I shop at Aldi, wear Primark clothes and fly EasyJet

A WOMAN has hit back at critics who questioned why she shopped at discount stores but drove a Ferrari.

Mortgage adviser Saira Haider regularly shares videos on her TikTok page giving advice to others, but regularly faces criticism from trolls over her choice of car given the rest of her outlook on life.


Saira Haider hit back at people who criticized her for sharing videos of herself in her Ferrari, before later sharing more videos while shopping at AldiCredit: TikTok / mansionbroker
Saira insists that being able to drive a Ferrari is


Saira insists being able to drive a Ferrari is ‘sensational’Credit: TikTok / mansionbroker

“Why does she shop at Aldi if she drives a Ferrari?” one interviewee, Saira responding in another TikTok video.

“I was waiting for someone to pick up this post and say, ‘She’s shopping at Aldi but she’s driving a Ferrari?

“She flies on EasyJet but drives a Ferrari? Her T-shirt is from Primark but she drives a Ferrari?”

“That’s how you drive a Ferrari,” insisted Saira.

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“Because you don’t foolishly spend your money on branded gear.”

She also said the fruit and veg selection at a store like Aldi is ‘better’ than at Waitrose – for ‘half the price’.

“And EasyJet? she continued.

“I don’t pay high prices to fly business class, to fly the same plane, the same distance, in a seat where I can take my iPad and watch a program and pay 10th of the business class price.”

In conclusion, Saira said, “So it’s just common sense…that’s how you make money.”

However, not everyone was convinced by Saira’s reasoning.

“But you could drive a Fiesta for a tenth of the (price) of driving a Ferrari? Your concept for taking on EasyJet?” someone commented.

“The problem with driving a car is that I drive it every day – and I don’t fly every day,” Saira explained.

“So I’m not going to pay for business class, I’d take EasyJet – especially if it’s short-haul. If it’s long-haul, I could think of something better.

“But as far as cars, I actually had a Fiesta – I think they’re amazing cars and my mum has one.

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“But if I have to drive something every day, I want to drive something sensational.

“And when you get so far in life that you can actually do it and get there, it’s mind-blowing.”

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