“She left me reading” – 7 Nigerians on their worst online shopping experiences

Online shopping in Nigeria is not for the weak. Because even after online sellers waste time taking and confirming your order, you still have to chase them to deliver the product. And then you open the long-awaited package, you see something completely different from what you ordered.

These seven Nigerians share their horrible shopping experiences with online sellers.

She left me reading

—Lisa, 23

I bought a dress for a “friend”. After waiting at least two months, the dress arrived and I was heartbroken. The fabric was trash, it was too short and it just looked ugly. I texted her and even sent photos and videos to complain but she left me on read. It seems that she also blocked me from seeing her WhatsApp statuses because I never saw her statuses again even though I see her texting on our school group chat.

She said she had a no refund policy

—Dora, 25

My friend wanted to buy a gift for his girlfriend so he came to me and I went online and found a tailor who does ready-to-wear dresses on Ig. I paid to have four dresses made. When the dresses arrived they didn’t fit and the stitching looked tacky. It was a bad job in every way. When we contacted her she became very unfriendly saying she had a no refund policy. We had to give up.

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They were so bad, I had to buy a replacement gift

—Jerry*, 27

After searching for weeks for a birthday present for my friend, I found an IG seller that was selling designer bags. Worst ₦50K ever spent as I bought two for two different people. The bags looked so bad that I had to buy a replacement gift.

it was useless to me

—Tayo, 26

I went online to buy school supplies and decided to buy a backpack. When I thought I had found the perfect one – because it included sections for my charger, laptop and books – I couldn’t believe what was delivered to me as it couldn’t even fit a single book. I still think it looks really nice but it’s not functional so it’s useless to me.

They wouldn’t fit, so I gave them to charity

— Cecile*, 26 years old

Online sellers are actually after my life. They are either two sizes smaller or larger – no middle ground. The most terrible experience was last year when I bought corporate used dresses in bulk from an online store with the intention of reselling them. They actually looked like the picture – only much bigger than expected. After spending around ₦40K on them, none match my clients. I kept them for months before finally donating them to charity.

I looked like a joke in the shoes

—Ariel*, 24

Some online sellers are mean. Because after bombarding me with advertisements for leather shoes, I decided to give it a try. When it arrived it looked like rubber. I felt like I was kidding, so I just blocked her number.

They tried to gaslight me and called me dramatic

—Tope, 25

The one incident that particularly stuck out to me was online shopping. It wasn’t so much that they got my order wrong as the seller’s attitude towards me. They sent a picture of the finished product and the color was yellow instead of white as I ordered. And instead of apologizing, they tried to lighten me up, accusing me of being dramatic. After a series of back and forth they asked for my account number to refund me as they hadn’t sent it yet. It was so upsetting but at least I got my money back.

I wanted an oversized t-shirt but this collar can fit two people

—David, 28

Two months ago I placed an order on a popular shopping site but was appalled at what I received. I wanted an oversized t-shirt but the collar on this one could fit two people! The package now sits beautifully in a corner as I cannot carry it.

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Some names have been changed for anonymity.

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