Teen launches online aviation-themed clothing store

SALISBURY — A former Salisbury High School student has started an aviation-themed online clothing store called ABM Adventures.


Aleiah Martin is studying for a private pilot’s license before graduating from high school. She is finishing her ground studies and plans to take the knowledge test in the fall on her 15th birthday. She will begin flight training in July ahead of her first solo flight and earn enough hours to earn a private pilot’s license at age 18.

Martin was previously featured in the Post, when as a student at Knox Middle School she worked to develop a community bike ride at Salisbury Community Park.

Martin’s interest in flying began after visiting Charlotte Airport’s Overlook Park in the spring of 2021. She asked her mother to book an introductory flying lesson at Stanly County Airport. Immediately after the flight, Martin set about learning to fly airplanes. Over the past year, she has logged nine hours at various airports in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

ABM Adventures shares various creations designed by Martin and they are available for purchase on Amazon and Bonfire. The clothing line was created to share aviation-themed clothing to empower women, teens, girls, and enthusiasts to continue sharing the love of flight.

“I started this line to share my passion for flying and generate income to further my flight training to achieve my goal of earning my private pilot license,” Martin said. She plans to attend Elizabeth City State University’s aviation program after graduating from high school.

In 2021, Aleiah received a scholarship from the First in Flight Women In Aviation chapter to begin her flight training. This summer, she will attend aviation camp, begin flight training with a Triad-area flight school, and enter grade 10 at TW Andrews Aviation Academy in High Point.

“It is important for me to share my journey and the many people who have helped me along the way. I’m only at the beginning and every day I learn that there are a lot of driving enthusiasts. Never give up and keep looking for support people to help you on your aviation adventures,” said Martin. She hopes that all young people and adults will continue to follow their passions and consider aviation as a career or a hobby. Several organizations are available for young people considering aviation, including local EAA Chapter 1083, the West Charlotte Youth Aviation Group, and the First in Flight Women In Aviation Chapter.

To support Martin and follow his flight training journey, visit www.linktr.ee/abmaventures.

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