Fashion: Exciting times for downtown Coco Boo’s Halifax sisters launch luxury clothing line this Friday

Sisters Vittoria and Melania Defelice and their team at Coco Boo Loves designed and created Cocobooluxe – a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are already generating excitement among their online followers.

The couple have their own boutique at Westgate Aracde in Halifax – Coco Boo – which they opened 12 years ago, and have been selling clothes online since 2017.

They had wanted to launch their own fashion line for several years but were delayed by the pandemic.

Sisters who launched online fashion brand Coco Loves Boo Melania and Vittoria Defelice.

The premium line consists of fun pieces that the sisters hope will become customer favorites.

They emphasize that they are very aware of the problems caused by fast fashion, and these pieces are designed to become wardrobe staples that can be worn in different ways, over and over again.

One dress is reversible, while another can be worn with its bow around the waist or around the neck.

They had an incredible reaction to the previews they posted on social media, with a post about a dress going viral.

The Coco Boo Loves team: Gracie Howarth, Leon Gladok, Vittoria Defelice, Marisa Defelice and Melania Defelice.

“We’re nervous but really excited about the launch,” Vittoria said.

Melania added, “We put it all in there.

“I would describe the line as really fun. There are unique shapes and prints.

“We tried to think of each person.

Leon Gladok and Gracie Howarth at the headquarters of fashion label Coco Loves Boo in Halifax.

“It’s about having fun and feeling good, and wearing something that makes you happy.”

Vittoria and Melania grew up with fashion, both working in the Huddersfield clothing store run by their mother, Marisa, when they were teenagers.

They studied at Preston University before opening a shop in the city.

They opened their store in Halifax in 2010, and with the help of their mother, their business flourished.

The sisters also work alongside Melania’s husband Leon Galdok and designer Gracie Howarth, and have an office and fashion studio near Horton Street.

The new line will launch online Friday at 10 a.m. and select pieces will also be available in their Halifax boutique.

For more information on the new line, follow Coco Boo Loves on Instagram or visit their website at

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