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The auto finance business provides a necessary service – transportation. According to CNBC, the emergence of COVID-19 has increased demands for personal transportation. The purchase of used cars compared to before the pandemic has skyrocketed.

According to WardsAuto, stimulus checks and unemployment benefits are commonly used to purchase a used car. This has positively affected students and auto finance companies.

In an email to The Courier, Inske Zandvliet, professor of economics at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus, said the demand for used cars is higher due to COVID-19. “People want to avoid traveling on public transport, so they buy cars,” she said. “This leads to the second reason – a new car is a bigger purchase. As the economy is now uncertain, in terms of employment, many people choose to buy a used car because it is not so bad. Dear.

Stimulus checks and unemployment benefits have helped not only essential workers, but students as well. Alora White, a student at Dallas College, has been fired from her job due to the pandemic. “I had to apply for unemployment and in doing so I bought a used car,” she said.

White said before the pandemic she had to rely on public transportation. “I’m much happier to have a car,” White said. “I don’t have to worry about the possibility of getting infected and I can get to where I need it without worry.”

Due to the sudden demand for used cars, auto finance companies such as Vehicle Solutions Corp have profited, according to CNBC Evolve.

VSC is a Miami-based indirect auto finance company with a satellite site in Arlington. Jorge Hernandez, risk analyst for VSC, said dealers submit contracts and VSC reviews them when deciding whether to fund and manage a loan.

When the pandemic began to hit the United States in March 2020, VSC tightened its underwriting guidelines, meaning it funded fewer, but better, loans than before. This change resulted in a decrease in the number of loans recorded.

“Initially, when we cut funding, our projections showed an equal decline in company revenue,” Hernandez said. “However, what we initially thought could be catastrophic for a company of our size has actually been a stabilizing force.”

The company has remained stable and has exceeded expectations in terms of performance based on projections made by Hernandez.

David Ricci, the company’s repossession manager, said his workload remained stable. “I expected to have to repo a lot more cars at the start,” said Ricci. “But over time, collections teams ended up keeping clients up to date or making payment arrangements so they weren’t picked up.” This meant that payments for used cars were paid in full and on time.

Because used cars sold better, there was a demand for them. “The subprime market was pretty strong, so the cars that we repo sold for a good amount,” Ricci said. The proceeds from sales made it possible to offset losses linked to the reduction in financing. Customers were able to successfully pay and buy their vehicles, especially used cars, thanks to stimulus checks and unemployment benefits.

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The Salt Lick Denver launches DIY concert series Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:26 +0000

When the members of Salt Lick Denver moved into their new dig, the plumbing conditions at the time helped them come up with a name for the space and their online concert series: Songs From the Pond.

“We decided to call it the pond because unfortunately it was a bit of a pond at the time,” says founding member Jason Edelstein.

Edelstein, who is also the collective’s cinematographer, editor and marketing manager, said the Salt Lick Denver came into being last summer and has so far hosted three groups – Mad Wallace, Immigrant’s Child and Bear and the Beasts – in his studio and craft space. , located in the basement of a Denver home.

“Being a musician myself, I had noticed that there was so much talent and diversity in the music scene here,” says Edelstein. “I wanted to create a collective to take all the different bands in the music scene and sort of put them under one name.”

Edelstein considers the collective’s performances to be online concert series such as Small office concerts of the national public radio. The Salt Lick Denver does not book concerts based on the genre, although most bands fall under the general umbrella of indie rock. The collective is already receiving requests from foreign groups, but is currently focusing only on locals.

“The Denver scene already has a lot of attention and a lot of national attention right now for jamming groups and electronic music,” said Edelstein. “We step away from that and show that there is a different side to the Denver scene that people outside of Denver don’t know about.”

The Salt Lick broadcasts its concerts on its Youtube channel, in an attempt to leverage some of the site’s algorithms to give the Denver bands greater national reach.

“All of the bands that are part of Songs From the Pond benefit from each other’s success,” says Edelstein. “The idea behind this is that anytime you have a large audience watching one of our Songs From the Pond videos, they’re going to see all the other sessions we’ve done with other bands.”

The collective includes Edelstein, sound engineer Chris Voss, set designer Andrea Hoang, talent scout Maya Bennett and audiovisual production assistant John Baldwin. Edelstein says that all the members are musicians and that at some point they would like to include whole groups in their ranks. So far, they are only five.

“Right now we’re focused on creating Songs From the Pond,” he says. “We try to support any band that we have hosted … so every time they release an album or have new news, we will try to support them through that. In turn, they have really supported us. too. ”

As for the pond, Edelstein says, Hoang painted a mural on the walls with a frog as the centerpiece and images of beans and squash and other random, trippy details in an effort to beautify the space and give it more charm than an average basement.

“The frog actually glows in the dark,” he says. “Andrea scoured Facebook Marketplace and antique stores for different and unique decorations for the space, so even though it’s a basement, it still looks like a really creative space. ”

A centerpiece of the decor is a mannequin the group sourced from a local antique store after a bit of haggling with the owner, as the item wasn’t actually for sale. (Fifty dollars did the trick.) Groups can dress the model however they want, including in their own merch. There are a few limitations, however.

“She’s very tall and she has a very wide and powerful stance,” Edelstein says, “so she can’t wear pants. She can only wear dresses and, like, maybe cuts, but that’s so that’s nice a lot of people have tried to put pants on him, and the pants don’t work.

Edelstein says that once he’s sure he does, the Salt Lick Denver wants to go upstairs and start putting on outdoor shows, as well as a series of videos of Denverites cooking home-cooked meals. He says a lot of cooking is already done in the house. A Songs by the pond The podcast is currently in the works and will include interviews with groups performing in the basement space.

The sound quality and videography of the concerts are pretty good, and the band are currently planning one show per month so that they can put enough energy into each production to make it shine. Getting good sound in a basement is no small challenge, and Voss spends a lot of time adjusting the levels to get the perfect sound. Video production is also of high quality and a little editing is required for each. They finally want to host a group every two weeks. Everything is currently slowing down because of COVID-19[female[feminine.

The Salt Lick Denver is also looking for a way to include a small audience in the tight basement space for future concerts, in order to give a much needed charm to performances that may be lacking in the live broadcast.

“I like the idea that a crowd is also part of the art,” he says. “This interaction between the audience and the group really generates a lot of energy for the group. It’s part of what makes going to a concert really fun.

Salt Lick Denver currently broadcasts a new show live on the first of each month. To watch past shows, visit the Salt Lick Denver website.

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How Paul Manafort’s suits and ostrich jacket became a centerpiece of his trial Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:15 +0000

Racked no longer publishes. Thanks to everyone who has read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head to, where our staff cover consumer culture to Goods by Vox. You can also see what we are doing register here.

On Wednesday evening, the public got a peek at former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. much discussed wardrobe, which was an eye-catching element of the first try in special advice Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia. The office of the special advocate released Pictures of Manafort’s many expensive clothing purchases – nubby gray suits, silky striped suits, blue checked suits and more “casual” jackets in brown python and black ostrich leather – which He claims Manafort paid with laundered money.

The lawsuit, which began on Tuesday, deals with the allegation that Manafort made millions of dollars working for the Ukrainian government, filtered money through offshore shell companies without reporting it to the U.S. government or paying tax. on income, then proceeded to spend approximately $ 30 million on real estate, landscaping, fancy rugs and clothing from luxury boutiques in the United States. On top of that, Mueller accused Manafort of fraudulently attempting to obtain bank loans.

Employees of upscale clothing stores House of Bijan and Alan Couture testified in court on the second day of the trial. Manafort’s extravagant wardrobe featured prominently in his case, as it offers proof that he secretly transferred money from offshore bank accounts to vendors in the United States. Clothing can also be turned into weapons to play our critical side.

In the same way that we like to skewer politicians for buying expensive clothes (proof, apparently, that they are deeply disconnected with the concerns of ordinary citizens) – or to wear anything that is noticeably impractical, as with Melania Trump’s stilettos – the prosecution scrolls through the property of Manafort to present him as “a man driven by greed”, in the words of the New York Times.

Judge TS Ellis III didn’t let prosecutors show jurors all of Manafort’s big buys. “We don’t condemn people for having a lot of money and throwing it all over the place,” he said.

However, the photos of Manafort’s clothes had their effect. Journalists on Twitter immediately clung to them as a point of interest and a source of comedy.

While it’s easy to get carried away by the thought of spending half a million dollars on clothes in six years – the dream, some would say! – it is not the contents of Manafort’s cupboard that is important in this trial. It’s the question of where it comes from.

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:38:03 +0000

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you click on a link and purchase something that we have recommended. Please check our disclosure policy for more details.

Halloween is over and it’s already time to think about the holiday season. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I understand. I’m not ready for music or decorating the tree, and I certainly haven’t considered all the gifts I need to buy for people yet.

However, one thing I really enjoy is shopping for gifts. From a young age I have also enjoyed IT and tech a lot, which means this blog is one of my favorite assignments of the year, so buckle up!

The gifts are in various categories and at a few different prices. This guide should give you some ideas, whether you’re a longtime tech or just shopping for someone who is. Before we get started, let’s go over some tips on the best time to buy.

Do not rush

It is important not to go out tomorrow and buy all the things. Chances are there are plenty of retailers with some of the best deals around Black Friday and through Cyber ​​Monday.

Online retailers like Amazon are doing more to try and take some of that spirit off physical stores during Black Friday in recent years. Meanwhile, retailers like Target and Walmart are also trying to capitalize on the excitement of Cyber ​​Monday.

With that in mind, feel free to wait a bit and see if you can get the best deal possible. The best time to purchase certain items may indeed be after Black Friday. Retailers may discount items to get rid of excess inventory. If the item is popular enough, it’s important to note that this strategy could backfire on you.

And with that, let’s move on to gadgets and gadgets.

Home theater

Home theater is a big category for home technology. There are TVs, speaker systems, and streaming media players to watch.

Best TV for the Money

You can get a good cheap 1080p TV these days. The tech guy on your list is going to want the latest and greatest, but you don’t have to break the bank.

VIZIO makes extremely high quality electronics at an affordable price. It won’t be the last time you’ll see them in this roundup. You can get a 50 ” 4K TV with high dynamic range (HDR) for less than $ 600.

For context, 4K improves picture clarity because it is double the resolution of a standard 1080p HDTV. HDR increases the spectrum of the color gamut that can be displayed by your TV so that you get the deepest black and the whitest white.

You will lose some pop, but you can also get a 4K display without HDR for about $ 100 less.


When it comes to home theater, you don’t want to use the TV speakers. They just don’t produce a sound deep enough to really immerse you in the experience. With that in mind, one thing to consider is sound bars and speaker systems.

In this area, VIZIO sells a large soundbar and subwoofer pack for $ 150. For $ 80 more, speakers can be added behind the viewer for a more three-dimensional sound experience.

Media players

When it comes to streaming media players, there are four big competitors in the market.

The current option that I would recommend is the Apple TV 4K. It’s a bit more expensive than the other options I’m going to talk about, but the good thing here is that if you have existing HD content from iTunes or a previous Apple TV, you automatically get the 4K version of the content when. ‘it becomes available at no additional cost. This is not the case for many other services.

It starts at $ 179, with $ 20 more for a version with more storage capacity. This one also has extensive gaming capability and can also function as a hub for your smart home devices.

Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon fire all of them have 4K streaming dongles for around $ 70. For an additional $ 5, Amazon is currently offering an HD antenna, so you can get your local channels in high definition if you’re a cable cutter.

Voice assistants

We don’t have a lot of technologies referenced in Iron Man, but one area where we could be very close is that of its voice assistant JARVIS.

The Amazon Echo is one that I have had personal experience with, so I’ll start there. I use voice commands to turn lights on and off via smart plugs connected. In this area, they have also released updated versions that can serve as their own hub for supported devices, so you don’t need to have a separate connector. It allows me to control radio and music streaming with just my voice. I can control my Fire TV Stick. I can ask the Echo all kinds of questions, including weather and sports scores. More recently, I connected two of these devices to an intercom system so that I could call between rooms.

That’s not to say the Echo is the only game in town. The Google home offers a very similar set of features. Apple is also entering this arena in December with its HomePod.

The HomePod maybe to watch. It uses its directional microphones to determine the audio environment in the room it is in to give you the best possible audio experience. It is also the only speaker / voice assistant option that supports Apple Music. That said, the audio calibration features mean there is a price jump. At $ 349, the starting price is $ 200 more than its closest competitor.

Video games

When it comes to video games, I’m going to touch on virtual reality becoming a reality for consumers, as well as the all new home console hardware.

Virtual reality

The newest and best video game at the moment is virtual reality. It offers the most immersive experience by putting you right in the game. That said, it’s important to note that the newer and better sometimes come at a steep price.

One of the cheapest entry points into this arena may be a PlayStation VR. However, you are considering a minimum of $ 350 for required VR accessories and $ 250 for a PlayStation 4.

HTC Vive VR costs $ 599, but it currently requires a PC that is powerful enough to handle some of the processing load, and these don’t come cheap. The Oculus Rift is only $ 399, but you also need a compatible PC. Finally, the Samsung Gear VR costs $ 130, but requires a compatible Samsung smartphone.

Living room consoles

Players tend to organize themselves into tribes. You are a Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox gamer and that’s it. I would advise anyone looking to buy a console or games for their friends or loved ones to be very aware of which side of the triangle this particular person falls. That said, my analysis of the offerings from each of these companies will be purely from a technical and usability standpoint.

In addition to beloved characters like Zelda and Mario, Nintendo has a very compelling console offering in the switch. The console offers several styles of controllers and can be installed at home or taken on the road. With enough controllers, up to eight people can play together in the same room in addition to the online multiplayer options. It also has some of the motion control options made popular by its Wii predecessors. The Switch costs $ 399.

For the same price, Sony offers its top of the range Playstation 4 pro. The console offers 4K playback with HDR for Blu-rays and multimedia content as well as the same features for games if the developers choose to integrate them.

From a purely technical standpoint, the Xbox One X beats the competition in terms of power, but from a practical standpoint, it offers the same 4K HDR features as the PS4 Pro. It really depends on what the person you’re buying for prefers to play for.

Tablets and phones

A lot of these are bought during the holidays, so I feel like I have to say something about it here, but it is important to note that it depends a lot on your personal preferences and, more and more, on the size. of your budget.

For people who have iPhones, there are two new options this holiday season. The iPhone 8 has a really nice front camera that can do cool things like filters on the fly. There is also wireless charging. Then there is the iPhone X. It has all the features of 8 plus Face ID and the ability to use a range of cameras to do really cool things like animated emojis. (It’s something better seen than described.) There are also some interesting apps with augmented reality. This is the first iPhone with an OLED screen, allowing more realistic colors. However, the iPhone X will set you back at least $ 1,000.

On the Android side, there are plenty of great options for phones at all price points. However, two phone options that really push the boundaries of what can be done with Google’s smartphone platform are Samsung’s Galaxy range and the Pixel Phones supported by Google. You may be able to pay for the phone on a monthly basis through your carrier.

In many cases, tablets look like their phone counterparts with larger screens and no call capability. In many cases, you may be able to get them cheaper than a phone.

If you mostly read on tablets, you might want to take a look at the new kindle devices. E-ink screens are not dazzling, even in direct sunlight, and they are also easier on the eyes.

Geek Culture

It’s not strictly tech, but a lot of people who are into tech are also fans of comics, sci-fi, and all kinds of other cool stuff. If you’re just looking to find someone who takes pride in calling themselves a pop culture geek something they’ll truly appreciate, check out services like Loot crate and My geek box.

You can get them at a number of prices ranging from $ 15 to around $ 50. You can choose to get random cool items or items based on the theme you choose. It could be anything from Harry Potter and Marvel to Star Wars and even WWE. You can choose to get one or send a monthly subscription.

We’ve looked at many different gift options, but we’ve included a list of our favorites below:

Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

  1. 50-inch VIZIO 2160p Class 4K Smart TV with HDR
  2. Amazon Echo
  3. Wireless speaker systems
  4. Loot crate
  5. Game consoles
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Biden “hopes to cancel $ 50,000 in student debt for ALL Americans” as he “asks Education Sec if it is legal to write off loans” Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:46 +0000

PRESIDENT Joe Biden asked his Education Secretary if he had the authority to write off up to $ 50,000 in student loan debt for borrowers.

Biden, who had previously hesitated over proposals to write off student debt for millions of Americans, would now consider it.


Joe Biden asked his education secretary if he could write off student debtCredit: AFP
Ron Klain discussed the loan cancellation plan on Thursday


Ron Klain discussed the loan cancellation plan on ThursdayCredit: AFP

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff says Politico Thursday that they hope to be able to move forward on the issue of student loans in the coming weeks.

“I hope we will see [an answer] in the next few weeks, ”Klain said. “And then he’ll look at the legal authority, he’ll look at the policy issues around it, and he’ll make a decision. “

During the campaign, Biden suggested he was willing to forgive $ 10,000 per borrower in student loan debt, but more progressive Democrats in his party are pushing to increase that forgiveness to $ 50,000.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki spoke about the student debt cancellation plan during a briefing on Tuesday.

President urged by Progressive Democrats to waive student debt


President urged by Progressive Democrats to waive student debtCredit: AFP

“We’re always taking a closer look… our student loan options,” she said.

“This includes examining the authorities at our disposal, existing loan cancellation programs that are clearly not working as well as they should.

“This includes the borrower’s defense, total and permanent disability costs. There are a lot of steps that we are looking at, and we will continue to look at them and be in touch, of course, with [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer about our process. “

Sen Schumer, from New York, is one of the prominent Democrats supporting the forgiveness of $ 50,000 in student debt.

Other progressive Dems like Sen Elizabeth Warren and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also urged Biden to move forward with the loan cancellation.

It is still unclear at this time whether the president has the power to write off student debt – which currently stands at around $ 1.7 trillion for more than 44 million borrowers, according to CNBC.

If $ 50,000 is forgiven, all debt would be written off for 80% of federal borrowers and the nation’s student loan debt would be reduced to $ 700 billion.

If $ 10,000 is wiped out, a third of borrowers would see their balances disappear and debt would drop from $ 1.7 billion to $ 1.3 trillion.

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Democrats block stimulus bill as talks block: congressional update Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:37:23 +0000

U.S. Senators met on Sunday to finalize a bipartisan bill worth more than $ 1,000 billion to help ease the economic blow from the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic leader in the Senate Chuck schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi say they want to add more worker-focused provisions to bill released late last week by Senate Majority Leader Mitch mcconnell. secretary of the treasury Steven mnuchin represented the Trump administration in the talks.

Here are the latest developments:

Democrats Block Stimulus Bill As Talks End (6:42 PM)

Democrats on Sunday blocked a Senate procedural vote to advance the coronavirus economic bailout after leaders in Congress disagreed on how to spend nearly $ 2 trillion. This complicates McConnell’s plan for the Senate to pass the bill on Monday.

Both sides want immediate and widespread relief for an economy ravaged by the coronavirus. But they continue to differ on key sections, including part of the $ 500 billion bill that could be used to help businesses, including airlines, or state and local governments.

House tenant Nancy Pelosi left a meeting in McConnell’s office earlier Sunday saying they didn’t have a deal and the House would draft its own package – a move that could add days of partisan wrangling.

Pelosi says House is finalizing the counterproposal (4:38 p.m.)

The Democratic president has said the House is finalizing its version of the next round of fiscal stimulus, even as Republican and Democratic senators attempt to resolve disputes over the Senate bill.

“There is currently a big difference between the workers ‘and families’ liability law and what the Republicans in the Senate are proposing,” Pelosi said in a letter to his colleagues.

If the House does not pass the same version of the legislation passed in the Senate, it will take longer for the bill to reach the President. Donald trump for his signature. Negotiations in the Senate continue as McConnell would need Democrat support to pass his bill.

McConnell Delays Procedural Stimulus Voting (3:03 p.m.)

McConnell postponed a procedural vote on the stimulus bill amid objections from Democrats that the GOP bill ignored some of their key demands.

Democrats have threatened to vote against moving the bill forward unless they can reach agreement on several provisions. The vote was scheduled to take place around 3 p.m. and McConnell postponed it until 6 p.m.

Democrats slam GOP bailout of ‘business cronies’ (2:33 p.m.)

Senate Democrats say the current version of the stimulus bill is lacking when it comes to funds for state and local governments, expanded emergency leave provisions, support for the treatment of the uninsured and l student loan relief, according to a person familiar with their objections.

Democrats also want the bill to strengthen unemployment insurance for more than three months, protect people from eviction or foreclosure, and send direct payments to all Americans, even those who haven’t produced. of tax returns in 2018 and 2019.

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown compared the GOP proposal to the 2008 bailout that gave “Wall Street a blank check with taxpayer money.” Still, he said he would continue to negotiate with his fellow Republicans.

“We need to bring real relief to workers and hold companies to account,” Brown said in a statement. “This means there is no bailout without investing in the dignity of work.”

Democrat of Maryland Chris Van Hollen said the current version of the stimulus bill amounts to a bailout for “big business buddies at everyone else’s expense.”

Democrats’ GOP Stimulus Offer, Own Bill Plan (14:09 ET)

Pelosi and Senate Democrats have said the current version of the virus stimulus bill does not go far enough to address their concerns, casting doubt on McConnell’s schedule for a Senate vote on Monday.

Sen. Illinis Dick Durbin, a member of the Democratic leadership, said Senate Republicans were wrong to say they would move on to drafting legislative language before Democrats approved.

Among other hurdles, Durbin and Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, said the Republicans’ supply did not allow for a sufficient increase in health care resources, such as increasing hospital capacity.

“We have to have a healthcare component big enough to help our hospitals,” Stabenow told the reporter. “What we have seen so far is not.”

GOP sees deal in sight with details in Flux (12:57 ET)

Republican leaders hope they can resolve outstanding issues on the virus-fighting package by Sunday afternoon, as they have an agreement on total spending levels for certain provisions, according to two people familiar with the negotiations.

Republicans have accepted Democrats’ demand to strengthen unemployment insurance and provide more aid to states, the people said.

Lawmakers are still debating how to characterize small business loans that would be canceled if companies withheld most of their workforce, essentially turning them into grants, people said.

McConnell Says Virus Stimulation Agreement Near (12:42 ET)

McConnell said Republican and Democratic negotiators were close to reaching a deal on the massive stimulus package he still planned to put to a vote in the Senate on Monday.

“I have no doubts that we will come to a yes,” said McConnell. “Make no mistake, we’ll vote tomorrow.

The Republican leader said the most recent version of the bill had the support of “grassroots” Democrats who helped negotiate specific provisions.

When asked if the Democratic-led House would introduce a different version, McConnell said it “would be better for the country” for the House to pass the Senate version it expects to pass on Monday.

Pelosi says there is no agreement on virus stimulation bill yet (12:19 ET)

Pelosi said there is still no bipartisan deal and that House Democrats plan to come up with their own version of the stimulus package. She said the Senate was leading talks now because McConnell had set a goal of voting by Monday.

“We are going to present our own bill and I hope it will be consistent with what they discussed in the Senate,” Pelosi said.

McConnell will speak to reporters on Capitol Hill.

Biparty Leaders Meet on Stimulus Disputes (11:34 ET)

Democratic leaders Schumer and Pelosi meet with McConnell and Mnuchin on Capitol Hill to try to resolve disagreements over the fiscal stimulus plan.

“We need a bill that puts workers first, not businesses,” Schumer said on his way to McConnell’s office.

Democratic senators will also meet at 1 p.m. in Washington to discuss the most recent version of the legislation, according to a Democratic aide.

Democrats ask for limits on companies that get loans (10:31 ET)

On Sunday, Democrats continued to demand more specific terms for companies receiving loans as part of the stimulus package.

A draft GOP bill says companies that receive loans should keep their employees “to the extent possible,” but Democrats want to change this provision to only offer a loan forgiveness if at least 90% of the workforce is retained, according to a familiar person. with negotiations.

Democrats have challenged the Treasury Secretary’s discretion over money going to businesses, including businesses that receive funds, the person said. Mnuchin would also have the option of lifting restrictions on share buybacks under the Republican proposal, the person said.

Democrats also want a more than two-year restriction on executive salary increases for companies that receive federal loans, the person said.

Mnuchin Sees Package on Track for Monday Passage (09:53 EDT)

secretary of the treasury Steven mnuchin said the Trump administration was on the verge of agreeing with congressional leaders from both sides on a massive aid package to support the U.S. economy over the next 10 to 12 weeks.

“I hope it gets passed on Monday because we need the money now,” he told Fox News Sunday.

Mnuchin said lawmakers were likely to wrap up talks on the package on Sunday and vote on Monday morning.

The Senate meets for revival negotiations

Key Republican and Democratic leaders will meet at 11 a.m. in Washington on Sunday to discuss the latest version of the massive stimulus package that members of both parties say is needed to support the economy.

Key provisions include direct payments to U.S. households, more generous unemployment insurance, loans to help small businesses cope with payrolls and loans, and loan guarantees for hardest-hit industries, including including airlines and hospitals.

The Senate will hold a procedural vote in the afternoon that will set up a final vote on the bill as of Monday. The House is still expected to pass the measure before sending it to the President Donald trump for his signature.

Catching up on the Washington virus response

  • Trump, congressional leaders say virus boosting deal made
  • Mnuchin sees emergency aid package on track for Monday’s passage
  • House Democrats want team Trump’s answers on supply shortages
  • Trump pushes unproven coronavirus drug, patients stock up
  • The Fed is doing everything to save the economy. Here’s what might come next

–With the help of Christophe condon, Nancy Ognanovich, Laura Litvan, Jack fitzpatrick, Steven T. Dennis, Jennifer jacobs and Colin Guillaume.

To contact journalists on this story:
Daniel Flatley in Washington at;
Jack fitzpatrick in Washington, DC at;
Billy House in Washington at

To contact the editors responsible for this story:
Kevin whitelaw at

Joe Sobczyk, Ros Krasny

© 2020 Bloomberg LP All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Time for Celtic to bring Marian Shved back – winger Rodgers didn’t even want to Thu, 08 Apr 2021 02:36:55 +0000

When it comes to newcomers to Celtic this summer, Marian Shved could prove to be just as useful as one.

Shved spent the campaign on loan with Belgian club KV Mechelen. It was for him the roller coaster of a campaign. From being absolutely mutilated by his manager for a lack of attitude, to being considered for a permanent transfer. It is clear that he has finally managed to turn his career around, and the statistics show it.

When Shved arrived in Belgium, he had no impact. The young Ukrainian has made three substitute matches in his opening 15 matches. It was a shocking return from a loan player who had been sent off for the sole purpose of securing minutes. In his last 15 games, however, Shved has played in 12 of them and made himself a regular starter as well.

He has now managed a grand total of seven direct contributions to goals in 17 appearances for Mechelen [Transfermarkt]. Being effective on both sides, it is clear that he has a host of attributes.

Comments have surfaced today of Shved saying he doesn’t know where his future lies. [Daily Record]. He did, however, hint that he was ready to return to Celtic.

“Carl Starfelt at Celtic is a big possibility” | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

Shved represents something that we don’t necessarily have on the flanks. He’s got pace, candor, and a killer bullet to boot. Now that he finally seems to have changed his attitude, now is the perfect time to bring him back.

A new Celtic start for Marian Shved? Exactly what he needs

Celtic is on the cusp of a managerial change. Therefore, it goes without saying that a new beginning will be available for everyone. No one needs it more than Shved. Since signing in January 2019 after Brendan Rodgers admitted he didn’t need him [The Scotsman], he only had three Celtic appearances. He also scored for the club – against Nomme Kalju in the 2019/20 Champions League qualifiers.

The fact that he can occupy a position that has been a major issue for us – on the right wing, is also a boost. James Forrest has been injured for much of the season and Celtic have suffered from not having a replacement. Ryan Christie must have played there many times although it was not his natural position. If Shved had developed as we all would have hoped over the past couple of years, this could have been his big opportunity.

Marian Shved celebrates a goal on loan (Photo by JASPER JACOBS / BELGA MAG / AFP via Getty Images)

But since he’s back on track mentally and physically, it’s time to bring him back. It’s time to see what he has to offer the new manager. It’s time to see if it has grown as much as its shape suggests.

If it turns out to be successful, it covers up one of Celtic’s main weak spots on the right flank. He could even be a replacement for Mohamed Elyounoussi on the left flank, if he proves he is adaptable.

It doesn’t matter, it’s for later. So far, Celtic supporters are generally all for the former Karpaty Lviv star back in Glasgow. Here’s how fans reacted to the prospect of his return:

In other news, Celtic-linked Liam Shaw had to take a disappointing step to get a few minutes.

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Viewers Respond to Biden’s ‘America’s Rescue Plan’ Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:44 +0000

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – President-elect Joe Biden unveiled his $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus plan.

WANE 15 took to social media to get your thoughts on the plan. Some of you were encouraged by what you heard, some not.

To recap, Biden has announced plans to issue another round of stimulus checks. They would be $ 1,400 and most Americans would receive them.

Biden also set a goal of administering 100 million shots in his first 100 days and raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.

For weeks there were rumors that he was putting in place a student loan cancellation plan, but that did not happen. Although he mentioned teachers and education, Biden did not put educators higher on the list when it comes to getting the COVID vaccine.

WANE 15 reached out to students in the area to hear what they had to say. A University of Manchester student says the president-elect’s speech gave him hope for the future, but he is cautious.

“I was watching the whole thing and the only thing I just wanted to hear it mention was the students and I didn’t hear it,” said John Gallatin, a junior at Manchester University. “So I’m very disappointed with that, but I hope and have a feeling of optimism. Party policy is very controversial, but it works for the people.

Next Wednesday, Biden will be sworn in as president and is expected to publish more of his plan.

If you want to share your opinion, you can do so on the WANE 15 Facebook page.

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Insurer loans increase 7.8% in 2020 Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:42 +0000

SEOUL, Apr 02 (Yonhap) – Loans from insurance companies in South Korea increased 7.8% year-on-year, driven by increase in loans secured by real estate and business loans, the financial watchdog announced on Friday.

Outstanding loans from insurers stood at 253 trillion won ($ 224.4 billion) at the end of December, up from 234.7 trillion won the year before, according to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS).

Their loans to households increased by 2 trillion won year-on-year to 123.1 trillion won last year, as the expansion of mortgage-backed loans increased amid rising house prices. Mortgage loans from insurers increased from 3.2 trillion won to 47.2 trillion won.

Business loans stood at 129.7 trillion won at the end of December, up 16.3 trillion won from the previous year.

The loan default rate, which measures the proportion of loan principal or interest unpaid for at least one month, stood at 0.17 percent in 2020, down 0.09 percentage points from the previous year. ‘last year.

The default rate on loans to households fell 0.2 percentage point to 0.38%, while that of business loans stood at 0.08%, down 0.03 percentage point.

The NPL ratio stood at 0.15%, unchanged from three months earlier, the FSS said.

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Family of missing Amish girl ask public for prayers and information to help find her Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:40 +0000

The family of a missing Amish teenager is calling on God and the community to help them find her.

Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, has been missing for six days. She was last seen leaving a Sunday church service.

Her family set up a Facebook page to share updates on their research. On Saturday, they held a prayer gathering at Bird-in-Hand, where dozens of people participated in the worship service.

According to the latest post on Facebook, the family asked commenters to use wisdom when sharing information.

“At this point, various agencies are involved in continuing to research his whereabouts,” the post explains. “Search and rescue teams, detectives, the police department and even the FBI. If you have any first-hand knowledge or information that could be considered a lead, please notify the authorities immediately.

He continues, “You can continue to discuss your thoughts on the case. But please keep uninformed speculation to a minimum. We ask that the discussions on this page be respectful and uplifting to one another. We have and will continue to remove messages that are overly disrespectful, inconsiderate, or spreading false information. “

Stoltzfoos was last seen on a farm on Stumptown Road in Bird-in Hand on Sunday, wearing a beige dress, white apron and white cape, East Lampeter Township police said . She is approximately 5 feet, 10 inches and 125 pounds.


FBI join in search of Amish teenager missing since Sunday: police

18-year-old driver dies, passenger injured in Adams County crash

Woman shot dead in Harrisburg is in critical condition (police)

York County Jail official accused of pointing loaded gun at drunk neighbors

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