Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Shock Clothing Store Manager

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly gave a Dublin retailer the surprise of a lifetime over the weekend. On Sunday night, the celebrity couple casually walked into vintage store Nine Crows to try on some clothes. Not only did they spend money there, but they also posed for a photo with the staff. According to the store instagram page, the surprise visit took place at the downtown Temple Bar store. Needless to say, the store manager was “in shock” over the whole thing. She described the experience in detail for Sunday world and had nothing but great things to say about engaged couples. Read on for the full story and exciting details.

Surprise visit!

When the Nine Crows staff got to work on October 9, they had no idea they were in for a treat. According to store manager Alexandrea Morgan, 24, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly stopped by the store about 10 minutes before closing time and totally had their day. “When I woke up this morning I was like, ‘Did this really happen?’ You know when you think something is a dream,” Alexandrea said. Sunday world.

According to her account, the couple were attracted to the music inside the store. It happened before MGK 3Arena concert Sunday and one of the girls on the team, who had tickets to the show, was playing her music. “He heard it and walked in, but they obviously ended up liking the store because it’s definitely their style,” explained Alexandrea, who said she was “still in shock” after their visit.

Describing herself as a “big fan” of Megan Fox, she said the couple were really “down to earth” and “so, so nice” and impressed everyone with their humble attitude and sweet demeanor.

“They were so normal,” she said, noting that they had security with them.

Megan Fox/Instagram

Megan Fox and MGK try on vintage clothes

As expected, the starstruck staff were completely in awe of the duo, who didn’t flaunt their celebrity status at all. The pair shopped like any regular couple and ended up spending just over $190 in the store.

“Megan bought us a coat and Machine Gun Kelly bought us a t-shirt,” Alexandrea said. “They didn’t ask for a discount or anything.”

The manager added that they were accommodating to other customers and “didn’t ask anyone to leave or anything”.

“I was just in shock. The first thing I said to them was, ‘What are you doing here? and they both just laughed.

Of course, the team couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a photo of their idols. Thankfully, Megan stepped in in a big way. When Alexandrea asked to take their picture with the clothes they had bought, the Transformers star, 36, insisted the girls also come into the frame. “Megan was like, ‘No, you’re in it too. You have to be in it!’ “, she said.

As you can see in the photo below, Megan showed off her new coat in a cute pose with her tongue sticking out. The actress, who recently shocked fans with some spectacular new hair, rocked her dark brown locks again. Meanwhile, MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, stood in the back and let the ladies take the spotlight.

Instagram screenshot of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox at vintage clothing store Nine Crows.
Nine Crows/Instagram

So, so healthy

The staff were thrilled to have their picture taken with their favorite celebrities. “We are so happy to have entered it now because we have it as a memory,” shared Alexandrea. “They were lovely, so down to earth. What a crazy day.

And while everyone at Nine Crows is sure to treasure the photo for a long time to come, Megan and MGK have yet another surprise for the ladies. To top it all off, MGK gave them all free tickets to his concert that night. Cue the awws.

“The fact that they came to our small, female-owned business and shopped with us, didn’t ask for a discount, were so sweet and gave us tickets, it was so sweet,” said the director.

A truly wholesome experience indeed!

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