Dramatic increase in online shopping amid second wave of COVID-19: Accenture investigation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s shopping habits over the long term, with thousands of people around the world turning to online shopping. A recent survey from Accenture points out that the pandemic has prompted the few e-commerce buyers in India to shop online more actively.

Accenture believes that the dramatic increase in e-commerce adoption in India is expected to remain at current levels or accelerate. “For example, the proportion of online purchases of products such as food, home decor, fashion and luxury goods by previously infrequent e-commerce users, defined as those who used online channels for less than 25% of purchases before the epidemic, has increased by 667% since the epidemic in India, ”he said. “The majority of those surveyed (98%) said the pandemic is expected to bring a significant change to their lifestyle. This could be due to an increase in working from home, a change in travel behavior and the need to shop on the spot. The survey underlines that this will have implications for consumer companies who must rethink the way they address consumers adapted to the pandemic.

Anurag Gupta, managing director and head of strategy and advice at Accenture in India, said the past year has been difficult for consumers and industries that engage with consumers. “Changing consumer preferences and behaviors have caused huge fluctuations in demand, forcing consumer goods and retail businesses to remain nimble and resilient. As companies move from reaction to reinvention, they must harness the full potential of digital throughout the value chain at high speed and at scale. “

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The survey also observed that the pandemic has forced a rapid transition to workers working from home, with many expressing their desire for flexibility in how and where they work to move forward. “Far over 87% of respondents in India said they would like to work occasionally in a third space, somewhere other than their home or workplace. This highlights a potential revenue growth opportunity for the hospitality and retail sectors. “

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