Over two dozen stores ravaged by fire at second-hand clothing market – Newspaper

KASUR: More than two dozen shops at an illegal second-hand clothing market set up in a congested Pattoki neighborhood were destroyed by fire on Friday.

According to Rescue 1122 officials, the fire started due to an electrical short circuit. This is the second fire in the region in a few months.

Officials claimed the quick response by firefighters from Rescue 1122 saved around 150 other stores from being burned to the ground, but that claim was dismissed by traders.

Chairman of the Pattoki Landa Bazaar Traders Association, Arshad Bhatti, and the local chief of Anjuman-i-Taijran expressed their disappointment at the “poor performance” of Rescue 1122 and the local administration.

They told local media that firefighters arrived at the scene late despite being immediately informed of the incident, while firefighters ran out of water during the operation and it took them a while. considerable to put out the fire because of this glitch.

However, District Emergency Officer Sultan Mahmood told Dawn that firefighters responded within 14 minutes of the incident, while vehicles also had to be called from Phoolnagar, Chunian, Renala tehsils and Okara. also for the operation.

He lamented that traders did not take any safety measures to avoid the fires on their own.

According to Rescue 1122, no loss of life was reported in the incident, while traders estimated they suffered losses amounting to Rs 25 million from the fire. The police were looking into the matter.

The land where the second-hand clothes market has been set up, without the authorization of the local administration, is located in the heart of the city and would be the property of an individual.

Sources said the local government never bothered to check the illegal market comprising hundreds of shops.

TWO DICE: Two young men died, while another was injured in a road accident on Multan Road within the confines of Phoolnagar Police Station on Friday.

Police said Farhan, 35, from Phoolnagr, along with Azeem, 20, and Asghar, 18, were traveling to Lahore on motorbikes. As they were near the Phoolnagar bypass on Multan Road, a speeding van hit the bike from behind.

As a result, Farhan and Azeem died at the scene, while Asghar was rushed to Phoolnagar Trauma Center, where he was declared critical.

Police transferred the bodies to Pattoki Tehsil Headquarters Hospital and began investigating the case.

The driver managed to escape after the crash, leaving the van which was seized by police.

Posted in Dawn, August 6, 2022

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