Rs 10 for the carry bag: the clothing store said to pay Rs 1,500 to the customer

On June 29, the Ahmedabad Rural Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission ordered a clothing store to pay a town resident 1,500 rupees for charging Rs 10 for a carrying bag from him.

According to the complaint of Maulin Fadia, a resident of Shahibaug, in May 2019, he had bought clothes for an amount of Rs 2,486 in a Brand Factory store and was further charged Rs 10 for a paper bag in the invoice ” unbeknownst to him “,” which was not a simple paper bag but a colored bag with the names of the different branches of the defendant (BrandFactory).

Fadia, before the commission, had requested compensation of Rs 25,000 for mental distress for having wrongly charged Rs 10 additional for the bag and subsequently the store refused to acknowledge its objection to this additional payment. Fadia had also requested that the commission also order the store to deposit an additional 25,000 rupees with the Consumer Welfare Fund.

According to the store’s attorney, HV Patel, it was argued that opting for a paper carry bag is optional and that no one “is forcing consumers to buy it” and that those who do not need to ‘a transport bag is not charged in the same way. According to the store’s legal representative, the same was clearly displayed in several places in the store, including at checkouts, and the store also submitted to the court that the complainant’s grievance was false.

According to Fadia’s legal representative, it was argued that the store did not have a display at the time indicating that the purchase of a carry bag is optional and that it could have been placed later.

Following arguments from both sides, Chairman JJ Pandya of the Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission of the Rural Jurisdiction of Ahmedabad, along with Commission Member Naina Patadiya, ordered the store to pay to the claiming 1,000 rupees for mental distress and 500 rupees as costs incurred by the aggrieved consumer in pursuing the case. before the Commission, within 30 days of receiving the order from the Commission.

The store was also asked to repay Rs 10 at eight percent interest from the date of the complaint.

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