Consumers have a more positive experience when shopping online

Consumers are more satisfied with their experience when shopping online than in-store, according to data from NielsenIQ.

More than half (53%) of consumers said they felt positive about their experience in e-commerce stores since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 18% have a positive opinion of their in-store experience.

Instead, 42% have a negative opinion of their experience in physical stores, compared to just 9% for ecommerce.

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E-commerce has the greatest lead over in-store retailing among the “newly forced” consumers, those whose financial situations are deteriorating and who are consciously watching what they are spending now. More than half (54%) of this group report having had a positive online shopping experience, but only 16% say the same for in-store retail.

“Cautious lone” consumers are most positive about in-store and online retail. This group covers those who have had a limited impact on their financial situation but monitor what they spend more than before – a quarter (26%) had a positive opinion of their in-store shopping experience and 63% had a positive opinion of their e-business experience.

As e-commerce has grown rapidly, in-store retail must have a focus beyond shopping in order to connect with customers. Using physical space for content and social experiences could be an effective strategy. Linking this to an online sales strategy is also fundamental, as the two are not separate.

As a result, marketers will need to ensure brand consistency across their multiple sales channels. Rethinking the role of brand building in digital commerce will also be a major challenge.

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