Offer more long-term loans to farmers, says Amit Shah to agricultural banks | India News

NEW DELHI: Amit, Minister of Interior and Union Cooperation Shah saturday urged Agricultural and rural development banks (ARDB) to provide more long-term loans to the agricultural sector, including for irrigation projects and other infrastructure, so that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of doubling farmers’ incomes becomes a reality.
He also highlighted the role of cooperatives in this area and expressed the need for a “unified database” on the sector, pointing out that it is the cooperative sector that can make the country’s 70 million poor partner in the inclusive development process.
“ARDBs must not only work for the banking industry, but their purpose must also be to supplement/repay, the purpose for which banks were created. . . Not just limited to banking, it is also the responsibility of ARDBs to communicate with village farmers and sensitize them on how to expand farming, increase yield, make farming comfortable and make life easier. ‘successful farmer,’ Shah said.
He said NABARD’s goals can only be achieved when every penny with them is used to finance and refinance rural development and agriculture, and that cannot be possible “unless we promote long-term financing , infrastructure and micro-irrigation in the agricultural sector”. ”. He added,
“Diverting excess funds to non-agricultural use does not serve the purpose. ”
The minister announced the establishment of a “multi-state cooperative export house” for export and said it would be established by August 15.

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