Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

The Ralph Lauren brand has already made fashion headlines twice this week, first with the announcement that the brand will become a fashion supplier for European esports giant G2, and then with the launch of ‘a virtual club promoting the new Ralph’s Club fragrance. Both movements demonstrate the company’s efforts to adapt to the times, to be where the new fashion customer is. More and more, of course, it’s online.

Here on dry land, Lauren’s pre-fall is hitting stores. Leaving aside the experiments taking place elsewhere in the brand, the collection will feel reassuring and familiar to longtime fans. Lauren brought up the subject of safari gear, probably for the trip he was taking in his head. This collection was developed months ago, before the vaccine rollout made real travel possible again. Now that people are out, her easy-going, active demeanor is sure to win over.

There was a safari wrap dress and wide leg jumpsuit, both in silk, and a washed khaki denim Saharan jacket that was paired with a long pleated lamé skirt. Comfort, whatever the occasion, was another running theme, and it produced both a floor-length white t-shirt dress and black sequined joggers worn under a black tuxedo jacket. The dramatic evenings typical of his shows were conspicuously absent, but probably not for long; after a year and a half, New York Fashion Week returns in September, and so, brand representatives, Ralph suggested.

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