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They are everywhere. Exhausted; tattered. Held by a thread, really.

We meet them in the subway, a vague sadness in front of their identity. Nonchalantly thrown here and there, taut, a canvas tearing at the seams of the tribulations of daily life in his eponymous city.

New York needs a lot of things. Yet another New Yorker-branded tote bag is not one of them.

The real dealThe official merch store has raised the game with premium apparel worthy of the dedicated readers who wear it. Our standards are high in the newsroom and fitting room, so there is not a single item of fabric we could sell you that is less than the best.

It’s not the free oversized Gildan shirt you got at a trade show years ago, the painted logo cracking and peeling with every wash. This is, well, the real deal.

I am the real deal

Our editors love this one because it’s everything the sentence isn’t: sharp, succinct, the right number of adjectives, and not a single letter more. Tap on some punctuation and buddy, you’ve got a lede!

And why bury the lede when you can wear it? Let the English-speaking world know what you’re up to with the “I am the Real Deal” sweatshirt.

In its long-sleeved embrace, you will be unstoppable. In a shade of gray that will make you forget about the other 49, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

In the permanent New Sweatshirt Feel unpilled condition, you’ll know what they mean when they say you get what you pay for. And in the mirror during your morning affirmations, the words may be upside down, but that won’t make them any less true.

Harry, Gary, Larry

TRD merchandising promo

What can I say ? If you know, you know.

In the world of shirts with obscure references, some rise from the depths and become culturally ubiquitous – like this curvy album cover by Joy Division (you’ve probably seen it before).

Look, I’ve got three Nirvana shirts in my closet and one in the wash, and I’m sure there’s a faded AC/DC tank somewhere in yours. What neither of us have, however, is Harry, Gary and Larry products.

No one says anything about my Nirvana shirts anymore – why would they? Everyone and their Gen-Z little sister have one. But in a sea of ​​floating sartorial signifiers, this tribute to three New York development legends still means something on the real estate scene. Wear it to the office, whatever that means to you; I can guarantee you at least a “Hey, nice shirt!”, followed by that signature smile.

There’s also a sweatshirt version, if you prefer (I recommend getting both). The sweatshirt is available in two colors; a sophisticated dark gray and a deep, saturated blue. Get both colors and a t-shirt and you’re all set – one to wear, one to spare, one to wash.

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