Man wins 3rd lottery jackpot with ticket in same store in North Carolina

A man who won two million dollar lottery jackpots at the same North Carolina convenience store went there again on Monday and landed another jackpot, NC Lottery officials said Thursday.

Terry Splawn of Concord bought all three winning scratch tickets at Sam’s Mini Stop on Old Charlotte Road in Concord, according to a lottery press release.

“It’s amazing,” Splawn said when he claimed his prize at lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Wednesday, according to the statement. “It’s definitely fun to win.”

On Monday, he decided to buy a $ 20 Premier Cash ticket and won a jackpot of $ 100,000.

This is the third time he’s been lucky at the Concord store.

In April 2017, Splawn won a million dollar prize with a Millionaire Bucks ticket he bought at the store, The Charlotte Observer reported at the time.

‘What are the chances?’

The odds of winning $ 1 million in this game were 1 in 1.248 million, the Observer reported, citing the odds listed on the lottery website at the time.

In March 2019, a $ 150 million Cash Explosion scratch ticket from the store earned him an additional $ 1 million. The odds of winning $ 1 million in this game were 1 in 1.8 million, the Observer reported at the time.

Premiere Cash winner.jpg

“What are the chances of that happening?” Splawn asked lottery officials when he claimed his second prize of $ 1 million, according to a lottery press release at the time. “I can’t believe I won the lottery not one, but two! … I just thought, ‘This can’t happen.’ “

“It’s rare, but not incredibly rare,” said Jan Hannig, professor of statistics at UNC-Chapel Hill, of the odds of the same person winning two million dollar lottery prizes.

“Defy logic”

A 2016 survey by The Charlotte Observer found that some North Carolina lottery players won so often, for such large amounts, “that their good fortune defies logic.”

Lottery experts quoted in the Observer series said that some winners were more than lucky and were probably playing with the system. In some cases, according to experts, people buy winning tickets from players for less than the prize amount. The buyer collects the winning ticket, while the actual player avoids the government spotlight.

The North Carolina Lottery withholds money owed to state or local governments. These could include overdue child support payments or back taxes.

The Observer found players beating huge odds so consistently that statisticians said the odds of being so lucky were less than one in a trillion.

The lottery had a protocol in place to monitor a player’s repeated winnings, a lottery spokeswoman told The Observer at the time.

“Very nice surprise”

In its victory over Premier Cash on Monday, Splawn broke odds of 1 in 3.08 million, according to the Premier Cash website.

“It was Labor Day,” Splawn said. “So it was a really nice surprise for the day.”

After taxes, Splawn brought in $ 70,756, lottery officials said.

Premier Cash debuted in August with four jackpots of $ 2 million and eight prizes of $ 100,000. According to the lottery, there are three top prizes and seven prizes of $ 100,000 remaining.

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