DATTCO lends trainers for firefighter training

When a local fire department requested the use of two coaches for training, Connecticut transportation company DATTCO was happy to help.

“They wanted to do training on how to extract passengers who might encounter a medical emergency from inside the bus,” said Matt Maglio, DATTCO’s chief operating officer.

The Colchester Fire Department trains on two DATTCO coaches.

The company sent a double-decker bus and a double-decker bus with two drivers, who showed firefighters how to operate the cars’ features, including emergency windows.

“We showed them how the windows open and close so that if they needed to use them to get people in or out of the bus, they could,” Maglio said. “We showed them how the wheelchair lift works and how the doors are controlled. They wanted to see the basics of the engine, like the various components of the bus just in case there was a mechanical problem or there was a fire or something like that.

Mutually beneficial

This isn’t the first time the Colchester, Conn., fire department has asked DATTCO for vehicles and personnel. The company provides training support at no cost to the fire department. The time commitment by DATTCO was around 2-3 hours, excluding driving time of around 40 minutes each way.

Maglio describes the training as mutually beneficial.

“If there’s an emergency they know how to make everything work and then they won’t have to break the window to get people out or use a lever to open the luggage compartment if they know how it works. “, said Maglio.

DATTCO provided two buses for firefighter training.

Unfortunately, he added that there have been incidents over the years where things have been broken unnecessarily on a bus because firefighters did not understand how the equipment worked or there was a better way to do it. take care of a passenger.

Maglio’s advice to other coach companies is to serve the local community when you can.

“The more cooperative you are, the more education you can spread. It’s good for everyone involved. For the passengers, the most important, then for the carrier and the driver, and everyone in between. The service community is a very important part of the coach industry,” he said.

Annual training exercises

Every year, the department organizes training exercises involving commercial vehicles. One of the reasons the department wanted to train with coaches is that the community is near two casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

“There’s a lot of bus traffic going through there, and they’re worried about potential emergencies on the buses,” Maglio said.

One of the DATTCO drivers who participated in the training is Tim Zigmont, a retired fire chief from a local department.

“He was able to really understand what the coaches were looking for and steer them in the right direction,” Maglio said. “Tim has been driving for a long time, so he knows buses very well. It worked very well.

He added that the Colchester Fire Department sent a letter thanking DATTCO for supporting the department’s training.

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