The antique alternative to Christmas shopping

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – It takes a while to see the forest tree in an antique store.

And maybe it is the pleasure of wandering the stands and aisles in search of that one-of-a-kind item. There are regulars who come here to complete a set of tableware, dolls or dining room decor.

This year for the Christmas season there may be more competition as buyers decide to skip shipping and handling and go with the present instead.

Dolores Cullett says most people would appreciate a gift from an antique store.

“I think most people appreciate an article that reminds them of coming home or something their grandma gave them, or grandpa, something like that,” Cullett says.

Most antique dealers have already released their Christmas decoration items. Nutcracker, ornaments as Dolores says, such things can bring back happy memories. The same goes for personal gift items found here.

Comics, magazines released in the same year, month or day of the recipient’s birth. Jewelry, home decorations, even Pyrex porcelain.

For those trying to shop locally, avoid backorders, and recycle, the antique store might be the best option this Christmas.

“It’s really important to recycle merchandise,” says Dallas Sinatra with Junkee Clothing Exchange and Antique Store in downtown. “Just because the production is so wasteful. And we’re at a point where people are realizing that. Whether it’s clothes, housewares or shoes, it’s pretty important to use what we have, ”she says.

From the looks at checkout, it won’t be a best kept secret. Any questions regarding the availability or shipping of an item do not apply here. It’s either under this roof or not.

Seasoned antique dealers say to keep an open mind and give yourself plenty of time, you might be surprised at what you find for that special someone.

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