Haute couture on display at Edmonds Senior Center Thrift Store

With cooler weather on the way, this model shows off her plaid tunic, perfectly coordinated with black pants, boots and a designer shawl. The set was priced under $60.

Edmonds residents have always known that some of the best thrift stores are at the Edmonds Senior Center Thrift Store. What better way to showcase the store’s offerings than at a fashion show on Saturday, with proceeds benefiting Edmonds Waterfront Centre’s Seniors’ Lunch Program for those struggling with food insecurity.

The show featured 12 role models made up of Waterfront Center board members, staff and volunteers. They scoured the shelves of thrift stores to assemble a range of striking ensembles, from casual to formal, fun to fabulous, bewitching to breathtaking.

A crowd of fashion-savvy (and budget-conscious) attendees gathered in the Waterfront Center’s upstairs function room, all ready to see how to create an eye-catching look without breaking the bank.

And they weren’t disappointed.

How about a long dress with matching leopard print hat, shoes and shawl. Yours for less than $50.
When they want to hide from the spotlight, all former mayors need a complete disguise with gloves, hat and sunglasses. This look modeled by Gary Haakenson was under $60.

With comments from Mary Lewis, attendees saw a number of sets – many with designer labels, some even brand new with original labels. Each outfit featured coordinating shoes, jewelry, clutches and accessories to complete the look.

Along with describing each set, Lewis added pricing information, highlighting how the Edmonds Senior Center Thrift Store can make you look great for a night out on the town while still leaving enough spare change in your pocket for dinner and a show. .

This matching costume with a red hat and purse says “I go places.” And costs less than $60.
Looking like Annie Hall in uptown, this model completes the look with a newsboy-style puffy cap.
The hat says it all – straight from the streets of New York, to the $10 animal print platform boots.
This model sports a classic retro bad-boy look with the black leather jacket, vest, white t-shirt, boots and sunglasses. His Harley was parked just outside.
This model’s stunning lace dress perfectly complements her partner’s retro tuxedo.

After the show, all the clothes and accessories were offered for sale, and there was a rush at tables and hanging racks as attendees rushed to grab their favourites.

This was only the second Edmonds Senior Center Thrift Store fashion show. The first came after the store moved to its Westgate location from the old Edmonds Senior Center, which was demolished to build the new intergenerational Waterfront Center. Based on Saturday’s response, it won’t be the last.

After the show, attendees look at the clothes worn by the models in the show.
Attendees gathered around the accessories table to check out jewelry and other essentials.
Check out these eye-catching red boots.

The thrift store is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on Sunday). It is located next to Westgate QFC at 22820 100th Ave. W. and offers daily specials where the already low prices are further reduced. For more details, see the website here.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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