Emergency loans available for farmers and ranchers in Solano

FAIRFIELD – Extreme drought conditions have led Solano County to be one of 50 counties in California included in a disaster secretariat designation from the United States Department of Agriculture.

This designation provides emergency agricultural loans of up to $ 500,000 to farmers and ranchers who have suffered physical or agricultural production losses as a direct result of the drought.

The deadline to apply is November 5th.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3eMYuxR or call the Solano County Department of Agriculture at 784-1310.

When a tornado, flood or drought strikes, or a quarantine is imposed by the Secretary of Agriculture, or other natural disasters strike, the Emergency Loan Program is available to help farmers and pastoralists eligible to rebuild and recover from the losses suffered.

The Emergency Loan Program is triggered when a natural disaster is designated by the Secretary of Agriculture or a natural disaster or emergency is declared by the President under Stafford Act.

These loans help producers who experience qualifying farm losses directly caused by the disaster in a county declared or designated as a primary disaster or quarantine area. In addition, farmers located in counties contiguous to the declared, designated or quarantined area are eligible for emergency loans.

For production losses, a 30% reduction of a primary crop in a designated or contiguous county is required.

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