Spring 2022 edition of the financial publication, “the register”, available now

“As we emerge from our annual in-person meeting in Cincinnati, we are poised to complete an aggressive expansion program by the end of the year. Expect positive results from the IARFC !… IARFC President and Administrator, Dr. H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®

The International Association of Registered Financial Advisors (IARFC®) has released the spring issue of the Register, a national industry publication, available online at http://www.iarfc.org and in print by subscription on the IARFC store. This registry explores the theme of “Practice Management 101” with ideas that professionals can use in their financial advisory practice.

Focus on members

This month the focus is on Dr. Teresa So, RFC®, President of the Hong Kong/Macau Chapter of the IARFC. This is the third time Dr. So has appeared in the registry. This time, she presents the plans for the Master Registered Financial Specialist (MRFS) that is being developed for the Hong Kong/Macau chapter. The MRFS will broaden the consultant’s knowledge base with a focus on trusts and fintech.

A new white paper is featured on Financial Gerontology by Dr. James Flanagan, MRFC®. This white paper, available free from the IARFC store, expands on the financial consultant’s considerations when working with older clients. This information gives the finance professional a holistic view of the financial planning process as it relates to the senior lifestyle, not just financial issues.

Additional articles contributed include:

  • Hindsight is 20/20 – Hindsight Views
  • Financial gerontology
  • How Giving Back to the Community Leads to Business
  • Keeping up with technology when your customers are 18-20!
  • Top 10 Mistakes Finance Professionals Make and How to Fix Them

Other Registry Highlights

The new spring issue of the Journal of Personal Finance is available. It can be downloaded for free by members or a hard copy purchased through the IARFC store.

IARFC leadership weighs in with comments from Chairman of the Board – Dr. H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®, CEO – Leonard R. Simpson, RFC® and US Chapter President – Bradley K. Maples Sr ., MRFC®. They present the future of the IARFC and what awaits the Association in the months to come.

Dr. Constance Craig-Mason, MRFC®, takes over as the new Regional Director General (MRD). She is looking for people to fill Regional Director positions across the United States. This network of professionals will work to expand the membership and visibility of IARFC designations and titles.

Congratulations to Utah Valley University, Dr. Luke Dean, RFC® and the 3 teams of UVU students who made it to the finals of the National Financial Planning Competition. Dr. Dean shares his impressions of the National Competition and how he approaches the event with his students year after year.

“As usual, the Registry provides an inspiring perspective for the future of the Association through articles from the CEO, US Chapter President and MRD,” Bailey said. “As we emerge from our annual in-person meeting in Cincinnati, we are poised to complete an aggressive expansion program by the end of the year. Expect positive results from the IARFC !

To access the registry, visit the IARFC website. Those interested in sharing with others about their practice and getting published can contact editor Susan Cappa at [email protected] An editorial calendar for 2022 outlines topics for the rest of the year. Consider contributing now for the August issue.

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