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MD Brews is currently enjoying success with all of its locally produced coffee products being shipped online.

Started by former medical student Abbygale Lumanglas, who read the transcripts and studied the presentations with a cup of coffee always by her side, and her partner, Gabriel Jorge Habunal, also called on cloud logistics partner Locad to deliver their bags of caffeine, coffee syrup and other home products. barista necessities at the doorstep of their customers.

Habunal also realized that the market for their products was diverse. “In the beginning, medical students were the main target audience for our company. Then we noticed that there were students from different disciplines and different backgrounds who started buying some of our products,” he added.

After gaining initial market acceptance, MD Brews decided to expand its reach and focus solely on working to be a niche coffee brand catering to the caffeine dose of young professionals, and brought in Locad to meet its growing customer base.

“Before using Locad, we couldn’t cope with the high volume of orders,” Habunal said, describing their traditional inventory tracking as “difficult and complicated.”

But since using Locad’s fulfillment service, the process has become smoother. Habunal describes Locad’s technology as “user-friendly” because the system allows them to track their supplies and access inventory details in real time.

Eventually, MD Brews achieved a 100% increase in revenue with all of its products still sourced locally, helping local farmers.

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