Saskatoon store sells hundreds of e-bikes as gas prices soar

While e-bikes, or e-bikes, have become popular during the pandemic, Biktrix says gas prices have been a big contributor to the business boom in recent weeks.

“We all know they’re skyrocketing, and the cost of filling your gas tank versus the cost of charging your battery is very different,” said Shannan Keuhn, customer service supervisor at the location of Biktrix in Saskatoon.

She says the store sells several hundred e-bikes a week. While prices range from $1,899 to $6,000, Keuhn says there are savings to consider beyond gas, such as parking and maintenance.

“Because we’ve seen this boom, a lot more people are getting on board with e-bikes as an alternative to the vehicle, it’s just fantastic to see that,” Keuhn said.

Keuhn says she has seen interest in e-bikes grow over the years and people of all ages can ride them.

“Obviously the price of fuel can go up overnight and it’s a daily cost whereas the e-bike you just plug it in, hop on and go,” said Jereahmeel Parker, who was in the store. buying an e-bike for the first time.

Parker says an e-bike requires less maintenance, like oil changes, and estimates he’ll save around $200 a month to ride it to work every day. While the e-bike cost him nearly $3,000, he isn’t worried.

“If I use it for even two years, it will probably recoup all my investment.”

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