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A government loan is being secured to help finance the design of a new laboratory building at the Fort Dodge sewage treatment plant.

Plant technicians always take samples to verify the processing process. These samples are analyzed in a small laboratory at the plant near the intersection of Avenue O and Avenue B.

In a report to council, City Engineer Tony Trotter wrote that the current lab is less than 800 square feet. Professional standards recommend a 2,400 square foot lab for a factory like the one in Fort Dodge, he wrote.

In addition, the factory office is in the same room as the electric motor control center.

To remedy these shortcomings, a new laboratory building is proposed.

To design the facility, city council voted on Monday to accept a loan of $ 450,000 from a state revolving loan fund.

In other cases, the council purchased a house at 308 N. Eighth St. from the Betty Johnson Estate for $ 40,000. The house will eventually be demolished to make room for future development.

Also on Monday, the council purchased emergency lighting, on-board camera systems and other electronics for three new police vehicles to be delivered in July. The equipment was purchased from Keltek Inc., Baxter, for $ 66,024.80.

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