Launch of the Go Downtown Minot electronic gift card to facilitate local purchases

Buying local may be the best option right now for last minute vacation shoppers.

Downtown Minot wants to make this shopping experience easier for shoppers in the Minot area.

With the introduction of the Go Downtown Minot initiative, e-gift card shoppers can purchase at over 30 participating local stores.

The Downtown Minot Business Professional Association said buying locally, especially at this time, is helpful both for buyers and for the local economy.

“We have heard over the past few years how important it is to shop small and shop local and this is an opportunity to be able to do that with the sophistication of big business and big business,” said the Acting Director. of the association, Josh Wolsky.

You can purchase a card for as little as $ 10 or up to $ 250, email it to yourself, or give it as a gift to use in-store or online at participating local stores.

The owner of a local business, Mainstream Boutique, Kristie Schwan said she was excited about the opportunities this could bring to her store.

“I think it’s wonderful because first of all, it supports the local and it brings people downtown and it’s easy for the customer; instead of keeping track of multiple gift cards, they can keep one on their phone, ”said Schwan.

The Go Downtown Minot e-Gift Card is a community card that can be used in restaurants, bars, boutiques, and home improvement and kitchen stores.

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