I love a charity shop and this is my best tip for getting a bargain – I even got a 2K dress for £3.50

HAVE you ever wondered how everyone finds such amazing bargains at charity shops, from designer clothes to handbags and shoes?

Now a thrifty charity shop lover has revealed her top tip to help you do the same the next time you hit the high street – and it’s so good they even saw her bag a dress of £2000 for just £3.50.


A bargain-hunting 30-year-old shared how she always does amazing bargainsCredit: TikTok/@duchessofthrift

Duchess of Thrift, who is on TikTok as @duchessofthriftregularly shares groceries from his charity shop on his social media account.

Now she’s answered fan prayers by lifting the lid on how she does it, with a technique she says never lets her down.

The bargain-hunter, who challenged herself to only buy pre-loved clothes for 12 months, typed: ‘How do you get the best bargains at the charity shop?

“The tip that cost me a £2,000 dress for £3.”

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Duchess of Thrift later said in a video: ‘On the back of me finding a dress that was worth two grand for £3.50 people messaged me and said, ‘How do you find these bargains in charity shops?

“So my biggest secret is to go hyper-local. By hyper-local, I mean it’s a local charity, it’s limited to your area.

“My favorite is a local charity for animal welfare and bowel cancer west. Then the hyper-local bit comes to where the store is.

“So it’s not in the downtown area where they have high rates and rents, it’s not even in the suburban shopping district where they’re still quite high.”

Instead, Duchess of Thrift said to keep an eye out for “small rows of shops” in “affluent areas where people with higher disposable income are likely to live”.

She argued that this means the clothes will be of much higher quality, and as they earn more, they will “give it away more willingly”.

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She said these hidden gems are often much better because they don’t have an online presence, so fewer people know about them, nor do they sell things through the web first.

The social media star concluded: “That’s how you get the best, best deals in the charity shop so hopefully this helps someone – and happy hunting!”

She said the tip even helped her get a £2,000 dress for £3.50


She said the tip even helped her get a £2,000 dress for £3.50Credit: Unknown, clear with photo office

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