The FBI accuses the Russian of running a criminal online store

FBI accuses Russian of running criminal online store


DOJ indicted 23- summer citizen of Russia. Now he is one of the most wanted by the cybercriminals department.

US authorities believe that for the past few years, Dekhtyarchuk has been running a vast market where he trades bank cards, access to compromised devices and accounts, and personal data. Although the name of the market is not disclosed, and in the documents it appears as “Marketplace A” with a traffic of around 5,000 people per day. Online, the suspect acted under the pseudonym of Floraby.

What the FBI says

The investigation concluded that Dekhtyarchuk launched the market in May 2018. However, its promotion had started a month earlier.

In May 2021, Dekhtyarchuk publicly announced that he had sold over 48,000 compromised email accounts, 25,000 compromised accounts to Company B, and 19,000 compromised accounts to Company A through Marketplace A,
reports the US Department of Justice.

When buyers accessed any device in the market, Dekhtyarchuk or one of his accomplices allegedly contacted them via Telegram and sent them login credentials or cookies.

The accused, whose hometown is Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia, now faces up to 20 years in prison.

What journalists say

  • Bleeping Computer conducted its own investigation.
  • Reporters were able to find a person with the nickname Floraby who advertised the BAYACC market that was trading compromised credentials.
  • Although the site is no longer active, records show accounts of various companies were sold on BAYACC, including eBay, Amazon, SamsClub and PayPal, at prices quoted in Russian rubles.

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