UConn student sets up on-campus clothing swap shop – NBC Connecticut

“We were tasked with finding a problem and creating a solution,” said Madeline Kizer.

Inside the swap shop, UConn markets Madeline Kizer’s solution to sustainable fashion.

“I’m trying to get more students to buy more sustainably, really think about the little things they can do to help the environment because all the little things add up to the big thing,” said Kizer said.

The mission between store shelves is to help break the cycle of what Kizer calls “fast fashion.”

“I think society as a whole has really moved away from fixing things, always thinking constantly about just throwing it away,” Kizer said.

Kizer said students would become more environmentally friendly as a by-product.

“Unfortunately, a lot of clothes are made from synthetic plastics, so they take a long time to degrade,” Kizer lamented.

Anyone with a UConn ID, students, or faculty can shop in the Swap Store by bringing in an item they no longer wear. Each item receives credit based on its quality and brand name, and then shoppers can walk away with a new item.

“I think a big thing about clothes and style is really the confidence that the clothes give you,” Kizer said.

Kizer said she also plans to hold sewing workshops to help students learn how to mend their clothes instead of getting rid of them.

The boutique breaks with a model, which it hopes will build a student body that cares about sustainability.

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