Hickerson launches online dog store; hopes to be a “one stop shop” for products

Kelsie Hickerson, owner of Shop the Long Dog | Photo provided

Kelsie Hickerson has always been an animal lover, but dogs have always held a special place in her heart. When she started shopping for her own dogs, Hickerson realized she wanted to provide choices and also help others have access to a “one stop shop” for everything needed for dog care. .

In mid-August, Hansen launched his company’s website “The Long Dog”, an online dog store that offers quality, fashionable and affordable dog products. She even curates seasonal products to celebrate the holidays.

The business is named after her dog Sally, who died aged 17, and Hickerson wants others to find the same joy she did when shopping for their pets.

“When she passed away, I got a tattoo in memory of her – (the image of the tattoo) is also The Long Dog’s logo,” Hansen said. “Sally and I grew up together. She was my best friend and I loved shopping for her, from necklaces and leashes to sweaters and t-shirts and more.

The products Hickerson chooses for her store are what humans want their dogs to wear every day, she said.

“Our products are high quality, stylish and affordable, very important qualities that we want our products to have,” she said.

Hickerson said dogs have always been a big part of her life and anyone who knows her knows her care and compassion for any animal.

“Everyone likes to spoil and do whatever they can for their dogs,” she said. “I love helping the community find an easy way to buy their pets.”

Customers have shared photos of their dogs wearing recent purchases, and Hickerson posts them on Shop the Long Dog’s social media sites.

Shop the Long Dog is currently online only, but there is a local pickup option for customers.

Hickerson is excited to offer quality products to everyone and hopes to grow the business and have a storefront in a few years so customers can view the items on offer in person.

Items are available on the store’s website, or on Instagram or Facebook.

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