Online Store – Mijas Guide Sat, 09 Oct 2021 04:14:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Online Store – Mijas Guide 32 32 Worcester entrepreneur sets up ‘best of British’ online store during lockdown Sat, 09 Oct 2021 04:00:00 +0000 A PAIR of entrepreneurs from Worcester have joined forces to showcase the best UK independent brands.

Betsy Vickery co-founded “Hope and Story” – a new e-commerce marketplace showcasing independent brands with sustainability and quality at the heart of their concerns.

She said: ‘When I found myself confined I wanted to support British brands, buying locally made products rather than imported ones.

“I was immediately amazed at how many websites have misled me into thinking I was buying a product made in Britain when in reality I was not.

“I started to take a closer look at the products I bought and where they came from.

“As I had more time, I spent time researching which brands were actually made in the UK and was delighted to find so many great quality products and amazing brands that shared my values.

“The stories behind the brands were also amazing and I thought how wonderful it would be to have a department store showcasing them and their fantastic products in one place; thus the idea of ​​Hope and Story was born. ”

Hope and Story was originally inspired in 2020 when Ms Vickery spent weeks researching 100% British gifts online for her 7-year-old daughter’s birthday, and found there was no e-commerce marketplace that offered ethical, sustainable and truly British gifts. brands.

With the help of his childhood friends Alison Larnder and Lizzy Waterhouse, they set to work growing the UK-made virtual marketplace and managed to hit their two-year goal in six months.

By purchasing through Hope and Story, customers are encouraged to support UK brands and responsible manufacturing.

Ms Vickery said: “By purchasing a product made in the UK you are supporting the UK economy by helping to create businesses, jobs and careers and enabling the wide range of creative skills we have here.

“You also support the ethical values ​​that we carry in this country and the desire to be more sustainable.

“There are a growing number of ‘conscious consumers’ who are looking to shop more ethically and sustainably and who are particularly keen to buy and support genuine UK brands.”

For more information, visit

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Civilian items: 5 things to buy Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:00:30 +0000

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects /

Whenever Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott, founders of New York-based architecture firm Civilian Projects, travel abroad, they typically explore designer boutiques and specialist workshops. The perfect place ? A store that sells utility items that you could pass on to your grandchildren. In Rome, it’s Poignee, a bespoke hardware store that all local architects working on historic projects use. In Berlin, it’s the Manufactum department store, where they found an olive oil cruet that works really well. In London, they always stop at Labor and Wait, a place that sells British heritage brands and everyday items. (Their favorite is an earthenware salt shaker that was common in the kitchens of the 1960s and 1970s.) “I had to buy a bigger suitcase so that every time I went to London I could stock up.” explains Kagner. “There is nothing like it here. It’s either Amazon or Europe.

While this dichotomy is a bit hyperbolic, Kagner and Elliott’s observation rings true: there really isn’t a store in New York like Labor and Wait for beautiful, durable, well-made, and versatile housewares, where you can find everything from a just wall hook to a minimalist stoneware plate without having to think too much about it. And online, the search for such articles can be clouded by algorithms and paid reviews. So the architects saw an opportunity to fill the missing link with Civilian Objects, their new online home goods store, which launched today.

Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott of architecture firm Civilian Projects have launched a new online home goods store called Civilian Objects.
Photo: Brian W. Ferry, courtesy of Civilian Objects

“The store is for people who have a very specific style or who have no style at all, because everything we offer will end up going into the background,” says Elliott. “You could be as Memphis-y as you want, and nothing would conflict with our collection. Or you might just be a newbie and want to develop your own collection, and it’ll all go together.

Architects are known to care about the smallest details that make products special or smart, and Kagner and Elliott are no exception. They came across the products they were selling while specifying items for their architectural projects. Bed-Stuy – and by word of mouth. The Kaymet Trays and Riess Dustpan, which they found while shopping for style items for Bard Dorms, will be arriving in the store soon. Most of the products Civilian Objects launches with are heritage brands like Manufacture de Digoin, the oldest sandstone company in the Loire Valley in France, which briefly went out of business before new owners brought it back in 2015, and Reiss, an Austrian enamel manufacturing company that has been in existence since 1550. Kagner and Elliott also collaborate with local artisans on special edition items, such as candlesticks from potter Jessie Lazar, broom from sculptor Erin Rouse, mantle work by Italian tailor Atelier Bomba and an apron with chef Kia Damon and kitchen brand Manhattan Tilit.

Inspired by architect Dieter Rams’ “less but better” philosophy, Kagner and Elliott hope people who buy from Civilian Objects will cherish the utility and understated details of their items as much as they do. “We test things on ourselves before vouching,” says Kagner. “None of this stuff is cheap. We don’t expect people to buy a lot of this stuff, but we do expect people to use and care for it.”

Sustainable hand washing starter kit

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects

“During the pandemic, we were all at home, and all these categories of life – what is work, what is fun – overlapped. The big idea for us is that in the future we will just have to understand how much work, leisure and rest are mixed together at home. We thought, We’re going to have to enjoy this overlap as much as you can. We have therefore divided the store into these categories of activities. “Rest” includes bath products, which we stock at Forgo. It is a consumer brand of Swedish designers Form Us With Love that sells glass dispensers and dry soaps. The idea is that when you ship soaps and detergents, it’s mostly water, so you can just add water yourself. –Nicko Elliott

C / O Vase

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects

“We’re bringing the urn back in this collaboration with Andrew Iannazzi, a glass workshop in Boston. It is inspired by the Viennese Secession, which used many forms of trumpets. Andrew uses a Venetian technique which allows us to obtain a very thin but resistant glass by having a slightly thicker edge. –Ksenia Kagner

Gallo hand broom

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects

“Custodian is run by Erin Rouse, a sculptor turned broom maker who has a studio in eastern New York. She is just an information hole and studies the history of brooms. She calls this style a “quintessentially American design”. It is made from sorghum, an African plant imported to North America during the slave trade. It is related to cotton, which is grown in the South. The weaving has traces of African-American and Native American techniques. I was amazed at how beautiful and sturdy this design was and how it bears the marks of iterative techniques over time. For our collaboration, she tinted the broom with indigo and gallo dyes and changed the shape a bit. –BORN

Stoneware plates

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects

“We have ceramics from the Manufacture de Digoin, which is a feminine takeover of a heritage brand. The factory is located in what used to be France’s ceramic valley, but over time the companies all closed. A few years ago, a Parisian with a background in finance bought the factory and started producing again. Much of what they make are traditional water jugs and salad bowls, but they’ve just started making dishes, and we’re the only ones selling them in the United States.KK

Oil and vinegar dispensers

Photo: Courtesy of Civil Objects

“Trendglas Jena makes lab equipment, so everything is incredibly precise. This dispenser never leaks, and anything that drools gets caught by the rim of the glass. It’s so perfect, easy and not messy. We bought ours from Manufactum in Berlin about four years ago, and since then we have always wondered why it was not available in the United States. It is the best product. –KK

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7 online stores for left-handed products Wed, 06 Oct 2021 21:30:00 +0000

Being left-handed in a right-handed world comes with its fair share of challenges. From scissors and notebooks to desks and guitars, left-handed people struggle with everyday tools.

The good news is that there are products for left-handers. And thanks to the online stores mentioned below, finding them is easier than ever.

Founded in 1968, Anything Left-Handed is one of the pioneers of left-handed products. This site offers a wide range of left-handed items. These include kitchen utensils, stationery, office accessories, gardening tools, and scissors.

If you want freebies for your left-handed friends, you can check out the gift ideas on their website, sorted by price. Best of all, you can find complete gift sets and writing, cooking, and kids’ essentials sets.

Best of all, you get a 30-day no-questions-asked money back and exchange guarantee. While this is a good store, a better website design could improve the user experience.

Anything Left-Handed ships products all over the world except for a few countries. The website also lists the shipping cost and delivery time for your country. You can also join their lefties club to receive discounts, news and research on lefties.

Lefty’s is an Australia-based family-owned online store. On the Lefty site, you will find everything for left-handed people.

Along with left-handed basics for writing, cooking, gardening, and scissors, you can find things like a left-handed boomerang, upside-down clocks, and screwdrivers. Likewise, there are musical accessories like a pick and guitar guide available here. Lefty’s also sells keyboards and mice for left-handed people.

On Lefty’s, you can maintain a wish list of products and monitor discounted offers on the Special Offers page. The company offers value packs which include a variety of products at a reduced price. Plus, if you want to surprise your left-handed friend with a perfect gift, you can email them a Lefty’s gift certificate.

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The website displays the estimated GST along with the price on the product page to show you the actual cost. Although the store ships worldwide, sometimes the shipping cost exceeds the cost of the product.

Lefty’s The Left Hand Store is the decades-old online branch of Lefty’s San Francisco. It provides all the accessories that make life easier for left-handed people. With a clean interface and secure payment, this website offers a good shopping experience.

In this store you can buy products such as left-handed knives, scissors, measuring instruments and stationery. Likewise, you can buy household and sewing sets for left-handed people. Additionally, Lefty’s The Left Hand Store offers gift sets for kids, chefs, and gardeners. Its website has separate pages for Green and Made in USA products.

If you don’t know what to get your left-handed friend, you can find some ideas on the 20 best gifts page on their website. And if you are still confused, you can buy and send them a gift card from this store.

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The best thing is that you can get a full refund if you are not happy with the product. This store ships to dozens of countries around the world. There are several shipping options available to the United States, depending on the shipping time.

Left ‘n Write promises to help lefties navigate a right-handed world. To this end, they offer left-handed products, advice and training on their website.

In addition to making life easier for left-handers, Left ‘n Write makes online shopping simple and easy with its beautifully designed website and proper product categorization.

Here you can find kitchen utensils, stationery, notebooks, writing books, outdoor tools, and scissors. In addition, they provide products designed for right-handed or right-handed and left-handed people. They designed a Writewell mat that makes it easier for children to develop their writing skills.

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The founders of this store also wrote books for left-handers. They also offer an online training session for left-handed children, their parents and teachers. Left ‘n Write offers international shipping, a 14-day return policy, and free shipping on orders over $ 68.

The Left Handed Store is not a separate online store, but a website that selects and displays only left-handed products available on Amazon. Since it’s designed for left-handed products only, you won’t have to sort right-handed products like you usually would on Amazon.

The Left Handed Store has a much wider range of products than the other stores mentioned above. These include left-handed desks, laptops and tablet chairs. You can also find left-handed sports equipment for golf and archery. Plus, they have left-handed shower seats, toilet paper holders, doorknobs, cushions, and tool bags.

Thanks to its beautiful website, The Left Handed Store makes it easy to buy left-handed products, although it doesn’t sell anything itself.

Left Handed Golf ensures that lack of equipment does not force you to switch to your right hand to play golf. This store has a wide range of products including several types of golf clubs, gloves and bags.

Various filters and sorting options simplify the search. Here you can also find used golf clubs and order a custom fit. They ship to multiple countries, with varying fees for each.

Like almost everything in this world, guitars are also made for right-handed people. So, as a left-handed musician, you can either play the guitar backwards or buy a left-handed guitar.

If you go for the latter option, Southpaw Guitars can help you as they have over 900 left-handed guitars from several brands.

Make your life easier with left-handed products

Surviving in the right-handed world is a real challenge for left-handed people. However, with so many left-handed products available, we can certainly simplify our day-to-day tasks.

So if you’re bored of using right-handed scissors or writing on a regular spiral notebook, it’s time to switch to their left-handed patterns.

pretty one

5 great sites with interesting facts about left-handers

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Opening of a 4-star Amazon store at Bluewater Shopping Center Tue, 05 Oct 2021 23:01:00 +0000

Amazon has opened the doors to its first 4-star in-person shopping experience outside of the United States.

Shoppers will be able to purchase a range of top-notch products from the online retailer’s website at its new UK flagship store when it opens at Bluewater Shopping Center in Greenhithe today.

The 4-star Amazon flagship store at Bluewater Shopping Center in Greenhithe is its first in the UK. Photo: Amazon

Inside the new retail space, named Amazon 4 Star, shoppers will find curated displays of items currently rated 4 stars or above, which are top selling or trending online.

Products featured cover consumer electronics, toys, games, books, cooking and household items.

The retailer says it will rotate inventory based on its popularity and the preferences of local buyers.

The Bluewater store, located in the Upper Guildhall, will also have a large tech section dedicated to a range of Amazon devices, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Echo Dots.

On opening day, customers will see must-have toys from Mattel, the latest building sets from LEGO, best-selling books near Bluewater, trendy kitchen gadgets from Joseph Joseph and a variety of great consumer electronics. appreciated, to name a few.

The store has a range of products rated 4 stars and above, best sellers or trendy on  Photo: Amazon
The store has a range of products rated 4 stars and above, best sellers or trendy on Photo: Amazon
The store will offer a "Most Desired" section.  Photo: Amazon
The store will have a “Most Wanted” section. Photo: Amazon

Andy Jones, Director of 4 Star Amazon UK, said: “The 4 Star Amazon Store is a great place for customers to discover new releases, guaranteed page turns, top selling electronics and more. .

“Every part of the store is designed with our customers in mind and we believe they will be delighted with the curated selection of the most popular products at unbeatable prices, the ability to test out the latest devices from Amazon, and the convenience of shopping. pickup and return. “

Buyers will see an array of “Most Wanted” items when they enter, as well as those that have been “Most Skilled”.

Customers can stay on top of “trends at Bluewater” as part of another display dedicated to the items that local customers are looking for the most.

Most products have reviews taken directly from the website.

Digital price tags are also located next to each product with the item’s price, average star rating, and customer review count, allowing customers to make more informed purchases.

Items can be paid for using a QR code linked to the customer's Amazon account.  Photo: Amazon
Items can be paid for using a QR code linked to the customer’s Amazon account. Photo: Amazon

The store doesn’t have Just Walk Out technology, but customers can pay by cash, credit card, or through the Amazon app using the 4-star QR code at checkout.

4 Star Amazon will also carry products from UK small businesses that are proving popular with Amazon customers.

This includes Gamely Games, a Brighton-based company that makes family games.

Hazel Reynolds, CEO and Founder of Gamely, said, “I’m so excited people are seeing our games as they explore Amazon’s 4-star store.

“Our games bring people together to share good times with their loved ones, and we can’t wait to see Amazon’s 4-star customers connect with laughter at their next game night.”

Amazon 4-Star opened its first store in New York in September 2018 and has since expanded to many locations in the United States.

In August, the company opened a £ 205million ‘mega hangar’ near Dartford Crossing and is currently recruiting workers.

Visit our business page for all the latest business news in Kent

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Digital Motors expands its online sales platform to the maritime industry Tue, 05 Oct 2021 10:00:00 +0000

IRVINE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Digital Motors, the award-winning digital retail platform for the automotive industry, has proven its unique product configurability by providing an online retail solution for over 4,000 recreational boat retailers and yachts of the country.

Since the launch of Digital Motors, the platform has established itself as a very versatile online sales solution for the North American automotive industry, able to meet the digital sales needs of dealers, manufacturers, lenders and steps. Digital Motors enables a modern retail experience that combines the best of both worlds – the physical showroom coupled with a robust digital process. The company is now bringing these capabilities to the service of the $ 42 billion boating industry.

“Rather than just shop online, consumers want to make transactions,” said Andreas Hinrichs, CEO of Digital Motors. “This applies to vehicles, boats and virtually any luxury or high-end item. We’re thrilled with this latest release and our journey into the uncharted waters of online boat shopping.

Potential boat buyers can search the store’s website for the vessel they are interested in, then follow easy-to-follow steps, including defining the payment structure, submitting a credit application, and downloading documentation. . The platform’s revolutionary FinTech engine enables a true online transaction, easily and accurately, for what was previously considered a complex purchase.

About digital motors

Digital Motors Corporation is an automotive financial technology and retail (FinTech) platform that provides complete e-commerce solutions in the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., The company’s revolutionary technology addresses the growing needs of dealers, dealer groups, auto lenders and automakers to provide their customers with an end-to-end secure online buying and financing journey. at the end. For more information or to request a demo, visit

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]]> 0 How SocialGood offers 100% crypto cashback on online purchases Mon, 04 Oct 2021 15:31:34 +0000

Key points to remember

  • The SocialGood mobile app will allow users to receive up to 100% crypto cash back rewards on online purchases.
  • The project is an effort to reduce wealth inequalities by providing everyday buyers with access to crypto assets.
  • The project’s native token aims to turn buyers into investors.

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SocialGood tackles wealth inequalities by allowing buyers to earn crypto assets from their online purchases.

Mobile App Offers Crypto Cashback Rewards

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, e-commerce transformed retail consumption by providing a way for people to purchase goods over the Internet. E-commerce has exploded with the mass adoption of the Internet, forever changing retailing. As companies adapted their business models to respond to the online boom, many introduced cashback offers to reward customers.

Today, it is common for retailers to offer cashback as a marketing strategy to attract online shoppers. According to the Global Cashback Report 2020, the global cashback market was worth 108 billion dollars in 2020, with more than 450 companies identified as industry leaders. By working with affiliate merchants and deploying a variety of techniques, cashback companies offer competitive rewards for retail transactions to incentivize spending.

In recent years, the rise of Bitcoin and tokenized assets has made the cashback vertical ripe for disruption. In the cashback market, blockchain-based loyalty networks are gaining popularity with end consumers. One of the most notable projects operating in this space is SocialGood, an app that allows users to accumulate crypto assets simply by purchasing using the app on various portals.


SocialGood is a mobile crypto cashback application.

It was started by the Social Good Foundation of Japan with the aim of solving the growing problem of economic inequalities in the world. It introduces a new system that allows consumers to acquire crypto assets while shopping online.

The app, available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, allows users to shop at a variety of leading e-commerce stores like eBay, Lazada, Best Buy, AliExpress, Zalora, Myntra, etc. . Users are offered 100% cashback on their online purchases in the form of SocialGood (SG) token rewards up to a value of $ 10,000 per transaction.

SocialGood’s model differs from most other cashback companies out there. Where SocialGood returns 100% cashback, competitors typically offer between 1 and 3%. Additionally, SocialGood distributes rewards within 30 days, while other businesses can take up to three months to pay users.

Source: Social good

The SocialGood token can currently be traded on the Bittrex and Bitmart cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as the popular automated market maker Uniswap. Exchanges allow users to trade SGs for fiat currencies, stablecoins, or crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum (since Uniswap is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum, it does not support fiat currencies or Bitcoin).

Data from SocialGood shows that 270,000 users from over 160 countries had registered with the app as of July 2021. The annual growth rate of users exceeds 185%.

In addition to offering cash back rewards, the project distributes tokens through retail partners in exchange for affiliate marketing and commission agreements with the retail partners.

Source: Social good

SocialGood Network Effect

SocialGood occupies a unique position compared to other global cashback players. Few other cashback companies have their own native token. With continued adoption, the SG token could see increased utility in the ecommerce space.

By offering 100% cash back, retail shoppers are incentivized to keep the full value of their online purchases in crypto tokens, which could drive demand for the app and its token. This model could help SocialGood grow exponentially as the network effect grows stronger.

Source: Social good

In the long run, wider adoption of SocialGood and the SG token could increase the value of the network. In crypto, there is often a direct correlation between the number of token holders and the token’s market cap. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most valuable cryptocurrencies, have the most wallets in the entire crypto market.

At the time of writing, SG is current price at $ 1.50, which gives the project a market cap of $ 315 million. At the end of September 2021, SocialGood is offering 15% APY on SG token staking within the app, which should be another incentive for users to keep their rewards, reducing the selling pressure. SocialGood’s cashback model and token have the qualities of an asset, helping to turn consumers around the world into investors. The system is designed to have a limited number of tokens issued and incentives for long-term holding.

All in all, SocialGood is an innovative project that could be extremely disruptive for retail. It is the first of its kind to offer buyers 100% cash back on their purchases and could usher in major changes in the e-commerce space. By offering buyers significant economic incentives with its own native token, SocialGood is leveraging the benefits of cryptocurrency technology. As the space enters the mainstream, SocialGood is well positioned to achieve wider adoption in the years to come.

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Malaysian online store of plain canvas tote bags Sun, 03 Oct 2021 13:41:47 +0000

Tote bags are my perfect choice for running a quick run or spending the day at the mall, coffee shop, or a friend’s house. More often than not, these bags tend to have a minimalist design or a logo of a brand that had offered the bag for marketing reasons.

With designed tote bags being a standard for me, I was surprised to stumble upon a local Instagram business called NO DESIGNER HERE. He sells tote bags with, you guessed it, no designs.

What interested me more was how its founder found the company good enough to do it for almost 8 years. Who was behind?

Selling plain bags is just more sustainable

Besides just painting or creating artwork on regular canvases for sale, some artists have found that creating patterns on blank, practical objects like clothes or shoes can be a more lucrative business.

Amirah Azhari was a designer who painted custom designs on tote bags for sale to students at her university in 2013. She sourced the fabric bags wholesale from a local supplier and took orders from her customers who asked for personalized works of art. .

Business started to look bright and Amirah got serious in the hopes of continuing her full time. But creating personalized tote bags took time and didn’t bring in enough income for a steady income. So, she decided to sell the plain tote bags so that others could paint on their own designs.

A blank canvas / Image credit: NO DESIGNER HERE

“That’s where the name ‘NO DESIGNER HERE’ comes from. There is no designer here in my company, you have to be your own designer and paint your own tote bag, ”Amirah told Vulcan Post.

But the supply was not easy

Amirah is determined to produce the perfect tote bags for her customers, whether it’s the A4 or A3 sizes of the bag or the length of its handles. Other sellers she found often sold bags with short handles that make it difficult for tall or plus size customers to put on.

Although she wanted to sew each bag herself for quality control, the work was intensive and she struggled to keep up with demand. Finally, she decided to outsource the production of her bags.

Amirah would seek out the right materials for her products / Image Credit: NO DESIGNER HERE

However, finding reputable suppliers is another challenge. Finding a manufacturer of plain canvas tote bags was rare and expensive, she said. And while research could be done online, samples were needed to make sure they met Amirah’s product standards.

Amirah explained, “The samples are also very expensive. A sample for a simple tote bag can cost up to RM200 just to ship to Malaysia. And I need to have samples from different factories to compare them, so these can get very expensive. “

Keep conservatism

Still a student at the time, Amirah kept her budget low and started NO DESIGNER HERE with a capital of RM100, which also resulted in 30 pieces of tote bags. She would also remain cautious when it came to restocking her supplies from 500 to 1,000 pieces each time.

With his family as support, they often loaned him money to fund NO DESIGNER HERE. Amirah also explained that she had to borrow her sister’s credit card to pay vendors because online banking in 2014 was not as fast as we know it today.

A few years later, Amirah became more independent and took out business loans from various banking programs.

She also joined a free entrepreneur class run by the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs, which then introduced her to Kajang Prison.

The prisoners there were assigned to sewing 2 types of NO DESIGNER HERE tote bags and pencil cases from 2017 to 2021. The company would supply the materials while the prisoners sewed them into finished products.

His bags were sewn by prisoners in Penjara Kajang / Image credit: NO DESIGNER HERE

“Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they had to stop taking orders to make way for the production of PPE for local hospitals,” Amirah said. While the founder continues to look for a local tailor to produce the bags, NO DESIGNER HERE is currently sourcing from a manufacturer in China.

A canvas for practical use

Although Amirah’s business started with students as its primary customers, NO DESIGNER HERE now supplies its tote bags to print shops, small businesses, artists and hobbyists. The brand has even fulfilled orders for 4Fingers.

Individual customers bought the plain bags to hand paint their own designs while others used them for embroidery work, a recent trend during the MCO.

Some of the uses for her tote bags, as well as a design by Bart Simpson that she did in 2013 / Image Credit: NO DESIGNER HERE

NO DESIGNER HERE plain tote bags are priced between RM 7 and RM 9.80 per bag, but the prices can drop a lot when purchased in bulk. On average, Amirah reported that the company generates revenue of RM 10,000 per month.

In the long term, Amirah hopes her business will sell other cotton canvas products beyond bags. This year, it has already supplied cotton canvas to customers wishing to sew their own bags and accessories with this material.

“I’m also in the process of renaming my business, maybe changing my business name to start,” Amirah added.

– // –

We have written about many companies and startups with innovative solutions, services or products that target specific industries, so NO DESIGNER HERE has stood out with its simple and “unsexy” product that appeals to the general public.

Being a small business, it doesn’t seem like Amirah is aiming to become the supplier of plain tote bags, which makes sense as this is a company with seemingly very low barriers to entry. Its advantage is its use of social media for the brand, which allows it to market itself and reach its target market.

So far, it’s a strategy that works, and it has built up enough followers (14,000 on Instagram) to experiment and expand its product line in a way that remains aligned with its branding.

  • You can read more about NO DESIGNER HERE here.
  • You can read more about other Malaysian startups we’ve covered here..

Image Credit Featured: Amirah Azhari, Founder of NO DESIGNER HERE

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Walmart shoppers are outraged that the store is getting rid of the layaway Sat, 02 Oct 2021 15:52:06 +0000

We all know there is no more exciting shopping time than the holidays, but it is also the most expensive. According to the National Retail Federation, the average person in the United States spends around $ 1,000 during the holiday season, and most of us are looking for ways to cut those costs. Walmart, which is known for its low prices as is, has a long history of offering sales, programs, and policies that help customers get their money’s worth, especially during the holidays.

Over the past 18 months, the company has made some changes to accommodate new shoppers’ needs, from delivery programs to subscription services, and Walmart’s latest move has not been so well received by its customers. loyal clients. Read on to find out what Walmart is getting rid of that is set to change holiday shopping forever.

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Walmart officially ditched its traditional layaway service ahead of the 2021 holiday shopping season, replacing it with a new Buy It Now option through Affirm. The retailer is promoting this finance service as an “alternative to layaway”, so customers can pay over time and set whatever amount they want. According to Walmart, approved customers can fund their order over a period of three to 24 months, depending on the cost of the items. Only certain types of items are eligible, and they must range from $ 144 to $ 2,000 including tax.

“This past holiday season, we removed seasonal layaways from most of our stores with the exception of certain jewelry items in certain stores, and based on what we have learned, we are confident that our payment options provide the right solutions for our customers, ”Walmart said. in a report.

Portland, OR, USA - January 25, 2021: Affirm mobile app icon is visible on an iPhone.  Affirm, legally Affirm Holdings, Inc. is an American financial technology company based in San Francisco, California.

Unlike Walmart’s previous layaway service, Affirm includes a finance charge, which can be an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of between 10% and 30%, based on credit, making it a difficult option for many people who have no credit or who have bad credit. Others may also be ineligible if their bank is not connected to Affirm.

Walmart’s decision to ditch the layaway and replace it with Affirm’s payment plan has not been welcomed by all of its customers. “Tit’s a hard blow for working poorone reporter tweeted, garnering over 200 likes.Set apart is the way we get things when we don’t have credit. This is how parents buy clothes and gifts for their children or how people buy expensive items. If we had credit we wouldn’t need set apart. Walmart just destroyed the dreams of so many families. “

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Irvine, CA - January 10, 2020. Christmas merchandise offered for big discounts at Walmart after Christmas to remove seasonal inventory from store shelves.

Layaway had become a popular option for many families during the holiday season, helping people afford gifts, decorations and other holiday essentials during an expensive time of year. Now some customers are accusing Walmart of spoiling the holidays by getting rid of traditional service. “, kill christmas for SO MANY families who were dependent on the Christmas layaway who are not eligible for Affirm, “tweeted one user directly to Walmart’s official Twitter account.

Another spoke directly of his long experience with the layaway option, a payment option that dates back to the 1920s. “My parents must have used set apart a few times over the years when I was young. Sometimes we maybe not had Christmas presents under the tree without this free service, ”said the customer.

walmart layaway tv

At one point, Walmart offered year-round layaway services. But in 2006, the retailer decided to scrap the program altogether, citing “declining usage and rising costs.” Walmart then chose to bring the layaway back in 2011 for the holiday season, according to The New York Times, and customers have relied on the service for their vacation shopping ever since.

“Our client said if he had two extra paycheck cycles it would really help him.” Duncan Mac Naughton, the former director of merchandising and marketing for Walmart US, told the outlet at the time. “It just tells us that the customer is still struggling, as they share their concerns with us about energy prices, housing prices, job security, that unemployment rate of 9, 2% tells us this is a fragile economy and the customer needs our help. ” By comparison, the unemployment rate is now 5.2%, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, but of course, it’s been a tough financial time for many.

When our 6 kids were little we didn’t have a lot of money and it was hard to save, I would make a Walmart set apart every year for Christmas because it was easier to make payments than to save. Now Walmart uses a lender who will charge up to 30 !!% interest. Shame on them “, another customer wrote on twitter.

Better life contacted Walmart for a response to the customer’s reaction, but did not immediately hear back.

RELATED: 29 Amazing Walmart Shopping Tips Only Employees Know.

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“SabseSasta, SabseAcha” online store Marvans Mobile Restart to deliver happiness and your favorite iPhone »News Live TV» Business Sat, 02 Oct 2021 07:49:30 +0000

Marvans Mobile, an Apple-exclusive electronics store based in Vadodara, has set up an e-commerce store to build brand awareness and serve customers across the country, helping them purchase desired Apple products at an affordable price. They have received tremendous love and an overwhelming response from customers across the country. Marvans has been able to meet the expectations of many customers.

But, due to logistical challenges and issues with the delivery partner during the pandemic period, the e-commerce store was unable to ensure delivery of the promised services to every customer on time.

They have carefully inspected the difficulties faced by their customers and come up with a strategy to improve their e-commerce experience. With increasing consumption
expectations, Marvans saw its logistics as a catalyst for consumer satisfaction. Marvans is relaunching its e-commerce store with the goal of delivering an exceptional customer experience and creating a competitive divide starting in the first week of October. With a promise of the best price and a guarantee of hassle-free ordering and 100% secure payment options, with the relaunch of their e-commerce, they ensure the shipment of products within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order. the order and on time. delivery of intact packages, so that their customers
can continue shopping with ease and confidence.

The commitment to selling iPhones at the most affordable prices is what sets Marvans apart from a class. Wahid Badami, the founder of Marvans, has managed to gain the trust of buyers across the country. Wahid Badami founded Marvans with one goal in mind which is to provide dreamers with high quality Apple products, at competitive costs and
guarantee satisfaction. Marvans is your one stop shop for anything and everything Apple.

The offline store serves shoppers from across the state as well as other states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala. With unique marketing campaigns and trustworthy services, Marvans has built its reputation in the market. With a team of sales and fulfillment professionals, they provide every individual with reliable service and luxurious Apple products. With their wide range of Apple products and exceptional service, they are everything your heart desires.

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Survey: Online shoppers want to view products, don’t use AR Fri, 01 Oct 2021 16:53:14 +0000

Less than one in three American online consumers have used a virtual trial / augmented reality (AR) feature.

According to the Zakeke personalization platform’s “Consumer Shopping and Customize” report, 71% of American adults surveyed who have shopped online in the past year say they have never used virtual trial features. / RA when shopping online. Younger consumers are more likely to use these features: 33% of respondents aged 35 to 54 have done so, compared to just 15% of respondents aged 55 and over.

However, 41% of all respondents, including 46% of respondents aged 18 to 34, want a personalized shopping experience. For products where consumers want a personalized experience, clothing (30%), footwear (30%), household items (25%) and furniture (19%) were the most popular categories. popular. As for the kind of personalization options consumers are looking for:

  • 36% of respondents want to see other products they might like based on the articles they have viewed.
  • 32% of people questioned want the possibility of personalizing their purchase.
  • 29% of respondents want to see other items often purchased with the product they are currently viewing

Additionally, clothing (35%), footwear (34%), and household furniture (29%) were the product categories that respondents had to view / interact with the most before purchasing online. The response for furniture includes one in six respondents over 35 years of age.

Recent research from Accenture indicates that retailers redouble their efforts to create online environments that increasingly resemble the physical world. Data from the Accenture Business Futures report reveals that nine in ten senior executives surveyed from retail and consumer goods companies said they are investing in technology to create virtual environments and plan to invest more, and 73% said virtual environments will primarily improve our interactions and experiences in physical environments.

Currently, Accenture estimates that 1% of retailers are using augmented and virtual reality technologies to improve the customer experience; raising that figure to 2% could translate into additional sales growth estimated at $ 66 billion. Analysis of Accenture’s patents indicates that, among published patents, the share of those mentioning augmented or virtual reality has increased by 277% over the past five years.

“We know that more and more people are turning to online shopping – it’s convenient, the options are endless, and with the right technology, consumers can have an almost identical experience of shopping in a physical location,” it is therefore surprising that most consumers do not use these tools, ”said Angelo Coletta, CEO of Zakeke. “One respondent noted that if they buy something online, they go to the physical store to try / interact with it and then go home to buy the product online. This should be a wake-up call to retailers that something needs to change. To drive sales, increase repeat visits, and build customer loyalty, retailers need to invest in the right kind of technology that is easy to use for both the retailer and the consumer.

YouGov Plc. was commissioned by Zakeke to survey 1,127 American adults aged 18 and over who have shopped online in the past year.

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