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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The masks are coming off, and for many that means it’s time to “face” a familiar goal: to be our best.

For months it was Zoom front pajamas or face masks where your smile was rarely seen. But that is all about to change. The proof is in what we buy now

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“We are doing very well here in the store,” said Tania Miranda, Director of Top Line.

Top Line cosmetics and fashion customers are looking to break out of the COVID gloom and glam up again.

“People buy clothes and makeup,” Miranda said.

Sales of lipstick and other beauty products have plummeted during the pandemic, with people staying at home and covering themselves with masks. But now they are gearing up for a cosmetic comeback.

“We’re going to be restocking very soon, just because it’s going to be a big change starting next month,” Miranda said.

And buyers are looking to ditch their pandemic pajamas.

“We’ve seen an increase in clothing sales, so that’s a good sign,” Miranda said. “I feel like people are really starting to come out.”

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Whether it’s deodorants, teeth whiteners and razors, or condoms, major retailers are seeing a double-digit increase in sales of personal care items compared to the same time last year, when the best sellers were toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

“We’re coming out of hibernation and we really want to look good,” said relationship counseling expert Joey Garcia.

Garcia says it shows people are ready to come together: “We are thirsty to connect, we are human and this is how we are built.”

But even with a new look, some can still be a bit rusty when it comes to going out.

“Some people will come out of this time of the pandemic so eager to connect with others that they are going to get too strong and scare people,” Garcia said.

But nothing is scarier than the beast of the year and we just passed. Many believe that now is the time to focus on beauty.

“I feel like things are starting to get back to normal,” Miranda said.

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It’s not just fashion and beauty. The Wall Street Journal also said sales of alarm clocks had doubled as people now had to work. And luggage sales have increased by 400%.


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