How my colors changed the way I dress and shop forever

She’s absolutely right (we look at ourselves in a mirror), and it’s impossible not to feel completely converted at the end of the process not only by her enthusiasm for colors that suit me, but also by her discussion of ‘archetypes’. More broad about the sartorial personality and where I stand. There are 10 in total – “your clothes have a character just like you” – and include Diva, Classic, and Hunter. I am apparently an “adventurous princess” (excellent!), Although Nicole Kidman is too, although she is about a foot taller than me. “She might be more adventurous, given her size,” Weldon concedes.

Bauhaus theories permeate all industries that have something to do with color, and color theories with seasonal clothing labels have been rife for 50 years, most notably in the operation where Weldon was formed, House of Color, but Red Leopard offers the sort of very detailed, personalized advice on what you should wear and what you should look like.

Their famous clients make it to the top of the A list (the NDAs forbid them to name them). People Earn More With Their Help – Saunders describes customers telling how they got promotions after their makeovers. The women cried on their shoulders with joy at feeling “totally different” after a session. “So many women end up being invisible at a certain age and they think it’s okay?” Said Weldon. “We are making people visible again. “

My own session with Red Leopard was first and foremost fun. I also received makeup advice – black mascara banned in favor of brown and an orange lipstick to banish that fatally bluish red that Weldon had first met me in. I walked away with a wallet of colors so I could check that I was buying the right clothes, and slowly these started to creep into my wardrobe.

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