum and dad, so that’s really cool. ”

Braden will soon be moving to the “Deep South”, but he is very excited for the next occupants of the premises.

“It’s been a journey and it just ended and everything fell into place. ”

Bluehost India Unveils New Campaign to Help SMBs Build Online Stores and Start Selling Digitally Fri, 22 Apr 2022 06:05:55 +0000

• Multilingual campaign aims to reach SMBs across India to communicate “EASY” of building e-commerce websites with Bluehost • Bluehost is recommended by as one of the best trusted brands MUMBAI, India , April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — – Bluehost, a trusted web hosting provider specializing in WordPress, has unveiled a campaign targeting SMEs in India to help them set up online stores and start selling online. The multilingual campaign will be broadcast in English, Hinglish and 3 other Indian languages ​​(Kannada, Tamil, Telugu) on several media channels. It includes two films showcasing Bluehost’s strength as a solution provider to create an online shopping experience for small business owners. This reflects how Bluehost helps small businesses start their journey to becoming digital entrepreneurs by enabling them to sell online.

The past few years have spurred consumer appetite for digital and contactless commerce. It has now become important for companies big and small alike to unlock their business potential by going online. According to a survey conducted by Bluehost India, selling and interacting with customers digitally over traditional methods has increased from 45% to 66%. Bluehost India addresses this emerging need with its solution to help build websites and online stores through an intuitive AI-powered WordPress website builder and through the support of WordPress Design Service.

The campaign The campaign consists of two films humorously addressing the stress associated with the creation of e-commerce sites. The first ad features a fashion boutique owner who exhibits his gut reaction when asked to create an “e-commerce website.” His smile disappears and he begins to sweat profusely.

The second commercial features an educator who is losing his hair due to stress and difficulty building a web presence for his business to sell its services online. Although he has a temporary solution for his hair loss, he is unable to find a permanent solution to his endless problems to get his business online.

Shortly after, the narrator introduces the ease of creating websites through Bluehost Website Builder and WordPress Design Service and the smiles of the protagonists return.

Mitika Kulshreshtha, Vice President of Marketing, Bluehost APAC, said, “Many small businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic and even now they are hesitant to have a website or online store due to the technological challenges facing it. accompany. Our new campaign echoes these sentiments and encourages everyone to overcome these obstacles by easily creating websites and online stores with Bluehost. “Bluehost recently launched WordPress design services where experts help businesses design a fully functional, mobile-responsive and SEO-ready website. Another addition to the WordPress service portfolio is their managed SEO offering where professionals working on client websites are ranked in top search engines. These bespoke services allow customers to focus on growing their business with Bluehost experts doing the heavy lifting.

Bluehost offers all the tools needed to create a secure and reliable web presence. This includes an optimized WordPress experience with automatic installs, automatic upgrades to the latest versions of WordPress, and access to the entire WordPress library of themes and plugins to build an online presence quickly, securely, and scalable. WordPress enjoys the distinction of being the most preferred content management system (CMS) in the world.

Besides being highly optimized for WordPress, Bluehost provides 24/7 consultative sales and support in local Indian languages ​​and local currency to help businesses and web professionals kick-start their online journey by India.

The movies are available here: About Bluehost Bluehost is the leading web hosting solution provider specializing in WordPress. Since its inception in 2003, Bluehost has been trusted by millions because it makes it easy to build, grow, and manage successful WordPress websites. Bluehost offers a suite of WordPress solutions designed with the perfect blend of guidance, tools, and expertise to build a professional website. Bluehost is part of the Newfold Digital family of brands. For more information visit

Media Contact: Mitika Kulshreshtha +91-22-6720-9090 Vice President – ​​Marketing Bluehost APAC Logo: Video: https: //www Video: PWR PWR

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)