NFT: CVS Health to enter the metaverse, files to deposit its logo, online store, clinics and products in the virtual world

CVS Health is perhaps the first pharmacy to be in the metaverse, as it has already trademarked its products, stores, and logo for the virtual world. It has been reported that the brand allows the company to sell virtual goods, offer healthcare services, and sell NFTs through the metaverse.

According to CNBC, in CVS Health’s filing with the US Patent Trade Office, the company also filed patents for its health, wellness, beauty, personal care and prescription drug products. In addition, the file includes consulting services in nutrition, healthy lifestyle, wellness coaching and medical treatments. The patent application was filed on February 28 but was only made public last week after the US Patent Office posted it on its official website.

When the news started to spread, CVS Health explained that it decided to register trademarks, because it is another way the company seeks to serve customers wherever they are, including the metaverse. . This virtual ground is also getting so big today that the company has to secure its place in this blockchain-based world as well.

“We regularly look for new and innovative ways to engage consumers through a digital and forward-thinking approach,” the company’s spokesperson told CNBC. “We will continue to explore these and other options to improve the consumer experience and launch new consumer-centric services.”

Although there are many large companies such as Nike that have trademarked their products and stores for the metaverse, CVS Health is the very first drugstore chain to trademark virtual trademarks. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the past two months that resembles this CVS filing as a virtual healthcare clinic,” said trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

Finally, CoinDesk noted that pharmacy company CVS Health’s filing was submitted to the Patent Trade Office under the amusement and entertainment category. The document also listed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto collectibles so customers could also expect to see digital tokens from CVS. This is the start of CVS Health’s journey into the virtual world and cryptocurrency, so it will come as no surprise if it also starts accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in the future.

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