Pell 1990 is Woodland’s last store

“As if!” Notable quote exclaimed by Cher Harowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone in one of the most iconic cult films in fashion, Distraught. The same saying is echoed in a neon pink light in front of a collage overflowing with references to 90s pop culture to Pell 1990, The Woodlands’ latest store. Long-time Houstonian and new business owner Courtney Pell Wilkerson, takes a nostalgic era and moves it into its modernized take.

“I was born in 1990 and I think the 90s were such a great time, it’s a bit like the golden age of fashion, ”Pell-Wilkerson told Houstonia. “Playing the ’90s theme is a feeling of nostalgia, and I like to feel nostalgia looking at memories to remember the good old days.”

The family-run boutique, thoughtfully named after Pell-Wilkerson’s maiden name, is a revival of one of fashion’s most defining eras. From denim jackets and leather pants to graphic tees and mom jeans, shoppers can easily choose a look from the golden age.

Pell 1990 is stocked with plenty of lifestyle items including loungewear, masks, slippers and the full collection of Paddywax's Enneagram candles.  

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Each section of the store is purposefully color coded for a functional browsing experience and features a mix of labels. Ulla johnson, Agolde, Rhode and local clothing from Forward and nomadic are part of the brands presented, as well as a wide range of tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses and skirts.

“I didn’t want people to come here and say, ‘Okay, I don’t know how to wear this. They are simple, simple and classic pieces that will last in your wardrobe, ”says Pell-Wilkerson. “When you come here I want my buyers to find a piece to build like put on a cute dress and stiletto heels and they’re done. I just wanted to make sure everyone felt good when they walked through the door.

Pell 1990 will also offer shoes, accessories and a rainbow of Paddywax Enneagram candles from Sable Candle Company, which will soon have an additional scannable enneagram test that will optimize selections based on your personality type.

Near the cash register is an aligned display of artwork, specifically a custom piece specially designed for Pell-Wilkerson by the artist, Josh Young. The red paint that reads “March 23, 1990 New York” is painted against a flamingo pink background, which turned out to be a nod to another classic ’90s film.

“(Young) asked me what we need to do and he suggested we have my birthday. Later I found out that was the premiere date of Pretty Woman as well,” Pell-Wilkerson reveals.

There’s something for everyone at Pell 1990. Whether it’s looking for a quick outing for a girls’ night out, a last minute gift you’ve missed, or the perfect ensemble for the next. Astromonde Festival.

“When buyers come to visit me, I want them to feel like you’re stepping into your best friend’s fabulous closet,” Pell-Wilkerson exclaims, as if she is personally inviting you.

Visit Pell 1990 located at 24811 Gosling Road, Spring, Texas.

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