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I never thought I’d say it, but maybe Kim Kardashian at the 2013 Met Gala was on to something? You may recall that her floral Givenchy dress, which she wore to the event when she was pregnant with North, was the subject of many memes, with people comparing the fabric of her look to the padding of a sofa. In 2019, she recalled that she “cried all the way home” after seeing them, but I think we all owe her a collective apology for this specific incident. She was simply ahead of her time because it’s * actually * a serious trend in 2021.

Yes, you are fine, folks: looking like a sofa, tapestry, drape or tablecloth is encouraged and is in vogue for the colder months to come. Just look at these Fall / Winter 2021/2022 collections for inspiration:

Basically, luxurious and intricate prints with floral, cashmere and geometric designs that have a padding-like aesthetic are IN. Rich hues and thicker textiles suit cooler temperatures, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate the trend into your look with shirts, dresses, bags, headbands, and shoes. If you love interiors and want to look like you can blend in with Versailles wallpaper / chairs / drapes (ahem, see below) this is definitely the trend for you.

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Even handmade tapestry corsets are all over Etsy, and brands like Meow and Staud have similar styles as well. Then there’s Brooklyn-based designer Kristin Mallison, who makes her corset tops from vintage upholstery and antique tapestries from around the world. (These really are the most gorgeous pieces, wow.)

To find out for yourself, you’ll want to keep an eye out for items with fabrics like brocade and jacquard, but we’ve also purchased specific pieces for you below to make things a bit easier for you. Now you can take your obsession with ornate wallpaper and vintage furniture to a whole new level with your cuts this season.

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