Eastern Cape clothing store staff receive trauma counseling after fatal armed robbery

Shocked shoppers watch as police and crime scene experts do their job after a Jet store was robbed on Thursday.

  • Nineteen employees of a Jet clothing store at Once receive trauma counseling after attempted armed robbery.
  • A CIT guard who was in the store collecting cash managed to foil the thieves’ plans.
  • A gunman was shot dead in the deadly clash.

As police continue to search for two gunmen involved in a foiled corporate robbery in a Jet clothing story in Qonce last Thursday, 19 employees are being given trauma counseling following their ordeal.

Three gunmen entered the Market Square Jet store and forced staff into an office, as they attempted to steal cash and gadgets from the store.

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But a vigilant cash-carrying security guard, who was in the store collecting cash, managed to foil the thieves’ plans when he opened fire on them.

One of the thieves was shot twice by the guard inside the store. He died shortly afterwards in front of the shop, while his accomplices fled the scene empty-handed.

Foschini Group Limited, which has Jet stores across the country, said it had organized counseling for the 19 employees who were victims of the theft.

Spokeswoman Jacqui O’Connor said two people entered the store, before approaching the mobile phone consultant and demanding handsets and cash.

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“Meanwhile, an armed money transfer agent was in the back office conducting a collection. When he heard the suspects, he hid and waited for the opportune moment to leave.

“As he exited, he encountered the suspects and fired two shots, fatally wounding one suspect,” she said, adding that the other suspects escaped arrest.

O’Connor said that aside from the trauma, no one was hurt.

“The Jet store has not suffered any loss of merchandise. All affected Jet employees are receiving trauma counseling. TFG is working closely with SAPS on this matter,” she added.

Eastern Cape Police are investigating a case of attempted corporate robbery.

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