TikToker says a customer accidentally buried her grandmother in her wedding dress

A bridal shop owner has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a customer’s devastating mistake that led to the groom-to-be accidentally burying his fiancé’s grandmother in what was supposed to be her wedding dress.

In the three-part “story time” series, which has amassed 7.9 million cumulative views, the TikToker Kasia (@kasiasbridal) explains how the shocking event unfolded.

“You know, I say I’ve seen it all. But really, that’s a complete lie,” she remarks in the first video.

The groom, she said, called her “frenzied as hell, practically crying” and asked to re-order a dress her fiancé had recently purchased from the boutique. Although the designer was happy to help, the man was unable to elaborate on the dress beyond that it was a wedding dress.

“Something inside of me told me to call the bride, but then I was like, ‘You could cause a bigger problem,’ and I’m so glad I didn’t,” Kasia said.

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In a follow-up phone call with the groom, the TikToker says he “breakdown” and “started crying.” At this point, she says the bride’s brother picked up the groom’s phone and told him exactly what had happened.

“Well, it’s an unfortunate situation,” she recalls the brother telling her. “You see, the bride gave the dress to my mother – our mother – and she said to go ahead and put it away in [her closet for] keep. Soon after, she says, their grandmother passed away. Because her late husband was buried in his wedding tuxedo, she wanted to be buried in her wedding dress.

That’s when the user realized what the brother and groom had done. “I swear, I think I stopped breathing,” she said. When asked to pull the grandmother’s wedding dress out of storage – the same place where they kept the groom’s wedding dress – they took her dress instead, she claims.

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“Just being guys, they didn’t know any better,” Kasia says. “They didn’t know there were several wedding dresses in the closet.”

Several commenters pointed out that they would have surely recognized that it was not the grandmother’s dress at the funeral, but the TikToker claims that the grandmother’s casket was closed during the service.

“So now we’re on a wild hunt to get this dress because [the] the bride doesn’t know that dress is buried six feet under with Grandma,” she adds.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. Although the bride’s brother, groom and mother ultimately made the “executive decision” to tell the bride the truth, Kasia was able to use extra fabric to make a dress close to the original. As revealed in the final partTurns out the dress needed more than one alteration anyway, since the bride was pregnant.

In the comments, viewers joked that the grandmother was buried in a mermaid style wedding dress rather than a traditional dress.

“The undertaker didn’t notice that grandma looked sexy AF?” one user joked.


A viewer shared his take on the story. “All I’ve learned is NOT to ask men to buy the dress for grandma,” they said.

Others argued that the bride’s grandmother made sure the situation worked out.

“Grandma sent this angel to help her,” one user wrote. “Grandma felt bad about wearing her dress forever and wanted to make it up.”

“Grandma took care of it I’m sure,” added another.

The Daily Dot contacted Kasia via email.

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*First published: June 26, 2022, 9:49 a.m. CDT

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