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Merced Matagolai, 62, was on the hunt for clothes and toys for her grandchildren, and she knew exactly where to go for quality items at low prices.

“It’s affordable. Even though they’re used, they’re in good condition,” the 27-year-old grandmother said on Tuesday, browsing a variety of ministry articles from the Archdiocese of Agana at thrift store for homeless people in Hagåtña.

Baby clothes sell for $ 1 each. With the holidays quickly approaching, families can find great deals on Christmas trees and second-hand decorations.

Proceeds from the store’s sales are used to fund ministry programs, such as its soup kitchen, which provides meals to the homeless.

But there is much more to this thrift store.

Its Pay Next and Dress the Homeless program has helped countless homeless people as well as those who can barely afford clothes or shoes for themselves or toys for their children.

Thrift store worker Kiana Camacho said any donation amount, combined with other donations to the store, helps provide a shirt, pants, shoes, toys or other basic household items to people. or to less fortunate families.

“Every amount helps,” she said. “For every dollar or $ 3 or $ 10 donated, it can help pay for the items the homeless and less fortunate need.”

Anyone can donate any amount and can also choose to write a post to uplift, inspire, or motivate the random recipient of the donation.

“Never give up and I pray that you find your calling in life. Always be safe, healthy and happy,” wrote an anonymous donor.

Another donor’s message reads: “Prayer for better days.”

Anonymous donation slips with the uplifting messages are posted on a bulletin board behind the cashier.

A person in need can request any donation available to cover most or all of the items they need.

The thrift store also relies on the generosity of donors who come to offer their new or used but still decent clothes, toys, school supplies and other household items, which are then sold at low prices.

” Happy to help you “

Maria Perez, a resident of Sinajana, is one of those who keep the thrift store and what it stands for, alive and strong.

“I have searched my closets and my attic and I have an empty nest at home. My youngest son is gone, so we are going to search our things and donate them to the Archdiocese of Agana Ministry at the Homeless Thrift Store. right here in Hagåtña, “Perez said, as she unloaded the items from her car at the store. “I come here often to donate and I know these things can be used by others and I’m happy to help.”

Doris Royal, program director for the Archdiocese’s Homeless Ministry, said she was grateful for the generous donations of items and money, which are then used to help others in need.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many households were able to organize and empty their bedrooms and closets, the thrift store received many of these donations, Royal said.

Cash donations for the Paying It Forward program have slowed down a bit, but Royal is hoping things pick up.

She said the thrift store is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pass it on

Matagolai and her 8-year-old grandson, Mason Quinata, said they were happy they could find good items at the thrift store at a low price.

At the cash desk, someone else had already paid for everything he was picking up front.

To repay the kindness, Matagolai also donated cash and left a note for the next random customer who could benefit from the Paying It Forward program: “Take care of yourself and hope things get better.”

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