Sassy & Chic Boutique opens Place Agora

Midland residents Angela Griffin and Michelle Vangilder opened the Sassy & Chic boutique Wednesday at 1 p.m. at 4987 Eastman Ave., Midland.

Griffin and Vangilder, two single mothers themselves, met when their youngest children were together in preschool. They said their friendship has turned into a business partnership and now they are opening their location to share with the community.

The co-owners have said they want to help single moms and working moms in Midland by promoting their products at Sassy & Chic or by offering products to serve this demographic.

Surrounded by other businesses in the mall, the partners hope to provide an affordable shopping experience for single and active mothers in the Midland community.

Sassy & Chic Boutique is a small business trying to help promote other small businesses.

“It’s important to us because we’re single moms and we just know we’re helping someone the same way people who come here to shop help us,” Griffin said. “We buy from people and sell here, so we help them too. It’s kind of like this small business cycle.

In their store, the co-owners said they try to create an affordable shopping environment where women in Midland feel comfortable and cozy.

The boutique offers items ranging from clothing, jewelry, and sandals to popcorn, soap, and table mats. Griffin said the majority of the items are from small businesses, the rest are from US wholesalers who make their products by hand.

The owners of Sassy & Chic plan to host live broadcasts on their Facebook page to show new inventory and try on clothes for potential customers.

The brick and mortar launch came a month after the co-owners got the Agora Square suite. Vangilder said the store started online with the goal of opening a physical location. Vangilder said together that the partners worked up to 10 hours a day for the June 30 launch to take place.

“It’s just a good location on a busy road and we’re also on a strip (mall),” Vangilder said. “We have nails, we have hairdressers, and we have a nutrition store (next door), so it’s kind of a female striptease.”

The Sassy & Chic Boutique will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday. On weekends, community members can make an appointment or request to host a party hosted by the store.

The owners plan to collaborate with business neighbors, Sassy & Chic Boutique has already worked with a few businesses to wrap gift bags for a raffle on opening day.

Going forward, the co-owners have said they will be working with other businesses in the area for more community events. The company is working with Sister Group for a pop-up event at Ashman Circle.

The Sister Group hosts small businesses on Ashman Circle in Midland, with the goal of supporting businesses.

The Sister Group holds weekly pop-up events on Saturdays to showcase small businesses and home businesses. Alex Brothers with the group Sister said on July 10 that the group will present Sassy & Chic Boutique for a pop-up event in the Ashman circle.

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