Inside Rihanna’s Groundbreaking First Savage X Fenty Retail Store

Rihanna landed at the mall. Her Savage X Fenty brand of ultra-shiny, super-sexy lingerie and intimates is opening five stores in malls across the United States this month, first in Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Houston. “We expect you can’t walk past these stores and not walk into them, even if you’re not in the lingerie business,” says Natalie Guzman, co-president and chief marketing officer of Savage X Fenty.

Photo: Courtesy of Savage X Fenty
Photo: Courtesy of Savage X Fenty

For those of us who blindly follow Rihanna to the depths of hell, yes, you will definitely go to the Savage X Fenty store. But what the store’s design and technology aim to do is bring everyone into the Savage universe, even those who don’t buy lingerie or – seemingly impossible these days – those who aren’t under Rihanna’s charm.

Photo: Courtesy of Savage X Fenty

The first thing mall dwellers will notice is the store’s vibrant color scheme. Unlike other lingerie retailers that have cultivated a boudoir aesthetic, Savage X Fenty’s stores bring the adrenaline of its filmed runway shows to its brick-and-mortar stores. Fuchsia, emerald and sapphire neon light up the space. The playlist will “definitely have the Savage vibe,” says Chief Merchant and Co-Chair Christiane Pendarvis, “and there could be able be a little Rihanna in there,” she winks. The models cover a diverse range of body types, with some shapes made from 3D scans of human Savage models. “We want to make sure that whoever you are as a customer, you see yourself in our stores – and it’s not just the marketing and what we do in terms of models and images, but also the people who are there to help, serve and support you,” Pendarvis continues. “Frankly, we just don’t know how to operate any other way.”

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