‘It’s been tough’: DeKalb suspect charged with murder, released on bail, given PPP loans – WSB-TV Channel 2

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Ten years after Vanessa “Honey” Malone was fatally shot in DeKalb County, her family has watched the man accused of her murder walk out of jail — again and again.

“It was hard. It was hard. The fact that we still don’t have answers makes it even worse,” said her sister Cassaundra Kennedy. Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon.

Malone was fatally shot in DeKalb County in 2012.

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“First of all, I don’t think anyone is charged with any type of murder related to the charge, – first degree murder, second degree murder, third degree murder, whatever the murder is – I don’t think they should be able to bond,” Kennedy said.

Police arrested Donald Ashe in April 2020 for murder. Police believe he and several other potential suspects killed Malone in an apparent robbery at a Stone Mountain apartment in 2012.

But the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Channel 2 he was released on bail two months later.

Then this year the police arrested him again, this time for theft in a separate case, but just like the first time he was released on bail.

“Even worse,” Kennedy said. “How didn’t that cancel his bond?”


The DeKalb District Attorney’s Office told Wilfon it opposes Ashe’s release.

Meanwhile, as Ashe awaits trial for murder, online records show he likely received nearly $60,000 in PPP loans – the loans given to businesses during the pandemic.

“What is that?” Kennedy asked. “I’m baffled that’s even a possibility.”

The Small Business Administration told Wilfon it would not comment on why Ashe received the loans.

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Malone’s sister told Wilfon she feared her sister would never get justice.

“I’m afraid that will never happen,” she said.

The prosecutor’s office says Channel 2 Ashe has not been formally charged and no trial date has been set.

The prosecutor’s office calls the case complicated and cold, as police are still looking for other suspects involved 10 years after the crime.


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