The 11 best places for back-to-school clothes

After a year-long lack of face-to-face classes, it’s time to reinvest in your wardrobe now that school is back in full force next month. Here are a few stores to get you back-to-school wear, whether you’re shopping for kids, tweens, teens, or college age students.

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1. Bison exchange

Search: If you’re looking for a low-cost yet stylish place to shop, Buffalo Exchange is a great place to get started on back-to-school wear. Buffalo Exchange offers good quality second-hand clothing for men and women of all ages. Whether you need a new pair of shoes, jeans, or a few t-shirts, Buffalo Exchange has everything you could want at an affordable price.

Best for: Elementary, college, high school, college students

2. PacSun

Search: Want something beachy with a surfer attitude? Well, you have to go to your place! PacSun offers back-to-school clothing for boys and girls from high school to college. For girls, there are several options from chic dresses and tops to trendy jeans and comfy sweatpants. For the boys, there are graphic tees with a skater vibe, distressed jeans and hoodies and more. Whether you want a dressy look or a more relaxed fit, PacSun has everything you need to stay on-trend this fall.

Best for: High school students

3. Depop

Search: Like the one at Buffalo Exchange, Depop is a great place to shop for the best quality used clothing, with a twist, it’s online! If you’re not really the type to browse and shop online, Depop is a great source for popular clothing and accessories for less.

Best for: Teenage girls, high school girls, students

4. Express

Search: Express offers a more laid-back style but is nonetheless a necessity for any upcoming job interviews or internships that may arise this school year. Although, on the price side, Express offers girls and boys several options of casual blouses and pants that are not easily found in other stores.

Best for: High school students

5. Urban outfitters

Search: Urban Outfitters is a great choice for college and high school students because it features the latest in clothing brands and popular styles. From ’90s-style jeans and graphic tees to vintage, oversized stockings, Urban Outfitters is a good choice if you don’t mind splurging on back-to-school clothes.

Best for: High school boys and girls, students

6. Poor Rich Little Girl Shop

Search: Poor Little Rich Girl Boutique is a local resale clothing store in Phoenix that offers high-end designer clothing for women. High-end brands like Zara, Lululemon, and Louis Vuitton, among others, are priced below their traditional retail price. If you’re on a budget but looking to go all out for a designer back-to-school bag, Poor Little Rich Girl is a great option for all your high-end purchases. Poor Little Rich Girl is located at 1582 E Bethany Home Rd Phoenix, AZ 85014.

Best for: college girls

7. H&M

Search: Are you looking for a totally different wardrobe? H&M takes care of you and your siblings! With styles that range from bright summer dresses to more casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts to dressy pants and blazers sets. Whatever style you’re hoping for, H&M has a huge selection to get you started. PS They also offer a 15% discount for students, verified with UNiDAYS!

Best for: Elementary, college, high school, college students

8. Goodwill

Search: Goodwill has a huge selection of clothing for all ages and has become a cheap but trendy place for young teens, high school kids and college students. You can find a pair of distressed jeans along with a bunch of other trendy items like vintage t-shirts or yesteryear color block jackets.

Best for: Elementary, college, high school, college students

9. Land trading company

Search: Want a cooler, more groovy ’70s look this school year? Earthbound Trading Company gives you all the free spirit, flower child vibes you’ve been looking for. Home to a range of clothing for boys and girls, Earthbound Trading Company is a great place to check out if you want to add a more bohemian style to your outfits.

Best for: High school students

ten. Target

Search: Do the grocery shopping this week? Well, you can take a few clothes off your list as well! Target has the best back-to-school deals for younger and older students. With summer coming to an end and fall begins, Target has some summer dresses and denim shorts to keep you cool and cute during the August heat. For students who have a mandatory uniform and need plain white or navy polo shirts or khaki socks, you can get them too! Whatever your needs, Target is there for you.

Best for: Elementary, college, high school, college students

11. American clothing

Search: If you want to shop for your clothes in a more ethical and sustainable way, American Apparel is a great place to shop online. American Apparel is an online store that offers clothes made without a workshop for boys and girls at a reasonable price. From basic t-shirts and hoodies to everyday denim jeans, American Apparel has a bit of it all.

Best for: high school students

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