Rutter’s will sell the new Philly Cheesesteak Traveler starting next month

Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain Rutter’s will be adding a new and delicious savory treat to its shelves starting next month.

Called the Philly Cheesesteak Traveler, the on-the-go treat is the brainchild of Patties Food Groups Inc., the same company behind the equally tasty Four’N Twenty Beef and Cheese Traveler.

The new Philly Cheesesteak Traveler comes wrapped with shaved beef and American cheese, all lovingly wrapped in flaky, golden brown.

Rutter’s was actually the first convenience store to introduce the Australian company’s products to the US food market, and now continues to deliver such delicious food to hungry stomachs around the world.

“Following the success of Beef and Cheese Traveler last year, we were very pleased to continue to expand the Four’N Twenty offering as part of our award-winning food service,” said Rutter VP of Marketing, Robert Perkins. “The partnership we have established has been great as both companies share the same goal of pursuing food innovation to meet customer demands. Being the first retailer to sell this great product will make customers think, “Why go anywhere else?” “

Patties Food Groups, in turn, are very happy that their Four’N Twenty Meat Pies have been so easily adopted by the American public.

“We are extremely proud that the Four’N Twenty has been adopted by Rutter customers,” said Anand Surujpal, general manager of marketing and brand innovation. “The generous people of Philadelphia have truly welcomed our Aussie Beef Pies and travelers since our launch in 2018 … The new Four’N Twenty Philly Cheesesteak Traveler is the perfect combination of something uniquely Australian and a classic from Philadelphia, and we know our fans will really love the new flavor. “

The Philly Cheesesteak Traveler will be available in Rutter stores starting March 2.

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